Orange: Hey boogerheroes!

Speedball: Talking fruit. Meh, it's been done before. There's a whole Web Series dedicated to Talking Fruits.

Orange: We're them!

Speedball:(Gasp)You're the Annoying Orange? Wait if you're Orange, then you-

Orange and Speedball: (Hehehehehehehe)

Speedball: It is you! But wait, if that's really Marshmallow, then you-

Marshmallow and Speedball: Realization! Yay!

Speedball: It is you! But wait, if you're Midget Apple-

Speedball and Little Apple: LITTLE APPLE!

Speedball: It is you!

Pear: What about me?

Speedball: Oh. You suck.


Speedball: Hey, you guys can come with us to Donkey Island!

Marshmallow: Weirdness! Yay!

NT: We're going to Lego84771 Dimension!

Speedball: Oh, sorry.

Orange: It's okay. We gotta plane to go to Donkey Island!

Pear: We'll totally go with you.


Sorry, sorry it was so short, it probably took more time loading than for whom is reading this to read...this. I just kinda thought this wasn't going anywhere, it was lame. But good news for you fans out there: Everyone here(Except Midnight's Fire)will be seen(Or, read) in ULTIMATE CROSSOVER.

Sorry, and Bye!