A/N: I feel ashamed. I'm sorry, my poor baby! Momma loves you, Crona *sob sob*! And, anyone who wants to talk trash, CRONA IS A BOY! Yes, in the Japanese version he is androgynous, but there is no word to use as a reference to someone with no gender. In the English version, he is a boy, and obviously I SPEAK ENGLISH so I shall be referring to my baby as such.

Crona was sitting in the corner of the classroom, quaking with his usual amount of fear, avoiding any form of eye contact with anyone other than Maka. He flinched at every passing person, every word or sound. He still hadn't gotten used to the loud people at the DWMA, and the loud people still hadn't gotten used to him. Every time Ragnorak came out, the room he was in always grew silent, and people stared and pointed. He didn't mind the quiet.

"Hey Crona, You wanna sit with a big star today?" a voice yelled, placing a strong hand on his shoulder. Crona let out a girly shriek and began to sob, forcing himself even further into his corner of doom and despair.

"Thanks for making room, man!" Black Star said with an obnoxious smile. Crona flinched but gave a weak attempt at a smile to the over hyper Star clan member. The air was awkward around them, though the blue haired moron didn't seem to notice. As soon as Crona felt comfortable, Black Star ruined it, speaking again.

"Hey Crona, have you ever heard of Excalibur?" he asked. Crona shook his head, hoping to shut Black Star up. "Good!" he said with a smile. He grabbed Crona's hand and rushed him out of the classroom, past a nonchalant Stein, fleeing from the school.

"Why are we skipping?" Crona asked, stumbling after Black Star.

"Because I'm gonna make you the coolest Meister ever!"

Crona only rolled his eyes, following the idiot through magical lands of hope and wonder. Then Black Star shoved him into a cave and ordered him to look for fairies.

Crona stumbled around, feeling like an idiot, looking for people with wings. Then a little ball of light darted in front of him. "Are you here to take Excalibur? Good!" she giggled. She grabbed a lock of Crona's hair, and tugged him forward.

Crona had a head ache by the time he arrived at the small cove in the cave, the fairies waiting at the door. They all yelled for him to pull out the sword. Crona shrugged and did so, trying to not feel stupid.

Of course, when he did, a creepy demon thing popped out.

"I am the mighty Excalibur!" it yelled dramatically, waving around it's cane.

Crona curled up into a ball. "If you keep waving your cane around, I could get hit, and I don't know how I could deal with that!?"

"Fool!" Excalibur yelled, pointing his cane. "My story began-"

"I don't know how to deal with being a fool, or back stories!" Crona sobbed.

"You must follow my one thousand provisions!" Excalibur yelled.

"I can't even count that high!"

"FOOL!" Excalibur yelled.

Crona screamed and ran out of the cave, yelling, "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!"