Written for Babypups Whitlock because she is lovely. Prompt used is Early Winter by Keane. A huge thank you and squishy hugs to my beta, AcrossTheSKyInStars.

This chapter is currently un-beta'd so please forgive my errors, but as soon as Tanya has finished with it, I will replace with the beta'd version. x

Chapter six

Esme woke with a crick in her neck and a chill to her bones.

Feeling slightly disorientated from her deep sleep, she curled into a ball, reaching for and dragging the duvet up and over her head.

Shivering, she snuggled deeper and curled tighter, seeking warmth.

Smiling to herself, she rubbed her cheek against the pillow and sighed. She began to feel comfortable again, and stretching out, Esme knocked something with her leg. It started to vibrate, and hit the back of her thigh.

Her eyes popped open, and with a little squeal, Esme jumped up and covered her mouth with her hand when she spotted the assortment of sex goodies scattered across her bed.

Suddenly realising she had felt cold because she was naked, and she had spent the night sleeping on top of her blankets after falling into an orgasm induced sleep, Esme gripped the duvet tighter to her chest. It was silly to try to hide her embarrassment, because there was no one else in the room.

Esme laughed and relaxed slightly, laying back down on her bed, she threw one hand above her head and twirled her hair which had spread out on the pillow beneath her.

She'd had fun last night. She was hoping she could keep one or two of the treats from the naughty box, and wondered if Jasper had kept inventory of the contents, and if he would notice if any were missing.

Feeling positively wicked Esme put her hand out towards the toys. She didn't look to where her hand fell, she just grabbed the first thing she touched, and flicking the switch, she giggled, closed her eyes and smiled, then thought of Jasper as the toy worked it's magic.

She allowed her mind to seduce Jasper, and she marvelled at how brazen she could be inside her own head. The things she wouldn't dare say to him out loud, the way she touched him, kissed him, and took command over his and her own pleasure.

Shivering with delight, Esme wished she could let her inner sex kitten free, and be that way in real life. She climaxed and dropped the vibrator on the bed and stretched like a satisfied kitten.

It suddenly occurred to her that playing with vibrators was a long way away from vanilla, and if Charles could see her now, he would be shocked at her new found sexual appetite.

It was his fault he had never taken the time to unlock her hidden desires, Esme thought. Oh the fun they could've had if he had only been patient and receptive.

Like Jasper.

Jasper had barely touched her yet he had reached inside and beckoned forth a part of Esme which she didn't even realise had existed.

It surprised Esme to learn that someone she had been married too, had known for years, and shared a life, a home and a child with, never really knew her. Yet a man she'd only just met had stirred something deep inside and made her want to be discovered, opened up and played like a sensuous instrument.

How could someone know you, but never really know you? Esme wondered.

And how could a guy not even know your favourite colour, yet he understood your insecurities?

Jasper aroused more than Esme's libido, he fascinated her. This only made her more determined to show him just how much she appreciated his belief in her.

Esme wanted to shower, but before she left the bedroom she selected another item from the bed; three little pearl shaped luminous pink balls. Esme had no idea what she was supposed to do with them, but luckily she found an instruction pamphlet inside the box.

The diagrams made her eyebrows rise, but she giggled and thought why not and using some lubricant, also in the box, she inserted the balls and clutched the edge of her bed, as the balls began their gentle rocking inside her.

"Oh good Lord!" Esme breathed, and abandoned her shower to lie back and let them work their magic.

It wasn't as intense as the vibrators she had already toyed with, but the pleasure was deeper, and the gentleness was just that touch more intense.

She could feel her nipples react, her skin prickle with goose bumps, and deciding she had been teased enough, Esme reached for the vibrator with a bunny face sticking out the front, and with clumsy hands she managed to turn it on.

The pleasure was too much to bear, and without caring if Alice was home, Esme groaned loudly, and writhed as balls and bunny, and sliding metal bearings rocked, and rolled and buzzed all over her vagina.

All thoughts of Jasper, or Charles or even her own sex vixen self, flew out of Esme's mind. All she could do was 'feel'. Thinking was impossible; she was totally lost in the realms of the most intense physical pleasure.

With one hand clutching the rabbit, her legs spread as far as she could get them Esme walked her hand up and over her stomach and ribs, and found her breast. Pinching her nipple she tugged and pulled it, and cried out as her orgasm hit, rendering her immobile as her limbs locked and her breathed caught.

She stayed trapped in the ripples of pleasure for many seconds, and eventually felt her body relax. Laying exhausted and laughing, Esme pulled the balls free and tossed them and her other toy to one side, grabbed her duvet and curled backup tight.

Her shower could wait. Right now she needed a nap.

Picking the toys up from her bed, Esme took them into her bathroom and washed them all in warm soapy water, being careful not to submerge the battery operated parts.

She laid them gently on a soft, fluffy towel to dry and stepped under her shower, taking her time to enjoy the warmth and the smell of her favourite body-wash.

Wrapping her hair up in a turban style, Esme donned her bathrobe and slippers and walked into her bedroom to find Alice sat on her bed.

Esme panicked and glanced around, finding no evidence of her toy antics on display, as they were all lined up next to her sink, she relaxed slightly.

"Alice, you startled me."

"And you embarrass me!" She sniped back.

Esme sighed. "What now?"

"Where is he?" Alice crossed her arms and glared at Esme.

Esme was confused. "Who?"

"The man you were - doing things with all night." Alice shuddered. The thought of her mother enjoying a healthy sex life was just too much.


"Don't even try to deny it, Mother. I heard you!"

"Oh." Esme felt her cheeks redden. She hadn't cared at the time, just how loud she was being, or if Alice was home but in the cold light of day she realised she did care.

"So? Where is he?" Alice stood up and walked towards the bathroom. Esme, not wanting Alice to find her paraphernalia, closed the door before Alice reached it. "In there?" Alice pointed, suspicious.

"No, Alice."

"Who was it? Jasper? Dad?"

"God, no!" Esme reacted.

"Well there was someone because you sounded like you were starring in a po-," Alice stopped. " .God, were you practising?"

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"You were, weren't you? You were practising for that porno you're about to star in! You're unbelievable!"

Esme was tired of listening to Alice and her childish, selfish tantrums. "Get out!"

Alice stopped ranting and stared at her mother, but made no move to leave.

"I said get out!" Esme raised her voice, and walking towards Alice she placed her hand on her back and shoved her towards the door. "Now you listen to me, Alice, I am not starring in a pornographic movie. I am not posing for a pornographic photo shoot. I am not having mind blowing sex with Jasper, and most definitely not with your father. But what I am doing is taking care of me for a change, so if you don't mind, I have an engagement to get too."

Alice spun around to face her. "You're going to look stupid, you know that don't you? You're old, and look nothing like a model. It's ridiculous of you to even think you can pull this off!"

For the first time in Esme's life, her palm itched to smack her daughter. Distant memories of her baby girl giggling and playing and constantly chasing after her mother, idolising her and wanting to be with her all the time, flashed through Esme's mind. It broke her heart that she had grown into such a selfish and nasty young woman.

"Where did I go wrong with you?" Esme asked, shaking her head, before closing her bedroom door.

She leant her back against it and tried to control her breathing. She was so mad at Alice.

How dare she! What gave her the right to say such awful things to anyone, never mind her mother?

Esme pulled the towel from her head and angrily rubbed at her hair.

Alice's words reverberated through her ears, but the more she heard them, the more determined Esme felt that she was going to go through with this.

She dressed carefully, choosing her nicest underwear. There was nothing spectacular in wardrobe but they were of the finest material and in excellent condition, besides, she had no doubt that the clothing she may or may not be wearing for the shoot would be provided by Jasper and the company they were doing the campaign for, but that didn't mean she couldn't look and feel nice as she made her way there.

Her bra was a deep red, with intricate lace detail along the cups. Her briefs matched, with the same lace design across the high leg. Turning, Esme admired her bottom in the mirror. The combination of deep red lace against her pale skin made her bum cheeks and thighs look creamy and soft. Esme thought she looked pretty damn good, and wondered why she had never worn this underwear before today.

She lifted the matching suspender belt from the drawer and pulled it on. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Esme made a fuss of gently sweeping the stockings up her legs, caressing to smooth them just like they did in the movies. She extended her leg out and flexed her toes. Esme laughed and standing she walked to her dresser and chose her designer perfume, a light floral and amber fragrance, and her pearl earrings and necklace.

Moving back to her wardrobe, Esme pulled on her red wrap over dress, and tied it tighter than she usually wore it. She felt really good, and actually quite sexy, but also a little scared to turn and look in the mirror. There were many times when she had felt good but her reflection had altered that perception. She didn't need that today. She needed to stay focused and in sexy vixen mode for the shoot.

Taking a calming breath, Esme pulled on her red pumps and ignoring the mirror, she grabbed her purse and keys and made her way downstairs.

"You look pretty."

Esme turned to find Alice sat at the breakfast bar. She was eating popcorn and reading a magazine. Esme didn't want another confrontation with her daughter.

"Thanks," she replied, moving towards the front door.

"You always look pretty, Mom."

Esme stopped and looked back over her shoulder.

"I'm sorry for what I said. It was cruel."

"Yes, it was." Esme agreed.

Alice put her magazine down. "I just don't want you to make a fool of yourself."

"Because I'm not a model." Esme added.

"Well, no, you're not, but you could be and Jasper recognised that."

Esme took a step towards her daughter. "You've changed your tune."

Alice shrugged. "I think I was jealous. I like him."

Esme sat down on the stool next to Alice and placed her purse on the counter.

"But he likes you." Alice finished.

"No, darling. He just wants me to do this campaign. There's nothing more to it than that."

Alice smiled at her mother, and to Esme's surprise, she lifted her hand and placed her palm on Esme's cheek. "You're so naive."

Esme laughed. "You sound just like your father."

"Just be careful, Mom."

Esme picked up her purse and walked towards the door.

"Mom!" Alice shouted after her. Esme looked over her shoulder. "I'm sorry," Alice said.

"I'm going to do the photoshoot," Esme told her.

Alice nodded and picked up her magazine again.

Esme walked to car, touched by Alice's apology. She didn't know what had changed Alice's attitude, but she was certainly thankful for it.

Esme started the car and drove to Jasper's studio. She tried not to think too much about what was about what she was about to do, and what may happen. Her stomach was in knots, but Esme recognised excitement rather than trepidation.