I felt a light tingling on my face and then a faint voice began talking. I didn't quite understand what it was saying, but I figured it was Erika calling me for breakfast she was always an early bird. Today was my birthday… I sighed in satisfaction and blinked my eyes open to see a girl standing over me. No not a girl, a woman. I sat up swiftly and stared at her with fear. Dark hair cascaded down her back that matched her seemingly concerned eyes. She reached out to me, but I pulled away from her. "Um, what are you doing in my room… and where's Erika?" I asked I was mainly afraid of where I was and who lived here or rather if this girl was trying to hurt me.

The girl looked down at me with confusion clouding her eyes. "Grandfather, come quick, something's wrong with Kelsey!" Kelsey… What is going on? A mass of footsteps came running up to the door and at that moment I noticed I don't have a scarlet door, let alone a giant bed. Two large gorgeous men bustled in and sat by my side. "Kelsey, what happened, are you not feeling well or-" I instantly recognized them both, and I felt my heart throb in my chest. This had to be a dream, there was no way… "Ren and Kishan please give Kelsey space!" The older man said I knew who he was now. I felt momentarily completely discombobulated and confused. "Kelsey, how are you feeling?" Mr. Kadam asked putting his hand on my head to check for a fever.

I swallowed "Alright, I think you may be confused. I'm not Kelsey; I'm Alisa Sal from Arizona. You've got the wrong girl." I said shaking my head. "Kells, please tell me you remember me." I turned my head to see Ren, one of the boys of my dreams towering over me and my heart practically stopped beating for a minute or two. "Uhm-" I began stuttering and I didn't know what to do… Except… Flip out. But I couldn't do that in front of Ren I mean… He's… Ren. I realized that this could possibly just be a dream, but what do I do now? If I said 'Ha, jokes on you.' They'd think I was irresponsible and stupid. So I did the thing I always did in drama class; pass out.

Ren kept shaking me and saying 'Kells, please' I felt bad, but I had to continue on with my performance of over dramatization. I slowly blinked my eyes open and acted like my head was throbbing out of control. "What Ren, why are you shaking me? Is Lokesh after us?" I asked my voice suddenly alarmed. Ren sighed in relief and tugged me into a deep hug. Abs… Muscle… Abs… "That was strange; I've never seen anything like that before." Mr. Kadam said observing me with interest. "Are you feeling okay Kelsey?" Kishan asked speaking up for the first time. He was on one knee and his arms were rested on the bed. I remembered what I had said to Erika when I first started reading Tiger's Quest; 'There's something attractive about Kishan… I don't know yet, but I guess him being darker and a little more tortured and a little worse is just so sexy!'Believe me I did love Ren too, but Kishan just has this essence to him that makes my heart stop.

"Yes, I'm feeling better my head just hurts a little." I replied simply, straightening myself up. And it was true, my head did hurt a bit and it made me think that this wasn't a dream at all. Kishan held my hand and kissed my palm, Wait I thought Ren only did that. He pressed my hand to his cheek and looked up at me with those gorgeous golden eyes I had dreamed about. If only Erika was here she'd flip out like crazy and probably tackle him. "Kishan will bring you breakfast, Miss Kelsey, but for now you should rest." Mr. Kadam said and began to head out the door with Nilima following, only Ren stayed. I fluffed up my pillow and covered my face with my covers, feeling the pressure of Ren's stares engulf me.

"Kells," Ren began before I held my hand up; surprising him. "I'm really tired, Ren, and I don't feel like talking." I was kind of eager to see if I'd fall asleep and wake up, that's usually how I always ended my dreams. A bed would appear and I'd fall asleep; waking me up in the real world. Also I was always in charge of my dreams, but it did make me think when I found out I couldn't control Ren's words when I tried. "But Kells we need to speak about our relationship." Ren muttered, I could see his emotions flutter in his eyes like a rush of water. I nodded at him; this would probably give me a hint to what part of the book I'm in. "Kelsey, it seems like you have feelings for Kishan… True?" I paused, what would Kelsey say? No wait, I wanted to change Kelsey's actions so why can't I do it now?

I shrugged simply and eyed him carefully. Ren looked hurt by my reply so I decided to speak once more. "I think both of you are two very attractive men that I'm lucky to have in my life, but I'm not sure about my feelings yet." That satisfied him and a smile spread across his gorgeous face. "Geez, Kells, you don't sound like yourself." Ren chuckled and leaned in aiming for my pink lips with his. I pulled away despite the part of me that wanted to kiss him all day long. I put up my pointing finger and shook my head "No boy, if I'm going to resist you two then I can have no temptations." Ren frowned and forcedly shoved me into his arms and kissed me. "Let. Go." I said through his lips. It angered me that he was trying to change my mind like this and I knew where this was going to lead, Erika told me Ren had practically turned abusive in Tiger's Voyage. I think he was just forcedly kissed her, but Erika has a mind of her own.

Ren deepened the kiss and I pushed my hands against his chest How come I couldn't move him if this was my dream? He finally stopped kissing me and I let out a breath, and then another one it felt as if I were hyperventilating. Ren smiled at my reaction and I was instantly furious with him. "If you think you're going to come in here and woo me with your looks and abs… and face… and ooh those muscles… and… everything that is perfect on your-" Ren smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear. "My perfect what, iadala?" Tease was evident in his voice, I'm so stupid. "Nothing! You're missing the point. You're not going to woo me with your flirts or anything. So get that through your thick skull." I spat and stood up, leaving him there.

When I opened the door I almost ran into Kishan carrying pancakes, delicious scrambled eggs and perfect bacon. He smiled and walked in, but his smile soon faded when he saw Ren. Ren narrowed his eyes at Kishan, it was sad to see two brothers treat each other like this. "Kishan, I need to talk to you." I said, fiddling with the bottom of my purple silk dress. "Of course bilauta what is it?" It seemed harder to talk to Kishan than Ren. He sat on my bed and his golden gaze looked up at me. "I want both of you boys to treat me as just a friend for a little while… You know, until I'm sure who I want to choose." I explained to him that I talked to Ren a couple of minutes ago and he agreed to, at least I think he did.

Kishan sympathetically nodded even though he looked a bit disappointed. "I'll leave you alone, but it'll be hard." He said, a small smile stretching across his face. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked giggling softly. "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "And no flirting."