Everything That's Currently Banned

1: Pinky and the Brain is banned – forever.

(Totally not my fault that Loki kept asking what we were doing today.)

(But it is my fault that when he asked I said "The same thing we do every day, Loki; try and take over the world.")

(Stupid humorless pirate!)

2: Slow dancing with Clint is banned.

(Natasha saw us dancing.)

(Threatened to kill me.)

(I'm scared for my life.)

3: Charley is banned from making up nicknames.

(Thor is now Capto Thunder.)

(Steve is Amazing Grace.)

(Natasha is Big Red.)

(Clint is Tweety.)

(Bruce is Green Bean.)

(Fury is Jack Sparrow.)

(Loki's Rudolph.)

(Tony is now Man in the Iron Suit.)

4: Hide The Pop-Tarts is banned.

(This is entirely not my fault.)

(Thor broke my phone.)

(So I hid his pop-tarts.)

(He threw my computer out a window.)

5: Truth or Dare is now banned.

(It's too much fun.)

(I always embarrass Steve.)

(Fury got mad…)

(Fury's always mad.)

6: Walking around in your underwear is now banned.

(I am to blame for this rule.)

(I was walking around in my batman underwear and shirt.)

(I think I broke Steve…)

(…and Loki.)

7: Tumblr is forever banned.

(Loki found tumblr.)

(He saw a few pictures…)

(He can't look at the following people:

Clint – heh heh…




Thor. Ew.


8: Facebook is banned until Fury dies.

(It's better if you don't ask…)

9: Going to the beach is banned.

(Tony threw a sand crab on me.)

(I don't think he'll ever have children.)


10: Saying the following things are now banned:

I love you like I love turkey. I don't even like turkey.

(Hehe, Loki.)

Don't leave me! I'm pregnant!

(Poor Steve, never saw it coming.)

Make me some food, beotch!

(Didn't know Clint would be that offended.)

(He's still using me as target practice.)

Tweety's got a thing for Big Red.

(My cheek still hurts.)

(So does everything else.)

Kiss me, I'm German!

(Holy shit, Steve. It's a joke!)

Marry me, damnit!

(Aw, Bruce, so sweet and romantic.)


When I take over the world, you'll be the last one I kill.

(Oh Loki, such a charmer.)

I'm gay, you're gay, and we're all gay!

(Bruce and Tony admitted to being gay.)

(Me thinks they're dating.)

Homo pile!

(Loki wanted to join Tony and Bruce in what they like to call the homo pile.)

(Thankfully, Thor stopped him.)

(But I had to explain it to him.)

11: Computers are banned (Thor and Steve!)

(Thanks to them, I have to use my laptop in secrecy.)

(Meaning I use it in the air ducts.)

(Fury still knows.)

12: Kissing people randomly is now banned.

(Loki kissed me.)

(I kissed Steve.)

(Steve kissed Natasha.)

(Natasha fist kissed Steve's face.)

13: Running in now banned.

(I, Clint, and Steve were racing against Tony, Bruce, and Loki.)

(Loki may or may not have gotten thrown out a window…)

14: Cheeseburgers are now banned.

(Holy mother of God, Thor is now dead to me.)

(He got cheeseburgers banned.)

(I can now only enjoy hamburgers.)

(This makes me sad.)

15: Throwing fries is now banned.

(Loki. Me. Fries.)

(Poor living room got the most of it.)

(As did Loki.)

(I'm still the champion fry thrower.)

16: Disk Frisbee is now banned.

(DVDs and CDs were used as Frisbees.)

(Tony and Pepper were not happy.)

(Neither was Thor when we destroyed Lion King.)


17: The following t-shirts are now banned:

Kiss me, I'm of Asgard.

(I got it for Thor.)

(He expected people to kiss him.)

(He got sad when nobody would.)

(Everyone voted that I do it.)


I know you like what you see.

(You're welcome, Natasha!)

(You would've never known Clint felt the same.)

(Even though everyone else did…)

Hot Stuff, you want this double stuff.

(I wore it.)

(Loki said he did.)


Keep Calm and Wear an Eye-Patch.

(Whoops! Director Fury didn't like the shirt.)

(Just like I knew he wouldn't.)


I will cause the apocalypse.

(Oh my God, Fury, it's a SHIRT!)

Kill me, I'm a nazi.

(Steve actually tried to kill me.)

(I burned the shirt…)

Nazi Jokes are funny. Steve would know.

(He started crying. I felt bad.)

18: Wigs will be forever banned.

(My wig was sexy, don't deny it Fury.)

(Yours was horrible, why would you wear that?)

(Oh wait…)

19: Canned foods: banned.

(Thor couldn't open them.)

(So he threw them at people.)

(My nose is still broken…)

20: Code-names are hereby banned.

(I made up code-names.)

(Natasha: Blushin' Russian.)

(Clint: Epic Arrow Guy.)

(Steve: Spangles.)

(Bruce: Greeny Bean.)

(Tony: Griffy.)

(Me: Epically Awesome Nickname Maker.)

(Thor: Head 'n' Shoulders.)

(Loki: Red Nose Reindeer.)

(Fury: Cap'n Patch.)


21: Poke Wars – banned.

(I, Charley Thompson, am now banned from entering any poke wars.)

(Because Steve doesn't like them.)

(Big baby…)

22: Any animal that is NOT registered is banned.

(Loki brought a snake home.)

(I screamed and jumped on Steve.)

(Tony brought home a tiger.)

(I also screamed and jumped on Steve.)

(I brought home a kitten.)

(He was banned.)

(I still have him.)

(His name is St. John) [A/N: Cookie points if you know what this is from!]

23: Nutella is banned.

(I can't even think.)

(I dislike Fury.)

(Stupid Cap'n Patch.)

("I read that.")


24: Saying embarrassing things in public is banned.

(I might have yelled a few things in Target.)

("Loki sleeps with a teddy bear!")

(He does. It's so cute.)

("Steve can't sleep without a nightlight!")

(I still feel bad for that…)


(Heh heh, oops…)

25: Sleeping past nine a.m. is now banned.

(*Cries* Curse you Fury!)

26: Cursing Fury is now banned.

(I do what I want.)


27: Phineas and Ferb: Banned.

("Hey, where's Loki?")

(Me to Fury. He wasn't too pleased…)

("Whatcha doin'?")

(Apparently nobody likes being asked what they're doing.)

("I'm telling Fury!")

(I told on Clint.)


("Hey Tony, I know what we're going to do today!")

(Ohh, science lovers. So cute.)

28: Chick-flicks: forever banned.


(No more bonding time with the girls.)

(Stupid boys…)

29: Ice Cream is banned from entering Charley's room.

(Me and Loki kind of flung ice cream all over my room…)

(Pepper wasn't happy.)

30: Giving people haircuts – Charley – is now banned.

(Somebody – coughLOKIcough – decided to give me a haircut.)

(I look like Miley Cyrus.)


And here is the first thirty banned items. More will come soon, I promise. But, I start school soon – WHOO! – and need to focus and homework and things. But, my weekends belong to my stories:)
Love, AccioLoki