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Twilight Sparkle hummed to herself absently as she trotted across the thick wooden floor of her library, tossing books to the top shelves with a slight twitch of her head here and there, and levitating her quill and ink back to their positions on the desk.

She could hear Spike snoring not-so-gently in his sprawled out position on her bed upstairs, and she smiled as she stepped into the beams of sunlight that filtered in through the window, warming her gently as birds sang on the upper branches of her tree, fluttering and basking in the sunshine, preening their feathers.

Setting down the books she was levitating, she walked to the glass and looked out on the beautiful day with a fond sigh.

Suddenly, something rocketed past the window, throwing up a huge cloud of dust in its wake, little more than a blur with its speed.

She shrieked and leapt away from the window, running for the door, which she flung open with magic, and hurtling outside to see none other than Rarity dashing backwards and forwards again and again, in what she assumed was a blind panic.


The white unicorn stopped dead, and when she saw Twilight, she squealed and ran towards her.

"Oh, Twilight it's horrible you can't even imagine what I've just seen I can't believe it and I was so worried and I don't even like them-"

"woah woah woah! Calm down! Whats got you all worked up like this?" Twilight put a foreleg over her friend, trying to comfort her. Rarity looked awful, covered in mud and slime, and her mane and tale were knotty and tangled. She wondered if Rarity had run into trouble in the Evergreen forest.

With a foreleg to her head, Rarity heaved a dramatic sigh, "It's the Flim Flam Brothers, you do remember them?" Twilight nodded

"I was walking to Zechora's house to collect my main-taining potion, and they were just lying there, I mean, Flim was sitting but THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT! I thought Flam was dead, but he wasn't and Flim was just so terrified….My point is, I need a team of medics to come with me quickly! And I mean quickly!"

Twilight stared at her for a second as she sucked in breath.

"Okay….you can explain the whole story properly later. Lets go!"

Flim blinked slowly. He felt sluggish and low, and his left flank hurt like hell.

Not yet orientated to his surroundings, he realized that he must have dozed off at some point without meaning too, because his joints ached from the awkward way he was folded in on himself.

Wincing as he shifted his stiff back legs, He became aware that the slight bodyheat of his brother that had helped to keep him a little calm was gone.


Could that mean…?

Sudden, merciless despair and fear bolted through the younger brother, crushing down on his chest and tearing a wail from him that scored his sore throat, making his voice crack and shatter under the brutal onslaught of emotion.

However, as he struggled to pick himself up from his almost foetal position on weak, jelly legs, he realized that the ground beneath him was soft and dry, and didn't rustle as the carpet of leaves in the Everfree forest ought to.

Coughing his surprise as he took in this new information, he shook his head slowly from side to side, trying both to clear his vision enough to get a proper look at his surroundings and not aggravate his pounding headache even more in the process.

Numbly pulling his limbs into a more comfortable position, Flim gazed around in confusion at the white walls and the soft white sheets that surrounded him, the chrome medical equipment that sat on low tables neatly beside rows of beds.

A hospital?

Finally, his gaze fell on the prone figure in the bed to the right of his.

Flim Craned his neck almost painfully far, straining his eyes as he desperately tried to see his brother's condition from where he was, stranded by weak limbs on a bed that seemed too far away….

He was worryingly still, but to his relief, he could see the yellow-furred chest moving rhythmically up and down.

Darkness clawed at his vision, and Flim, content for now with the knowledge that his brother was alive, let himself slip into oblivion.

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