Author's Note: Hello and welcome to this FanFic for Ranger's Apprentice! C: This will be my first FF for Ranger's Apprentice and I hope it'll turn out all right in the end! This short story, (around several chapters) is about Will and Tug's first bonding. Here in this story, you'll find a particular stubborn ranger constantly being thrown off, getting up and trying again. Rest assured, no horses (or rangers) were harmed in the making of this fiction. Enjoy~

Illusions of Dreaming proudly presents:

A Rider's Frustration

Chapter 1: Just Another Peaceful Day…

The color blue was slowly leaking away from the sky, leaving orange and red hues dimly lighting the lands of Araluen. But soon, they too would be drained from the sky, leaving only the darkness of night to keep watch.

A dark hooded figure rides slowly along the side of the cliff that hangs over the sea, occasionally a soft sea breeze would pass by, gently caressing the rider in a soothing, calming way. While the stranger seem to slump slightly in his seat, only true professionals would notice that the cloaked figure is all but relaxed.

Watching the sea crashing onto the rocks below him, Will sighed in content, his eyes roaming the cliff area once more, but as usual, found nothing too alarming or out of place. It's another peaceful, riot and trouble-free day at Seacliff Fief. While it's still a bit unsettling for the young full-fledged ranger to leave the comforting company of a certain grumpy presence, Will can't deny that being in charge of Seacliff Fief is like living in a little slice of heaven.

Now if only there was a little bit more action.

Half daydreaming, (but not at all unaware of his surroundings) Will focused on the slight rocking below him that carried him. The slight movements that did not belong to him, yet acted as a substitute for his legs to travel around. Will was fascinated by how accustomed he was to the slow rocking of his horse that it almost felt like it's a part of him.

Clamped in between his legs, was the ranger horse-his ranger horse, Tug. The shaggy, small, grey horse that looked nothing like the grand battle horses that a knight would ride to save a princess locked in a tower. Nothing about this strange, short (if not a bit stubby as well) horse screamed special; Will shook his head slightly as a small grin stretched across his face. Because Tug (while looking nothing like a good horse) was hiding some serious talent beneath that long fur coat of his, and Will knew better than to judge a horse by it's shaggy coat.

Will leaned down and gave the grey horse an affectionate pat and Tug in return, nickered softly in reply, turning his big head slightly to the side to eye him curiously.

Will regarded Tug as a close companion of his, no- a close friend, they've formed a bonding over the years and after their separation at Skandia, they learned to treasure each other's presence much, much more. The ranger chuckled softly as he leaned back and deeply into his seat, his body once more following the slow rocking rhythm of Tug's slow walking gait. Though things looked perfect, their bonds inseparable… Will Treaty still remembered the times when Tug was all but an obedient little ranger horse. Those painful days filled with sweat, blood, bruised backs and lots, lots of dislocated shoulders…

To be continued…

Are you still reading? C: Whee! So I hope you guys like the first chapter :3 it's just a little prologue to the real deal starting next chapter! A little more info about this fic, I'm just writing a short story of Tug and Will's bonding and mainly just Will learning how to ride. Because as a horse rider myself, I just can't believe how Will, who never rode a horse in his life could just get on Tug and just wing it. xD I mean, I've been learning for years and I still can't safely gallop on my horse, don't even mention jumping :U So I'm just adding a little tidbit FF on Will learning to ride. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! If you're feeling nice perhaps drop a review or two? C':