I don't even have solid idea here

just half a thought

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"anything for you princess-" SPRX barely got out before...

"SPRX! JUST STOP IT!" Nova screamed as she stormed out

SPRX had just been joking with Nova 2 seconds ago,

he was even getting her to laugh

SPRX just stood there starring

"what was that?" Otto asked


Nova keep punching her punching bag

"stupid SPRX!" she said "why does he always do that?"

"do what exactly?" Antauri asked, concerned, as he walked into her training room

"THAT!" Nova yelled as she punched the bag so hard that she knocked it off the hook and across the room

"Nova" Antauri said in a warning tone

"sorry" she said "he just pisses me off!"

"I agree that his flirts do get annoying-" Antauri started

"no" Nova shook her head "that's not it"

Antauri gave an expecting look

Nova sighed and sat on the ground

"I can't take it!" She started "every time he jokes! I just lose it on the inside! And I'm always waiting, just waiting for him to say..." pause "...god I wish he'd say it! because I can't! I just can't!"

"say what?" Antauri asked

"nothing, I shouldn't have said anything, help me put the bag back up?" Nova said, changing the subject

"say what?" Antauri repeated, he knew she needed to say this

Nova sighed

"I already told you! I can't say it! and that's the problem!" Nova said, holding tears "I'm too scared, I'm scared that it won't work, I'm scared of hurting him, I'm scared of losing it if anything happens to him! I told myself a long time ago that I would never be so weak!"

Nova looked up

"but it scares me that I might never tell him, that he might never tell me! every time we cut it close I'm scared! and I hate being scared!" she cried

Antauri just put his hand on her shoulder

"I just wish he'd stop torturing me! every time he flirts, every time he jokes, I keep telling myself that he's gonna say it! do you know how much it hurts when he comes close!? I just want him to suck it up and tell me! I just want him to be fearless here, because I'm so scared!" Nova cried

Antauri searched for some words to make his family member feel better

"I'm sure that SPRX will say it on his own time" he tried

"that's what I keep telling myself" Nova said, calming down "it's hurts more when he almost says it, it's like dangling a treat on the outside of a dog's cage, it's torture!"

after awhile, Antauri left Nova to herself

"stupid SPRX!" Nova said after she was alone "why can't you just say you love me?"

Ok, that's it

or is it?

I might make more

Antauri talking to SPRX, and the confession,

if you ask nicely! ^v^

that turned out well for...whatever it started out as

and something occurred to me

I use "enter"


too much


What is with that?

just how i write I guess '_'




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