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Chapter 1: Andre's Horrible Girl

"No!" Jade exclaimed angrily as headed to her locker.

"C'mon! Jadey!" Cat sqealed as she was running after her.

Jade opened her locker and grabbed a book. She closed it forcefully and looked Cat irritated. Cat smiled at her innocently.

"I'm not spending my Saturday night with you at your mother's boss's house! I have plans." She stated.

"You can ask Beck to come with us, too!" Cat tried to persuade her.

"Why do you need me with you? You know I hate dogs!" She shouted at Cat.

"Yeah, but I'm afraid of staying alone at a big house!"

"But you won't be alone! You'll have that little dog!" Jade told her as she waled to Beck's locker. "Hey babe..." She greeted him smiling sexily.

Beck kissed her forehead and passed his arm around Jade's waist. Jade looked at Tori disgusted, as she saw her blowing a balloon with her nose.

"Tada!" Tori exclaimed happily when she finished with her balloon.

Robbie, Beck and Jade opened their eyes wide open and looked at her surspised. Cat just started claping happily. Jade rolled her eyes.

"Hey, Cat? Why don't you go take another soda from the soda machine?"

"Kay-Kay!" Cat cheered and ran to the soda machine next to the janitor's closet.

Jade sighed and looked at Beck. He shrugged and turned around, just to see his best friend entering HA dressed with fancy clothes. Robbie, Tori and Jade looked at him surprised.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Andre asked them with a chuckle.

"Um... I don't know... Maybe because you look different?" Tori told him smiling.

Andre chuckled. "Yeah... My new girlfriend has changed my clothing style a little bit..."

That moment, a girl with expensive and fancy clothes entered the school. She was wearing high-heels and very much make-up, but she still looked good. Robbie gasped and Beck whistled silently, but that was enough to make Jade step on his foot. Beck closed his eyes and tried not to make any sound.

"That hurt." He whispered to his girlfriend's ear.

Jade looked at him. "Well, watch out the next time." She mutttered as the unknown girl approached them.

"Hey babe... You forgot your jacket." She said to Andre.

"Um... Thanks honey." Andre replied and took his jacket.

"Guys, this is my new girlfriend." Andre tols them. They all faked a smile and looked at her. "Babe, these are my friends." Andre tols to his girlfriend. She nodded and smiled at them.

"Nice to meet you." She said politely.

"It was our pleasure." Beck replied and smiled at her. Jade stepped one more time on him forcefully. Beck tried to smile and not to show his pain, as he looked at Jade angrily. She just shrugged.

"Well... Do you guys want to come with us at Nozu this evening?" Andre told them wiith a pleading smile.

"Ugh... Um... Actually... Me and Jade have... something to do." Beck muttered.

"Oh really? Like what?" Tori asked him suspiciously.

"Cat asked me if I could accomany her at her mother's boss's house and help her take care of a dog and the house. And I'm taking Beck with me." Jade stated calmly. Everyone looked at her confused. "You can ask her." She added looking at Tori.

"It's true!" Cat squaled and approached them. "Whoaa! Andre! Who is that beautiful girl next to you?" Cat asked him casually.

"I'm his girlfriend." She answered. Andre just nodded.

"Oh... So, Jadey you're coming?" Cat asked Jade one more time.

"Yes, Cat. As I told you later." Jade replied.

"No you didn't. You said-"

"Yes Cat I did!" Jade interrupted her and smiled at her.

"Oh... Okay then!" Cat exclaimed happily and run to the girl's restroom screaming, "Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Too much soda!"

Beck rolled his eyes and looked at Andre. "Sorry, man... We're leaving." He said to Andre.

"Yeah... Bye." Jade added and took Beck's hand.

"Nice to meet you again." Beck said to Andre's girlfriend and smiled at her.

"You told her babe..." Jade muttered and dragged him by his hand to her locker.

-Beck's RV-

"I can't believe we're doing this!" Jade shouted angrily and sat on Beck's bed.

"C'mon babe... You promised." Beck replied and sat next to her. He passed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer, into a hug.

"I didn't!" She exclaimed angrily.

"Whatever! But you told Cat you would! We should go!"

"I told her just to avoid going out with Andre and his freakish girlfriend." Jade muttered irritated.

"Yeah... Right." Beck aggreed absent-minded.

"Beck? Are you listening to me?"

"What? Sure." Beck answered and kissed her forehead.

"Please tell me you're not thinking of Andre's girlfriend..." Jade told him angrily.

"What? Of course not! She's weird anyway... I prefer you..." He replied and started kissing and sucking her neck.

"Beck! Don't you dare to leave a hickey!" Jade shouted angrily as she lay down to avoid him.

Beck continued kissing her, moving from her neck to her lips. Her soft lips touched Beck's and she placed her hands behind his neck, pulling him closer to her. Beck chuckled, as he noticed the last hickey he had left to her the last night. She slowly removed her hands from his neck and started unbuttoning his shirt. She took it off of him and he pulled her above him. Jade intertwined her fingers with his hair and smiled slightly, when she felt his warm hands on her back, unclapsing her bra under her blouse. Beck was an expert at unclapsing bras... He could even do it with his eyes closed. She moved underneath of him and he took off her blouse. He kissed gently her bare back and felt her shivering at his touch. She turned around and... her phone started vibrating. Beck groaned in frustration.

"Not now!" She exclaimed angrily and stood up, leaving Beck at the bed. She grabbed her bra from the ground and wore it with a quick move. She grabbed her phone and asnwered bitterly, "I hope there's a fucking good reason why you're calling right now!"

"Hi Jadey! It's Cat!" She heard her friends voice coming from the other side of the phone.

Jade sighed. "What do you want Cat?"

"Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"What do you mean? Aren't you coming with me at my mom's boss's house?" Cat asked her.

"Look, Cat..." Jade started. Beck stood up and approached her. "Me and Beck don't want to-"

Beck grabbed the phone from Jade's hand and continued her sentence, with... his own words. "We don't want to be late! Are you there?" He asked her.

Jade groaned and headed to the bed. "Yes. When are you coming?" Cat asked him curiously.

"We will be there in ten minutes." Beck replied. He turned around and saw Jade smiling at him sexily, wearing only her underwear. "Maybe an hour." Beck corrected his last sentence and hung up before hearing Cat's answer.

-Cat's mother's boss's house-

Beck knocked the door and waited for Cat to open it. Jade rolled her eyes and sighed. Beck gave her hand a squeeze, making her look at him. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead gently.

"We're late." He stated.

"So? What do you mean? Did you prefer staying here with Cat and a dog than staying with an almost naked girl in your RV?" Jade asked him. Beck chuckled.

"You're right. Cat stayed alone only for forty-five minutes." Beck replied.

That moment, Robbie appeared behind of them. They didn't notice him, not until he shouted, "Hey guys!" Jade gasped loudly and Beck turned around angrily, to see Robbie standing in front of him with a tool box in his hand.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Jade asked him irritated.

"Well... Cat called me and told me that she had an... accident with a guitar." Robbie replied.

"Accident with a guitar?" Beck asked him suspiciously. Robbie nodded.

"Hey Beck?" He called him.


"Can you hold this?" Robbie showed Beck his tool box. "It's really heavy and I think my whole arm is gonna fall down holding that thing."

Beck rolled his eyes and grabbed the tool box. "Sure. Why not?" He said casually.

"Oh, Beck... You're so strong..." Robbie said and smiled at him. Beck narrowed his eyes and Jade raised her pierced eyebrow suspiciously.

"Okay... Where the hell is Cat?" Beck asked them and started knocking the door forcefully. "Cat! It's Beck, Jade and Robbie! Open the door!" He shouted.

"Kay-Kay!" They heard Cat's answer from the inside of the house. Jade lookedat Robbie from is hair till his shoes and stated calmly, "Fix your zipper." And then she looked at the door, waiting for Cat to open it. Beck looked ta Robbie and rolled his eyes.

They all heard footsteps coming closer to the door and Cat finally opened it. "Guys! I'm so glad you came here!" She exclaimed relieved. "Come in!" She said and got into the big house. Jade and Beck changed a look and followed her. Robbie tried one more time to fix his zipper, and then entered the house quickly, closing the door behind him.

"So... Where's the guitar?" Robbie asked Cat.

"Here." Cat showed him a broken guitar at a table. "And we need to call someone to fix the window." She added.

"What happened with the guitar and the window?" Beck asked her leaving the tool box next to the guitar and sitting on the couch.

"Well... I wanted to see if it was really hanging from the ceiling with only three wires, but when I touched it, the one wire broke and then another one broke, and the guitar fell to the window, breaking it. Then, the last wire broke too and the guitar fell down making much noise and breaking." Cat answered.

Jade sat on Beck's lap and watched Robbie trying to fix the guitar with his tools. Cat was playing with the little dog. "So how many hours do we have to stay here?" Jade asked Cat bitterly.

"I... I don't know..." Cat replied shyly. She thought for a second, and then she widened her eyes. "Until my mom's boss returns!" She exclaimed proudly lifting her hands up in the air victoriously.

"Oh my God..." Beck mumbled and Jade sighed loudly.

"Ready!" Robbie exclaimed happily and told Beck, "Can you help me hang it back from the ceiling?"

"Sure." He answered. Jade stood up, leaving Beck to go to Robbie, and she sat again on the couch.

"Perfect." Robbie muttered and Jade with Cat approached them and looked at the guitar.

"Congrats dude! I can't understand where it broke!" Jade told him surprised.

"Yay! Now the window." Cat said and Robbie grabbed his phone.

"Don't worry! I'll find someone to fix the window with the new application I downloaded for my PearPod!" Robbie announced and clicked on his PearPod. He didn't manage to say a word, because the phone started searching for... Adult Diapers? "No! That was my last search!" Robbie exclaimed frustrated. He looked at Jade, Cat and Beck who were looking at him surprised and cleared his throat. "I mean... It was my grandma's last search. Now, new search!" He shouted to his phone. "I said, new search!" He repeated.

"It's not working Robbie! Let's just try to fix it by ourselves." Beck told him.

"Okay..." Robbie aggreed. "Hey, what's that?" He said and took a skull from a glass table.

"Leave it Robbie... Leave it to me!" Jade3 told him and tried to take the skull from his hands.

"No! Let me see it!" Robbie exclaimed angrily and pulled the skull to his side.

"It's not for you Robbie... Just let me have it!" Jade told him irritated and pulled it to her side.

"Jade... I think you shouldn't..." Beck tried to make her stop, but the noise of glass breaking interrupted him. "Oh, no..." He muttered.

The skull had slipped from Robbie's hands and it had fallen on the glass table, causing it to break. Jade looked at Beck and Robbie bit his bottom lip. Cat gasped and looked at the broken table disgusted and scared.

"Let's sing a song about broken glass, I'll help you write it after class..."

"SHUT UP!" Jade screamed and cut Robbie off.

"Thank you Jadey..." Cat muttered and took a step closer to the table. She grabbed the little dog from the ground and held it into her embrace. Then, the bell rang.

"Oh my God! It's my mom's boss!" Cat exclaimed terrified and hid behind Beck.

"Cat! Let me in! I forgot my keys sweetie!" They heard him calling from the other side of the door.

Cat took a deep breath and gulped. "Kay!" She shouted and started walking to the door.

Suddenly, the Earth beneath their feet started shaking forcefully.

"Earthquake!" Jade shouted scared.

Robbie ran and hid behind a big wooden table. Beck pushed Cat under the same table and ran to Jade. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him, protecting her with his hands. Jade curled into his arms and closed her eyes. Then, the earthquake stopped. Cat and Robbie stood up and Beck and Jade pulled apart. Cat looked around and saw the house.

Some stuff had fallen from the selves and the guitar had fallen again on the ground. Jade looked at Beck. He smiled at her and pulled her closer to him into a hug.

"Thanks babe..." She muttered.

"I'm glad you're ok..." He said and kissed her forehead.

Cat ran to the door and opened it. She returned with a tall man. He looked at Robbie, Jade and Beck and said, "Oh my God guys! I'm glad none of you hurt!"

"Um... I'm... I'm sorry for your stuff and furniture..." Cat admitted looking at her feet.

"Aww... It's not your fault, Cat... The earthquake was pretty strong."

Suddenly, a smile formed at Jade's and Beck's lips. Robbie chuckled and Cat looked at him confused. "No! The guitar was-"

"Cat!" Jade interrupted her. She reached Cat and gave Cat's shoulders a squeeze. "Your mom's boss isn't mad at you because he knows the earthquake caused all this damage..." She said smiling at her.

"Oh... Yeah! It was the earthquake!" Cat exclaimed relieved.

"Oh, kids... I'm just so happy you are all fine... Ugh... Kid?" He said to Robbie. "Fix your zipper, boy..." He mumbled.

Jade chuckled and Beck rolled his eyes. Cat gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

"Oh, not again!" Robbie exclaimed frustrated.

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