Happy very late Halloween everybody! Here's the final chapter of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Ultimate Halloween. Enjoy!

After everyone had been taken inside, Animo had strapped everyone to the wall, especially Kevin. Nobody knew this but Kevin was the only antidote to cure everyone since he was bitten before he was due to become a monster which was at the same time as everyone else and he had already gotten over his original vampire state so he could now do things over his free will.

"Splendid, Truly splendid!" exclaimed the mad scientist while in his barnyard laboratory.

"Now, I have Ben Tennyson and friends in my grasp." Dr Animo cackled evilly before turning to everyone whom was unconscious. Ben however was in a box since pretty much all of him had come apart but he was still unconscious but Kevin was waking up.

"I must not let young Levin escape because he is the only cure for those who have been transformed into hideous monsters." Animo said while folding his arms but Kevin had heard all of this and a devilish smile crept on to his bat face and he quietly scratched the glass ball he was inside with the sharp bits on his wings.

After 2 minutes, Kevin broken out before quickly biting Cooper at the back of the neck and reverting him back to normal.

Cooper broke out of the cuffs before breaking Julie (who was now a talking small black cat) free as well.

Julie freed Ben from his imprisonment with her claws and Ben said with a smirk "Well I can see that your no 'Cat-Tastrophy'..."

Julie growled before saying with a meow "I am not in the mood for Puns."

Ben quickly picked up his head in his disjoint arms before the rest of him was trying to connect themselves to the body.

Kevin had now bitten: Cooper, Ken, Jimmy and Grandpa Max (whom had dressed as an Octopus to represent his cooking).

But then a thought Snapped into Kevin's mind. Maybe their Monster forms weren't so bad. What if they could fight in this state?

Ben suddenly used his head as a bowling ball which knocked out the Mutant bats which we're flying towards him.

Ben then had to worry about getting his body to come to his head. This was one of the problems he had very often but this time it's not as an alien, it was when he was human that it wasn't so easy to get back together.

Julie had clawed her way through the fight, scratching and biting the Mutant bats and this angered Animo greatly.

Everyone had mow broken free and began to fight the Mutant bats but while they were fighting, Animo took a green injection out of a box which was on the table in front of him and quickly shoved the needle into his arm before he injected the green acidic liquid into himself.

Oh how Animo felt himself grow bigger, how he felt himself grow furrier and soon enough, he had turned into one of the mutant bats but he was 10 times bigger.

The remaining bats grew frightend of their leader so they quickly flew away leaving Ben and the others to deal with the 14 foot tall mutant.

Ben was so frightend that his body had took off his head before dropping him and running away.

"HEY, COME BACK YOU WORTHLESS BODY!" yelled Ben to his running away body but it just hid behind a box. Ben rolled his eyes.

Kevin turned back to his Vampire form before looking to the body-less Tennyson boy.

"Maybe your heroic in mind but a huge chicken at heart?" suggested Kevin while trying to stifle back the huge burst of laughter which he was having trouble holding in.

Ben just shot a death glare to the Vampire Osmosian before saying with a grumpy tone of voice "Ha ha. very funny, Levin. Just pick me up!"

Kevin asked with a teasing voice and putting on his Romainian vampire accent "Vhats the secret vord?"

Again, Ben rolled his eyes in frustration before saying "Please..."

Kevin chuckled lightly before picking up Ben's head and then Ben said while snapping Kevin a seriously angry look "Not. One. Word." said Ben crossly.

Kevin gave an evil Smile while baring his fangs and Ben knew that he would never hear the end of this.

Suddenly, Animo roared loudly before preparing to take off but Kevin took to the skies (not before dropping Ben's head) in his bat form and tried aiming at the feet.

After 3 scratches Animo grabbed Kevin by his bat feet.

Ben, realising that Kevin was in trouble, gave a whistle to get his cowardly body to come forward.

It took about 5 minutes but when Ben's head was finally connected to his body, Ben quickly slammed down on the dial of the Ultimatrix before turning into Nanomech.

After exclaiming his alien name, Ben/Nanomech swiftly flew after the giant bat. Dr Animo.

As Ben flew closer to Animo's head, he noticed that the speed was making his joints start to fall apart but Ben needed to rescue his best friend.

Ben flew into Animo's ear and then, after 2 minutes, Animo screeched and sneezed as he began to crash and he was taking Ben and Kevin down with him.

Kevin slipped out of Animo's grasp before retrieving Ben whom had flew weakly out of Animo's ear whilst covered in ear wax.

Kevin flew back to the barnyard where the others were and Kevin had proceeded on turning everyone back to normal while the plumbers were arresting Animo.

At the barnyard, Kevin was just finishing up on biting the last monsters by the necks while Ben (whom was not normal yet) was pleading Julie (who was back to normal) to do one more cat pun.

"Please, Julie! Just one more...?" Ben begged with huge puppy dog eyes and his bottom lip was trembling.

Julie sighed in defeated "Fine," she said in defeat "Let me hear it."

Ben smiled before nuzzling up to Julie and saying "I find you absolutely Puuuurfect."

Julie sighed before rolling her eyes but a smile was on her face. How she could stay mad at Ben, she did not know but she did find him charming.

Suddenly Ben felt something sharp on his neck and he yelped "OWCH!"

Kevin (still a vampire) exclaimed with a devilish smile as he popped out from behind Ben "Oh don't be a baby, Tennyson."

Then the Vampire Osmosian walked in front of Ben "Now. The bite should take a little longer to revert you and Gwen back to normal since you were the first to be bitten."

With that, the Vampire Osmosian walked towards his girlfriend and warned with a gentle voice "Now, Gwen. This may hurt a little."

The red haired Tennyson girl nodded before allowing her Osmosian boyfriend to bite her neck but it felt more like a gentle prick at the back of her neck and unlike Ben, she didn't make a sound.

Ben yelled across to the both of them, ruining the romantic Halloween moment "HEY! Why did you bite her gently!?"

Kevin looked back to the Teenaged brunette boy and yelled back in reply "Because your an idiot!"

Ben then wrapped his arm around his own Girlfriend before storming back to his own home while Kevin had bitten himself on the hand to turn himself back to normal and Gwen said while placing her hand on Kevin's shoulder as they walked towards his car "C'mon, let's go get some Chinese and I'll keep my side of the bargain by going on our date."

Kevin smiled widely. He almost forgot about that! Gwen said "But let's do it as soon as we're human again. I don't want to go out looking like this."

The dark haired Osmosian hybrid put a comforting hand on Gwen's shoulder "You're very pretty anyway, Gwen. Don't forget that."

Gwen smiled before blushing and then Kevin said in his fake Romanian accent "Let's go to my place. We should be back to normal by sunrise."

Just as they left, the Plumbers got a now half bat Dr Animo into their space craft before flying into the night sky and suddenly, Ben popped out of nowhere in front of the screen (or in front of you) before holding a torch underneath his chin and giving out an actual evil cackle and saying in an evil whisper "Happy Halloween!"

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