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He jumped, and soared, slashing his blade through the air, making a large arch. He stood stalk still after landing, then advanced, swing the massive sword in complicated patterns with ease. His body was dripping in sweat, but he continued on through his exercise, demolishing the dummies that surrounded him. Throughout his exercise, he showed no emotion whatsoever.

With his white hair, and pale skin he looked like a ghost.

After destroying the last dummy he closed his eyes and returned the sword back into his arm. The sword was about four feet long, and one across. It was identical to the weapon of the man who had killed his father, though the colors were inverted. (1) He stole a glance at the clock, and realized that he had been practicing for over two hours, not long for him, but still satisfactory.

As he left the training hall he picked up small, fresh towel, and wiped the back of his neck, heading for his shower.


Kanda slashed his training sword at the redhead who decided wanted to train with him. The redhead jumped back, his movements with his own practice sword clumsily in comparison to raven-haired man.

Kanda rolled his eyes at Lavi's antics and quickly disarmed him, the practice sword flying across the room, and Kanda pressing the blunt point of his own practice sword into Lavi's throat.

Lavi gulped, and Kanda turned away after making his signature, "tch," sound.

"Oh, hi Kanda! I thought that I would find you here," a Chinese girl of about sixteen said walking into the hall, "Brother wants to see you. You have a mission."

Kanda nodded towards Lenalee, and exited the training room, and heading towards the locker rooms.

Quickly he showered, and after changing into his uniform, he walked to the Chief's office.

"Hello, Kanda!" Komui Lee greeted upon Kanda's entering the cluttered room.

"Che, whatever. What do you want?" Kanda asked.

Unfazed, Komui obliged in answering Kanda's question, "A mission of course!"

Kanda sarcastically raised his eyebrows, "Really now?"

"Yes, but no ordinary mission mind you. I need you to break into a mansion in England, and steal a very important item," Komui said, handing Kanda the mission brief in a folder," you will be leaving tonight, the rest of the information is in the folder."

"I take it that you don't want to have Lenalee do it, because it might involve breaking into a possible man's house?"

Komui's eyes glinted evilly, "Who knows what kind of vulgar monstrosity dwells there? I can't have my Lenalee divulging herself in such matters!"

Kanda rolled his eyes and left the Chief to his ramblings, and proceeded to his own room to gather his essentials.


Allen exited the steaming bathroom, toweling his hair as he did so, the white locks gently falling back into place after his ruff movements.

After placing the towel in the laundry bin, he walked down the spacious halls to the piano room. The Piano room was completely white, with a white couch, white walls, white floor, a white piano and a white door that led into his own bedroom.

These two rooms where the rooms that he spent most of his time in, safe the training hall. He lived in a giant mansion, sure, but that didn't mean that he had to utilize its rooms. He never felt like they were his, even though they did technically belong to him.

After his foster father died, he had left Allen everything he owned, the mansion, the money, and most importantly, the artifact. The artifact was locked safely in a safe that was tucked away behind a portrait of a clown in Allen's bedroom. Allen was its guardian.

The artifact was to never leave the safe unless it was absolutely necessary, and the artifact was to never be stolen or given to anyone, no matter the circumstances. This was because the artifact could be used to create the worst genocide ever in human history.

So Allen trained to protect it. He would never allow Mana's wished to be left un-granted, especially after nearly making the man's afterlife hell.

Allen shook his head, subconsciously touching the scar that lingered on his face, and traveled directly towards the piano. Sitting on the stool, Allen ran his hand through his white hair and covered his fac in his hands


Kanda faced the dark mansion, noticing that not a single light was on. In the mission file Komui had reported that whether or not the house was occupied was unknown. Silently, he approached the massive looming building.

When he got close enough to its walls, he crouched close to the brick so no one inside, if there was for that matter, wouldn't notice him. He rounded the corner and continued until he was at the end of the side wall, close to back yard so he would not be seen.

Picking a window, he gently wedged Mugen underneath the wooden frame, wiggling the blade until he had pried the old window open with a crack. Thank god the building was so big, or else someone would have heard him.

With much agility, Kanda swiftly pulled himself up and through the window, landing in a crouch on the expensive rug that adorned the floor.

After being convinced that the room was not inhabited, Kanda stood up and examined his surroundings. He was in a room that appeared to be some sort of living room, or parlor. It had plush seats and a couch surrounding a coffee table, but this wasn't the room Kanda was looking for.

Kanda silently maneuvered out of the room, and through the next three adjacent to it. Now he was in a large study with a window overlooking the front yard. He turned and walked through two rooms, a dining room, and a Living room, larger by far than the ones he had previously crossed through.

Why does this fucking house have to be so fucking big? Kanda thought to himself in exasperation, when he finally reached the front hall.

The floor was made out of marble tiles, alternating from black to white. It the back there was a massive stair case that forked out, half traveling up to the right, the other to the left, with a painting in the center. The stairs where whitish- gray marble, but where covered in a red carpet.

Thinking back to the map in the folders briefing, Kanda knew he had to go up the left staircase, and travel all the way to the far wall, then travel as far as he could down to the back of the house until he could turn left again, where there where two rooms that protruded out of the side of the brick building.

Following the instructions Kanda continued through the house, not making a sound as his feat hit the expensive tiles, rugs, and wood paneling.

Usually, Kanda was sent out on missions to collect innocence, but Komui decided to send him on this mission to collect some artifact, that if it was collected by the Millennium Earl or his followers, the world would be toast.

Kanda had never failed an assignment. NEVER.

Finally, he reached the white door that lead into the room that contained the artifact. On the door, written in silver cursive, was The Musician. Gently, Kanda pushed open the door and walked into a completely white room.

However he hadn't taken three steps before a dagger was pressed into his neck from behind.

"Don't move, or else I will not hesitate to cut open your throat."

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Can Allen's sword go through innominate objects? I know it can't injure someone not evil… hmmm… well, if it can't let's just pretend it will break straw dummies, for the first part of this fic.