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Chapter 1: The Big Question

It has been a month since Jiao-long's defeat; life at the Jade Palace had pretty much gotten back to normal. Our heroes were in the Training Hall, Sora and Jin were getting ready for their sparring match.

"Ready Lil' bro?" asked Sora getting into a fighting stance

"Ready." Replied Jin taking his fighting stance

The two brothers charged at each other, Sora attempted to jump kick Jin but he dodged the attack. Jin delivered a barrage of punches and kicks but Sora blocked them all, Sora roundhouse kicked his brother in the jaw causing him to slam into the wall. Jin got on all fours and charged at Sora, Jin jumped over Sora and kicked him in the back causing him to stumble forward. Sora recovered and performed a back flip, kicking Jin on the back of the head while he did it. Jin face planted the floor and Sora chuckled.

"I win again." Said Sora

"Best 2 out of 3." Said Jin

"That was 2 out 3."

"Oh yeah." Sora helped Jin up and Po came over to them.

"Hey guys, check this out." Po handed a poster it said "Master Sora celebration festival." It had a picture of Sora facing Jiao-long in the centre.

"A celebration festival about me?" asked Sora

"Well you did save the world." Said Jin

"Yes I guess so."

"Are you going to go?" asked Po

"If it's ok with Master Shifu."

"If what's ok with me?" asked Shifu was standing right behind them

"AH!" the 3 yelled in unison

"Don't do that." Said Jin putting his hand over his chest

"My apologise, and again if what's ok with me?"

"The village is holding a festival in my honour and I was wondering if we could have the night off and go."

"Well….. I suppose but only if everyone else agrees and you decided to make up the time tomorrow morning."

"Fair enough." Said Po

"Hey guys! The village is holding a festival to celebrate Sora defeating Jiao-long you wanna go?" announced Jin

"Sure." Said Mantis

"I'm cool with it." Said Monkey

"I'd like that." Said Crane

"Ok, I'll go." Said Mai

"I could use a break." Said Tigress

"I'd love to." Said Viper

"Then it's settled." Said Shifu

Later that night everyone got ready for the festival, the warriors made their way down to the village. Monkey and Mantis decided to try out some games, Po went to dinner with Tigress, Viper and Mai decided to go shopping, Jin went weapon shopping, Sora was surrounded by fans. Jin was wandering around the town when he saw someone hiding behind a building staring at him. The stranger quickly hid, Jin's curiosity got the better of him and went to investigate. He looked behind the building and saw that the stranger wasn't there, he saw the stranger running away he or she was quick. Jin chased after the stranger but he lost him or her.

Jin met with his friends at the centre of the town, they made their up the stairs. When they reached the palace Mai was stopped by Sora.

"Hey Mai, would you mind coming with me for a second?" asked Sora

"Sure." Sora led Mai the Sacred Peach Tree.

"So, why did you bring me here?" asked Mai, Sora stared out in the horizon and pulled something out of his pocket. He took a deep breath and turned to her.

"There's something important I wanna ask you." Said Sora

"What is it?" Sora got down on one knee and he held a small box, he opened revealing a gold ring with three small rubies.

"Will you marry me?" asked Sora, Mai's heart skipped a beat "Oh my god, yes Sora I will!" she said, she then tackled Sora to the ground and they shared a passionate kiss.

She climbed off him and Sora got to his feet and slid the ring on Mai's finger. They then went to the palace to tell the others.

The others were sitting in the kitchen waiting for Po to finish their dinner.

"How much longer Po?" asked Mantis

"It's now ready." Replied the panda filling up some bowls with noodle soup, he placed a bowl in front of everyone and just then Sora and Mai entered the kitchen.

"Hey you two, where've you been?" asked Po, Mai lifted her hand revealing the ring, they all went wide eyed and their jaws dropped.

"Does this mean-"

"Yep, Sora and I are engaged." Mai said interrupting Viper, they all cheered.

"So where'd you get the ring?" asked Crane

"My friend Dae-Ho gave it to me, he asked me about what life was like at the Jade Palace, during the explanation I mentioned Mai and he gave me his wife's ring in case I ever decided to propose. I couldn't except it at first but he's very persuasive." Explained Sora

"Well congrats Sora for throwing your life away." said Mantis, Viper whacked him out of the window and he fell off the mountain.

"Is he going to be ok?" asked Sora

"Who cares?" asked Viper

Sora and Mai sat down at the table and were bombarded with questions, after half an hour they all decided to go to bed. Some extra rooms were built in the barracks in case there were anymore students. Jin got his own room next to Sora's; Jin entered his room and lied down on his bed, thinking about who that stranger was. He couldn't see anything because was the stranger was wearing a hood, but he could see the stranger's eyes. There was something about those eyes that seemed familiar but he couldn't quite put his finger on it, he decided to drop the subject and go to sleep.