Alisa giggled as Erika gurgled water while juggling her father's golf balls. They were playing a truth or dare game at twelve in the morning. "Alright, ladies, it's time for bed." Her mom said and closed the door. Alisa and Erika sat up in Erika's bed and turned off the ceiling light but left on a lamp. Erika opened Tiger's Voyage while Alisa opened Tiger's Quest. "Whose team are you?" Erika asked, her eyes still stuck in the book. "Oh no, don't you dare turn this into a 'Twilight situation'!" Alisa said putting her book down. They both disliked Twilight and often didn't compare the two books together. "And besides, both of them have wonderful benefits… I hate Kelsey for switching between them like that." Alisa added twirling her black hair around her finger.

"I know right if I were Kelsey I'd treat the princes like… well... Princes. I think she might take them for granted sometimes." Erika said shaking her head, her dark brown hair bouncing off of her round face. They both saved their pages with a cat book mark and set it on the table beside the bed. "Goodnight, Alisa… What do you want for your birthday tomorrow?" Erika asked the sleepiness evident in her voice.

Alisa closed her eyes and turned on her back while putting her hands together. "I wish I was in Tiger's Curse… and I could smack some sense into Kelsey. Better yet I wish I could change Kelsey's brain so she'll think twice before hurting Ren and Kishan like that." She nodded in satisfaction and turned to Erika who was grinning. "Amen to that!" Erika agreed before turning to her side and drifting off the sleep.