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Ben 10 Ultimate alien: Ultimate halloween

It was a night where the moon was bright, the bats were flying, pumpkins we're everywhere, and it was the one time were sweets were mostly involved.

It was Halloweens night.

Every single house was decorated with bat decorations, pumpkins and there was a lot of lights and every single child was dressed in something which was supposed to be scary.

In the Tennyson household, Ben Tennyson, wearer of the Ultimatrix and saviour of the universe, was just putting a bowl of sweets on the table next to the door so his parents could give it out to all of the trick or treaters.

Ben smiled. When he was 10 years old, he used to love Halloween since it was very much like April fools day when it came to him and Gwen. He always loved to pull pranks on her but that was then and this is now.

Ben was now wearing an old brown leather jacket with spider webs, his usual black shirt was on, he had green makeup on his face, he had plastic bolts coming out of the side of his neck, he wore some ripped jeans and he also made his regular shoes all dusty and spooky looking.

Ben had thought about dressing up as Frankenstein this year. He may be too old for trick or treating but that did not mean that he couldn't dress up for the holidays and besides he may impress some of the children walking by.

Ben put the bowl down on the table, cleared his throat and decided to try out a wickedly creepy laugh.

Ben started off coughing but it then came off growly and old hat.

Ben said while pounding his chest a little to stop the coughing "Man, Evil laughs aren't good for me. Maybe I should stick to the good stuff instead."

Suddenly a voice said "Yeah..Goods better." Ben looked behind him and saw his cousin Gwen standing by the door.

Gwen was wearing a puffy purple and black dress with some black stockings on her legs, she wore black heels, a long purple pointy hat and she carried a fake broom stick.

Gwen had decided to dress as witch this year (In case that wasn't completely obvious!).

Gwen smiled and walked beside her Brunette cousin and gave him a pat on the shoulder before she went into the living room to sit on the couch while waiting for her boyfriend Kevin Levin.

Kevin never dressed up for the holidays but Gwen managed to persuade him to do it this year in return for a date.

Kevin really had no holiday spirit but she had to try and get him to feel something in the holidays and Gwen decided to do it this year.

After a couple of minutes Kevin parked his car, which was all covered in spider webs, in front of Ben's house and when he got out of the car, Ben's jaw dropped.

Kevin wore a black cape, a black and old looking suit, his normal shoes, black trousers, he had pale blue make up on his face and he had fake fangs in his mouth.

Kevin had dressed up as a Vampire.

As Kevin walked in his said while flashing his cape in front of his nose in a grumpy tone of voice to Ben "You better not say a word, Tennyson."

Ben chuckled a little before Kevin took a red lollypop from the bowl and walked into the living room to talk to Gwen.

Ben's father had gone out to get some more pumpkins since he loved to go all out with them while Ben's mother had stayed behind to make some cookies that were shaped like spooky things in the Kitchen.

But however meanwhile on a tree far away, a green liquid dripped onto one of the bats and whatever this was it spread to many others and it turned them into horrifying beasts.

The bats turned huge and were now ugly looking before they flew off towards Bellwood.

Yes I know it's a little bit early but I have a saying. If you do something now then you wouldn't have to do it later. That's what I say and I hope you like the first chapter of this story!