A Lifetime of Lanne

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Chapter 4: Only Love

Such a relaxing night among the shores of Playa Des Losers had fallen under a gentle light of the moon itself.

Everyone and everybody were celebrating Cameron's unexpected victory, all except one person who decided she wouldn't want to be a part of it, after what she had been through since she quit from the million dollars, not to mention her future from being with the person who she was infatuated with like an addictive drug.

Anne Maria was that person. The beautiful soul of a Jersey girl was still grieving over Vito, who just 'died' in her eyes when Zoey brought Mike back to life, because Mike was too tired of having his brain take over his different personalities. Occasionally, Anne Maria had nothing to do with Mike or did she had nothing to do with the pony-tailed red-head that she detested against. All she would care about night and day was Vito. Just the scent, the accent, the hot body, and the straight-up, don't-give-a-crap attitude that she liked about him. But thinks to a little homeschooled zombie like Ezekiel, she didn't compete for the top prize anymore. Worst of all, the only thing that Anne Maria wanted to do was to just be alone all by herself and just let her guilt go away to no avail.

Anne Maria then turned her back to a familiar sight: Mike and Zoey. She swore that if she saw them again, she would chuck out from the insides. Seeing them any further may make her beautiful pouffe of hers upchuck as well. Oh, would Anne Maria like to knock Zoey from this earth forever so she could be with her true love forever and ever. But no way on earth was that ever happening. Anne Maria just turned away, trying her very best to ignore it.

"That Miss Goody-Goody too shoes think she can steal Vito away from me..." Anne Maria muttered to herself, referring to Zoey's new boyfriend Mike. "I swear one of these days, I'll send her ass back to tha grill, Jersey-style! And then me and Vito will be forever!"

That was when Anne Maria spoke with pride, then somehow turned to a sigh, pout, and disappointment.

"But what's the use if Zoey's stuck with him forever? I'm supposed to have a future with Vito, not her. What if I'm just..."

Anne Maria then looked down on herself with her elbows on the railing and staring back into the ocean. With another sign going through her lips, she finally finished her sentence.

"...What if I'm just alone for the rest of my life?"

The feeling from his pretty face had now fallen down through a sad path. Why couldn't she for once, just be with a man who can understand her pain and sudden heartache? Who was Anne Maria kidding. No one could even hold a candle to Vito, not even if it was for a million years. It was certain that this was never happen.

She looked very sleepy to be exact but she just had to stay and look right at the streaming ocean. Anne Maria just felt like a boat that had been sailed for a time or two. She yondered to dreams that rarely even came true and it was just like her future with Vito. As far as everyone could see, Anne Maria felt lonely in the ocean that was her life.

Suddenly, a tear formed right in her eye silently as her hand slid a little across the railing.

But only to realize that her hand had suddenly touched someone else's. Anne Maria's heart just took a bit of a shock to be exact. The hand that she felt was very strong and very structured. Her touch felt so much warm on the mysterious figure. Suddenly, that figure came together.

The newly formed white hair, the strong physique, the bolt around his neck and a football jersey that had the number 1 attached to it. It was certain that Anne Maria wasn't alone.

So she turned her pretty head at the one man who the Jersey girl didn't expect to be here at all.

"AGH! Lightning!" Anne Maria exclaimed as his sudden appearance just shocked her to the core, and not to mention landing right on her butt "Don't you realize it's rude to be scarin' me like that when someone wants ta be alone?"

"Sorry, Lightning didn't expect you to be here too. I wanted to be alone because that little grape of a bubbleboy won the million dollars and yet Lightning didn't. That's a rip in my book!" he exclaimed a little pitifully as he looked back at the ocean the same way Anne Maria was looking at it.

"You're tellin' me! That little booger of a excuse Ezekiel tricked me out of a million dollars in which that shoulda been mine to begin with." Anne Maria lashed out as well which caused Lightning to turn around suspiciously. "No offense."

"Lightning understands you big time. If I was in your shoes, I would've knocked the sha-heck out of his hick mind back to the prairieland where he belongs!" Lightning exclaimed once again as Anne Maria let out a sweet chuckle.

"You know, I just don't understand why you talk in the third-person category. You got some kind of condition like Mike?" Anne Maria spoke in such awareness. Lightning heard this and chuckled as well.

"No, it's just that my father always told me to be the best at sha-everything you can excel at. My father was just like me a lot. Whenever he played a sport, he would just sha-score the hell out of everybody whenever someone stood in his way. He was a natural in every sport you could even think of. Basketball, scored 90 points in a single game and won state championship. Baseball, scored 12 points in an entire inning and won the college state pendant. Football, scored seven touchdowns as a running back and won a Rose Bowl. And then he went to the NFL and just scored every point that was his life. He only got to play six seasons before he retired due to a knee injury. That was when he had sha-me. I feel a little sha-bummed that he could've had a longer career than anyone, but he left on top of his sha-game. Four championship rings and yet no one couldn't stop him. My father was untouchable, and he wants to pass the torch to Lightning. I'm gonna make my father proud!" Lightning said in such determination.

"That's really impressive. Back when I was growing up, all I had was my motha and my fatha and no one else. But I was pretty much okay not having any siblings to run around the house and beat me up with words. That would be so much torture!" Anne Maria said with a little stress added to her mind.

"You ain't alone. Lightning just fine with himself as well. He ain't need no brothers or sisters keeping Lightning down for so long! He's solid as a sha-rock! Well, maybe Lightning's got a little cousin, he just doesn't known which." Lightning oddly replied.

Anne Maria let out a free-spirited giggle just having this interesting conversation with someone who could be like her in any form possible. Lightning wasn't just one of those guys who would just brag to himself about being the best at what he did which pretty much annoyed everybody, but in Anne Maria's point of view, Lightning was very interesting not because he felt nice when he was talking to a pretty lady, but he was just so handsome and alluring. But what was Anne Maria thinking? She should be thinking about Vito, not this hunky athlete of a man. But she couldn't help it by being pulled into him.

The time she was spent with him felt like a presence of peaceful waters that calmed the raging sea. It was like a moment when Anne Maria closed her eyes, hoping that she would be free of the heartache. But when the waves came crashing down and the thunder rolled around, Anne Maria felt her feet come on solid ground and opened her eyes to a heavenly sight known as Lightning. She really started to feel that in him.

"Lightning, I was wondering..." Anne Maria said as she ruffled her pouffe a little bit, "Why do you call people losers?"


"I was just curious why you them losers." She said in a sternly, yet gentle voice. "Is it because you make others feel miserable and you feel proud about yourself?"

Lightning took a very deep breath when he heard this, and decided to speak up again.

"Look, the only reason why I call them was because I can pump my team up more often. Sometimes, I have to sha-talk down on them harshly so that they could do a better job next time." Lightning told her truthfully, "Just because I criticize my team all the time by calling them losers, that doesn't make me a bad person. It's just that I don't take losing very sha-well."

"Oh..." Anne Maria gleamed softfully. It was because she wasn't really used to see this thoughtful side of Lightning until now. "I was wondering sumthin' else."

"Sure." Lightning said in blunt unison.

"Do you think I'm a loser?" Anne Maria said sincerely as she started to mysteriously blush from the inside a bit. This little statement of hers sent Lightning's brain in a blizzard-like floozy. He viewed as the rest of the contestants as losers, but what did Lightning really think of Anne Maria from this standpoint.

"Well, uh..." Lightning spoke like he was struggling to make the slightest of words. "No. Lightning doesn't think of you as a loser."

"Really?" she said with her eyebrow raised, thinking that Lightning wouldn't actually have the guts to call the most prettiest of all the campers a loser.

"Lightning thinks you look beautiful." Lightning said to her with all of his competitive heart, "I mean, look at you! You got a stunning body that even Lightning's eyes couldn't be taken out of! Your hair is perfect and fluffy like a blanket! Heck, even Lightning likes the way you talk. I'm telling you from the bottom of Lightning's heart, any guy would be lucky as paydirt to be with a fine sha-honey like you! Besides, Lightning thinks you're perfect. And sha-amazing! That's how Lightning really feels!"

Somehow, Anne Maria's heart just sailed right into the harbor of Lightning's. Her face lit up with a blush that felt so crimson red like blood and yet so brighter than the sun itself. Did Lightning really think of her that way? There was only one thing to find out.

"Wow." Anne Maria mutterly spoke as she was trying not to blush at him entirely, but it was to no avail, "Thanks for seeing that in me..."

"I'm glad you thought so." Lightning smiled right at her in a carefree tone, "Now if you excuse me, Lightning's gotta catch the sha-punch that's heading right inside my mouth. Sha-later!"

As soon as Lightning left through the first following steps, he didn't notice that Anne Maria was following him like a stealthy Jersey-made ninja. She responded by tapping on the shoulder.

"Hey, Lightning..." Anne Maria replied to him.

"Yeah?" Lightning said to her as he turned around.

Without a moment to spare, Anne Maria rushed her lips and crashed into Lightning's soft lips gently like tasting two soft chocolatey pillows of 3Musketeers. It was like soft coated lips that the Jersey babe was tasting from him. In Lightning's point of view, Anne Maria's lips tasted like a combination of cherry and vanilla all molded together.

That kiss forced Lightning to wrap his arms around Anne Maria's lower waist softly to deepen the kiss more gently. Both became trapped in each other's candy-flavored kisses for quite the 18 seconds before finally breaking it in such a minor, yet loving embrace. Anne Maria now started to blush from the body and so was Lightning to be exact! They were rendered speechless for a little while until Anne Maria decided to speak up.

"I think you're amazing too..." Anne Maria cooed softly at him as she wrapped her arm around his, indicating that they were going inside the resort together, "Shall we?"

"I think I'll say sha-yes to that..." Lightning spoke right back as they left arm-to-arm inside Playa Des Losers a brand new couple.

It was interesting to see someone get fall up on their feet after losing a loved one mentally, only to get back up again through the heavenly arms of a certain white-haired angel by the name of Lightning. He would make sure that Anne Maria would fly high and stand alone alongside him until time can no longer access anymore. Lightning made a promise that she would never drift alone in the sea of loneliness again.

After all, only love will keep them together.

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