A Lifetime of Lanne

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Chapter 1: Walking Through Hell

102 degrees on a hot Jersey day...

...it must suck having to be in this kind of heat.

Basically when you're walking all the way through the entire block with no water bottle packed with you at all times. In this case, this was the point of view from Anne Maria, who was really stressed out from this heat. The hot Jersey chick was sweating all the way down from head to toe. Heck, she was even sweating from her pretty pouffe of hers! Basically, what really happened here?

What really happened was the fact that Anne Maria just needed to go through the mall really bad because she needed something so hot and sexy for her to go to the beach with. She had considered asking her boyfriend Ezekiel to take her, but the results that caused her to be in this sweaty position.

"Hey, eh? You ready for the mall?" Ezekiel spoke to her like a real Canadian goofball would.

"Let's do it!" Anne Maria exclaimed as she got in his very impressive Ford pickup truck. It felt very red and juicy, just like her tasty lips that ezekeil would taste soon, but unfortunately, that would all change when Anne Maria looked right on top of his head.

Ezekiel sorta turned around to Anne Maria and felt confused.

"What's wrong, eh? Why are ya looking at me like that? Is it my breath?" Ezekiel replied in a worried tone.

"Tell me ya ain't going to the mall dressed like that!" Anne Maria angrily exclaimed as he was pointing on top of the homeschooler's head...

...which just happened to be a earmuff hat.

"What's your problem, eh? It's just my earmuff hat! I wear it some of the time when I feel like it." Ezekiel chuckled lightly.

"Well, I hate it!" Anne Maria told him truthfully, "It makes me and my pouffe look lamer as it is! Who wants to be with someone who looks like he's wearin' a sheep's ass on his head? Well, I sure as hell ain't!"

"Anne Maria, baby..." Ezekiel said, with a desperate look in his face, "I can't help if I dress like that, eh? It's just me and my style! You understand, don't you? And besides, I was born like this."

"Are you kidding me? I liked you when you weren't like that!" Anne Maria exclaimed as she was referring to Ezekiel's zombie-like state that he had back when he had that cameo on Revenge On The Island.

"Yeah, but that was just the past. Let's talk about our future, eh? So, after we get your swimsuit... you wanna go steady with me, eh?" Ezekiel smiled right ht are, but the Jersey girl didn't feel the same way that he was feeling.

"Hell no, I ain't. I sure ain't gonna be with someone who wears sheep's asses on their head!" Anne Maria exclaimed, indicating that she finally hand enough of Ezekiel, "And I'm sure as hell doesn't want to be with a unfaithful hick like you!"

"But, Anne Maria-" Ezekiel said desperately as the Jersey girl finally got out of the car.

"No, I had enough! I'm going to the mall myself, I don't care how hot it is!" Anne Maria said out of anger as she told him right through Zeke's face, "Oh, and by the way... we're done!"

Hearing this in Ezekiel's point of view, his face was hit by the windshield via the slamming door. It was the last time that Anne Maria would ever see his face again.

Back to the real life, Anne Maria started to feel a little case of dizzyness shown on her sweating face, yet she did her best work of standing and walking tall in this hot pavement.

"Oh, this sucks soooooo baaaad!" Anne Maria complained aggressively, "I wish someone could spray a fire hydrant ova me!"

Unfortunately, her prayers wasn't even asked for one bit. The only thing that Anne Maria could wish for now was just sweet burnt death.

"Ohhhh, I give up... just make me die, ya hot sun. I won't care if my pouffe fries up like chicken!" Anne Maria cried out again before losing all hope in herself. She and her hair was now gonna be well done.

But as all hope lost for the Jersey girl, a voice from out of nowhere came up to her unexpectedly.

"Hey, Anne Maria, you need a ride?"

Hearing that voice, Anne Maria hoped it wouldn't be Ezekiel again. But she just had to make sure.

She slowly turned her head that way, not without wiping off the sweat that was stinging from her eyes, and looked at the figure that was driving really close to her. He had a really well-built physique, a Chargers jersey with the number "1" worn with it, a necklace of a thunderbolt, and an attitude that definitely matched hers. Anne Maria definitely noticed him right off to bat.

"Lightning?" She said in unison.

"You sha-got it! Lightning's in the house!" he exclaimed being a little bit of a showoff, "I was asking you, you need a ride somewhere? Lightning can totally help you out."

"I'm fine, Lightning. I don't need any help. I'm fine walkin' to the mall all by myself." Anne Maria told him as if it was none of his business.

"You do realize it is sha-hot outside, right? It's like 102 degrees! You could pretty much sha-burn to death if you be in the sun for too long!" Lightning exclaimed as he was trying to focus on the road other than looking at Anne Maria.

"You don't need to worry 'bout me, 'kay! I got me some money! Gonna get me sunscreen." she said, as she just continued to ignore him all the way, but Lightning wouldn't want it to be like this. He now felt a little concerned for the already sweaty yet strikingly beautiful Jersey babe.

"Good luck getting it. It's only like 3 miles away from sha-here. Trust me when Lightning says this, you need a ride. It's much cooler inside my truck." Lightning said to her once again.

But what in the heck was Anne Maria gonna do right now? The painful truth that Lightning sent to her may be right. It was just a scorcher, and it was gonna be for the next few days. Any more walking like this and the Jersey girl would just flatline right on the spot.

So Anne Maria had no choice. She just had to accept Lightning's offer for a chance of the cool air that was blowing inside of his pickup truck.

"Fine..." she said with a sigh as she got inside the truck as Lightning smiled. They both took off on the way to the mall, which was definitely Anne Maria's guilty pleasure.

A few minutes into the drive, Lightning seems to stare right at Anne Maria who looked very stress because of the stinging heat. Or worse, it may have to do with something, or someone else that got into her Jersey mind.

"You okay?" Lightning said with a concerned manner.

"I'm fine. I'm just not feeling a little well..." Anne Maria spoke like she was being bored out of her mind. Of course she was finally cool with the cool air just breezing through her incredible gorgeous face and wonderful body, but it just did nothing to cheer her up entirely.

"Well, Lightning told you that it was too hot to walk in this sha-hot sun, and look where it got you." The over-achiever spoke very sternly, yet respectable. But that wasn't Anne Maria's problem.

"It's not that at all. It's about someone I've been having a fight with and all..."

Hearing this, Lightning suddenly stopped somewhere where there was shade, and finally began to face Anne Maria head-on.

"Tell Lightning all about it. Whatever it is, I sha-understand." He spoke trying to make her open up the problem that she had with the homeschooler not too long ago. "Is it about Zoey? That little red-head that Sha-Lightning himself can't stand?"

"No, it's not that..." Anne Maria sighed once again.

"Then what is it?" Lightning said to her with his hand touching his shoulder. To put it to use, Anne Maria didn't like to be touched, but she just couldn't help but feel Lightning's warm presence coming straight from his hand. It felt so nice and it just felt so right.

Anne Maria just took a sigh and just let it out.

"It's Ezekiel. I just had this fight with him not too long ago. Well, make that way too many fights. You see, I thought that Ezekiel was nice to me and that he always brought me the finest makeup there ever was, the finest perfumes I haven't even heard of, and he always brought me the cute gifts, but I feel like he's always acting like tha redneck that he is. The truth is... he's just too needy for me and I'm just tired of it. I really need to get away from him..."

Lightning heard this and was just struck like sudden magic. Anne Maria's tale felt so infectious and yet so real. Lightning was thinking to himself that he really needed to see a flower like her just bloom all by herself and he would be just willing to help.

"You know, Anne Maria. That's his fault. It's his fault that he's keeping away from you."

"That's the problem. Because I was hoping that he'd take me to the mall so that I could breakup with him. It's just being so stressful to me, because he always sees me every day, like some kind of creepy stalka or sumthin'. I just want some space and nothing else." Anne Maria sighed once again as her head turned to the side, but Lightning grabbed her chin and kept on facing him.

She was once again entralled by his gentle touch once again.

"But you already sha-done it. Look, wherever it takes place, Lightning's glad that you would finally stand up for yourself and just take sha-control of your own life." Lightning said with assurance, "Besides, if you were with Lightning... he would give you the space you really want. I'd be the one to really be sha-faithful to you and I would never wanna sha-fight with you."

"You wouldn't?" Anne Maria said with her heart just thumping real smoothly and nicely.

"Believe me, Lightning wouldn't. You deserve a whole lot better than Ezekiel, count on that!" he exclaimed reassuringly.

And then suddenly, Anne Maria felt a smile go right through her lips instantly.

"Wow... thanks Lightning. You're really a great guy..."

"No problem, A.M.!" Lightning smiled right back as he now seemed to go right at a stop, most notably at the huge downtown mall. "We're sha-here!"

"Thanks for the ride and such, I really appreciate it..." Anne Maria replied to him as she got her purse.

"Hey, whenever you wanna call on Sha-Lightning, he'll be right there. Anywhere you wan-" was all that Lightning could say before he cut off by a sudden hug from Anne Maria herself.

Lightning's heart suddenly froze from the pressure of the comforting hug. The way her glorious chest crashed into Lightning and the way that she smelled. It was like a flower mixed with a hint of peach and mango put together. And Lightning had no choice but to hug her back. After all, this was Lightning's chance to feel her gorgeous pouffe running across his hands. The sensation from his hands to her hair was like he was sleeping his head on a tight fluffy pillow.

And after the hug, Anne Maria had suddenly placed a quick peck on the lips for good measure. That kiss suddenly stunned Lightning right to the bone. His eyes bulged like sudden thunder being struck through a power grid. Just a nice taste of cinnamon that infested his lips must be the case for the sudden shock that he had. It wasn't so much passionate, only much as a quick peck. But it was really tasty enough to the athletic overachiever's point of view.

She finally broke off the kiss as a blunt blush was formed around Lightning's cheeks. Anne Maria was surprised by this, although not as much.

"I'll see you around, Lightning." The Jersey babe said as she was about to get out of his truck, but suddenly turned around to focus on Lightning. "Hey, Lightning..."

"Yeah?" he said as his shocked expression on his face finally wore off.

"You wanna come with me inside? It's really kinda enjoyable..." Anne Maria said to him, pleading right to Lightning in a teasing, puppy dog-like mood.

Lightning was never the type of guy to be in such places like this, whether it was a sporting goods store, a gym, or perhaps a sports bar where he'd snack on the finest hot wings possible. But whatever Anne Maria wanted to do just for fun, Lightning happened to display a loving smile right to her.

"Sha-Yes..." he commented as he got out of his truck and put it to park.

He then followed Anne Maria who held hand-to-hand to him and entered the euphoria that was the mall itself, hoping that it would be a signal of sweet trust that Lightning would display for her through the coming years that they would spend together for life.

Anne Maria's relationship with Ezekiel definitely became the end, but a new chapter in the relationship between her and Lightning was definitely just the beginning...

Believe you me, walking in 102 degrees is just like living in hell...

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