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What happens when two passionate lovers are depraved of sex for nearly a month and then spend the night together? Well, Allen and Kanda were about to find out.

Kanda pushed Allen onto the bed and their tongues battled for dominance.

"Kanda please, just fuck me…" Allen muttered around Kanda's lips.

Kanda smirked, and lifted Allen up slightly and pulled the obi bow around so that it was facing him. He rested Allen back on the bed and leaned back before untying the obi and the knots that were previously underneath the thick cloth. As he unfolded the two sides of the kimono, Allen shivered as the cold air hit his now exposed chest.

Kanda ran his hands up and down Allen's torso and smirked as the boy shuddered. Their lips made contact, and they hungrily kissed. Allen's arms wrapped around the older man's body and he breathed in his scent.

Allen pushed himself up so that he was straddling Kanda's lap and he slipped his arms out of the Kimono, leaving the cloth to pool around his hips. He wove his hands through Kanda's hair smiling, to himself. Slowly, he trailed his hands down Kanda's torso and under the waist line of his pants. He shifted his lips to Kanda's ear, running his tongue along the curve and breathed hotly on his skin. He wanted Kanda now, but he knew that having him was a guarantee, so he decided to take his sweet time. He wanted to make Kanda impatient. He wanted Kanda to be desperate for him.

"Kanda? Do you want me?" Allen whispered, his breath tickling Kanda's cheek.

"What kind of question is that?" he asked gruffly.

"Well, I can tell when I'm not wanted," Allen sighed sadly. He detangled himself from Kanda and stood up leaving the older teenager on the bed. When he straightened his legs, however, the kimono fell completely, falling down by his feet.

"Oops," he sighed, though he was mentally smirking, and was about to bend down to retrieve it, when he heard a growl accompanied by a firm grip pulling him onto the bed.

"Don't jump to conclusions, Moyashi," Kanda growled pressing their lips together roughly, only to pull back, "but are you sure you're okay?"

Allen gripped Kanda's wet pony tail and pulled harshly on it, forcing to older teen's head back, "Kanda, just do it! What happened to your sadistic side?" Allen complained.

Kanda slapped the boys hand away, ignoring how the frisky grip turned him on. He rolled his eyes as he straightened his face and he pressed his lips to Allen's, quickly separating the boy's lips and skillfully sliding in his tongue. When he was satisfied that the Moyashi was breathless, he moved down the boy's jaw, lightly brushing his lips over the sensitive skin on his neck before nipping it.

He heard Allen gasp lightly and he sent a trail of kisses down the boy's stomach down to his erect cock. In one move his took in as much of Allen as he could without reaching the gagging reflex. He then went back up grazing his teeth up Allen's length and wrapping his tongue around the head before teasing the slit and going back down.

This time, however he slid down farther, deep throating Allen and swallowing so that his muscles would contract around the Moyashi's entire length.

"Ah- Ah!" Allen moaned, and finally buckled, but Kanda used his hands to pin the Moyashi's hips down.

"Kanda, I-I don't have much longer…" Allen warned, but Kanda only continued. Sure enough with a loud moan, Allen came, only to have Kanda suck him off, swallowing all of him.

Kanda pulled away and kissed Allen again, his hand reaching blindly over to the bed side table for the black toiletry case that was lying there. Grabbing it, he reached in and fished out the small glass bottle (travel sized ;D). After uncapping in, and covering his fingers, he looked down at Allen as he inserted his first finger. He distracted Allen with another kiss as he pushed in a second finger, scissoring the digits back and forth before adding the last one.

He lined himself up and slowly slid into Allen, being careful as it had been a while since they had last done this. Allen wrapped his arms around Kanda's shoulders and buried his face in his neck, breathing heavily.

"God Moyashi, you're tight…" he moaned after he was completely in.

"Well, it's not like the only thing I've been doing is having sex the past months," Allen groaned, he probably would have hit Kanda if he wasn't gripping the older teen so tightly.

"Well, maybe we should change that, huh?" Kanda whispered huskily in Allen's ear.

"Well, then maybe you should move, huh?" Allen retorted, mimicking Kanda's tone and chuckling.

Kanda lifted each of Allen's legs onto his shoulders and he rammed his hips forward. The load moan from Allen telling him that he had hit the boy's sweet spot right on the first try. After congratulating himself mentally he began mercilessly pounding that spot, successfully turning Allen into a pile of mush.

It felt so right to have Allen back in his arms where he belongs. The past months had been too long and now he was just grateful to have Allen back.

"Oh, Kanda- Yes!" Allen moaned as Kanda's pace became even faster and he brought his hips up to meet his trusts. Both of them were covered in sweat, as they moved together and Kanda felt the heat building inside of his lower abdomen.

"Aren," He muttered and he knew he was close. Allen moaned loudly as with another thrust he came, covering both of their chests. Finally, Kanda came too, and the hot euphoria took over his mind.

Slowly, Kanda pulled out of Allen with a pop and he collapsed next to the white haired teen. Allen moved closer to him, resting his face on Kanda's chest.

"I love you Kanda," he said sincerely.

"You can call me Yu you know," Kanda whispered.

"Really?" Allen asked, pulling away slightly so that he could look at Kanda's expression.

"Yeah," he smirked before pulling his Moyashi in closer.


The Next Day…

Kanda and Allen walked through the village to the train station. They had successfully retrieved the innocence, which was hidden in a locket. It turned out to be easy, with them only having to face three level twos and several level ones. No one had gotten hurt and they had completed the mission in less than a week.

Suddenly, Kanda stopped, "I'm surprised you haven't asked about this yet," He smirked, lifting up the small mettle pouch above Allen's face.

"The Artifact!" Allen grinned reaching for it, only to have Kanda pull it out of reach.

"Ah, Ah, Ah," Kanda said teasingly, "I will only give this back to you if you promise me one thing."

"What?" Allen asked confused.

"Don't do anything stupid like that again."

Allen looked into Kanda's eyes and saw the hurt behind the anger there. He nodded.

"Okay," Kanda said and tossed the small parcel to Allen.

Allen smiled as he returned the pouch to his neck before laughing.

"What?" Kanda asked.

"It's just that I completely forgot about it," he chuckled, "I guess you must be something special to make me forget about the thing that I devoted my entire life to protecting."

"Baka Moyashi…" Kanda muttered as he kissed Allen right then in there.

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