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Chapter 18: Tori Fixes Beck&Jade, Part 2

Chapter 17: Jade took a deep breath and knocked his door. She knew it was a bad idea. The worst idea ever. Especially an hour before her performance. But she had to do it. She knocked the door again. The door opened and Beck emerged in front of her. He stared at her for a couple of seconds in shock, before blinking and realizing who she was.


"Yes, Beck. I'm Jade. Do you know any other girl so hot and beautiful like me?" She replied sarcastically.

No. He thought to himself. "What do you want?" He sounded more harsh than he expected to sound.

"I'm here to tell you something."

"Jade, I-"

"It just take a minute. I just need a minute and then I want nothing to do with you. For the rest of my life." She interrupted.

Beck squinted at her and sighed. "Okay... Just tell me."

Jade had to make a great efford and use all of her acting skills to fake a believable and unbreakable smile. "Have fun with your date tonight. Enjoy my performance. This is the last time I'm talking to you. I'll send Cat to pick up my stuff in the next week. That's it. And I want you to know that I think you're completely responsible for our break-up. You never loved me, but I'm cool with it." She finished and started walking away.

"I'm not responsible for our break-up." Beck stated calmly, making her stop. The smile dissapeared from her face as she turned around and reached him again.

"What did you say?" She asked him angrily.

"I'm not responsible for our break-up." Beck repeated. "I made mistakes, but so did you. At least I never cheated on you."

"I told you it-" Jade stopped. She erased from her mind what she was about to say, and came up with another sentence. Beck glanced at her with a questioning look. "You know what? You're right. I'm responsible for our break-up, too. With my jealousy and the 'Moose' incident. But I won't regret kissing him. He kissed me and I kissed him back. And I'm glad I cheated on you. Because I don't deserve you." She stated coldly. "If I could cheat on you again, I would." She added. "Because now I realize that I hate you." She finished and walked away, brushing with her thumb a couple of tears that escaped from her eyes.

Beck kept staring at her.

I hate you.

Beck winced. He closed the door and sat on the floor, resting his head against the door. Did she really hate him? He noticed a tear dripping down her cheek. She couldn't mean that.

Beck closed his eyes. He loved her. He really loved her. And, deep down, he knew she loved him, too. Tonight was her night. He should be by her side. He promised he would.

"I will." He muttered to himself.

He grabbed his phone and called Andre.


"Does Jade have a date for tonight?" Beck asked him.

"Whoa! Man, chill!"

"Yeah, whatever. Hi, Andre."

"Hi, Beck."

"Does Jade have a date for tonight?"

"As far as I know, she doesn't. Why?"

"Because I want her back."

"Dude, she hates you. You called her a-"

"Don't say that again!" Beck shouted at him.

"Okay! Sorry! And how are you gonna make her forgive you? You have a date tonight, remember?"

"No, I don't. You have a date tonight."

"Beck, I was too busy trying to find Jade a date that I couldn't-"

"I have the perfect date for you." Beck cut him off.



-Full Moon Jam-

Beck reached Andre and patted his shoulder. "Hey, Andre!" He greeted him happily.

"Why are you so happy?" Andre asked him.

"Because I finally know what I want." Beck replied.

"What do you want?"

"Jade." Andre opened his mouth to speak, but Beck cut him off. "And I don't care if she hates me. I know she doesn't, but even if she does, I'll try. And no matter what will happen tonight, I would be proud of myself for revealing my feelings." He stated.

Andre smiled and raised his eyebrows. "Nice... Now, where's my date?"

"Oh! She's coming. She's really cute, and sweet, and caring... She agrees with everything you say and she always smiles." Beck told him.

"The exact opposite of Jade."

"The exact opposite of what I want. That's why I give her to my best friend. My only best friend, who haven't kissed my girlfriend..." Beck told him, giving him a meaning stare.

Andre chuckled and glanced at Meredith. "Here she comes."

"Who? Jade?" Beck asked him.

"No. Meredith."

"Oh. Then, have fun! I'm leaving." Beck muttered and walked away.

"Wait! Does she know about me?" Andre shouted at him.

"Nope! You explain to her!" Beck shouted back as he was approaching Tori.

"Hey, Beck! Why aren't you with your date?" She asked him.

"My date has a date with Andre, now." Beck replied.


"I'll explain later."

"Okay then..."

"I need help." He told her.

Tori glanced at him raising an eyebrow. "What kind of help?"

"Look... I realized that I really love Jade. Okay? I wanna be with her. I know I'm a jerk and I want to reveal my feelings to her. But, I'm not that good with words... You know, I suck at explaining things, especially when I have to reveal my true feelings. Can you help me?"

"What do you want me to do?"

Beck took a piece of paper out of his pocket. "I want you to tell me what to say." He said.

"Why? Can't you just come up with something?" She asked him.

"No! I told you, I'm not good with words! Come on, Tori... Help your friend!" He pleaded.

Tori frowned. "Oh, okay! But I don't know what to tell you to say... I mean... You're gonna talk to Jade..."

"I would've chosen Andre to help me, but I preferred you because you're a girl. And you know what girls want to hear."

"Yeah, about that..." Tori glanced at him.

Beck rolled his eyes. "Please tell me you're not a dude..." He mumbled.

"No! No, I'm a girl!" Tori shouted.

"Good. Then, what's the prob?"

"Look, Jade is a special kind of girl. Girls like me like flowers, rainbows, pink... You know... Jade likes scissors, coffee, black..."

"That's why I love her! Okay? She's special! I couldn't even imagine myself with a girl different than Jade. She's beautiful, strong, funny, creative! She's unique. One of a kind. And I'm a total jerk for not telling her sooner. I hurt her and I would rather watch myself die instead of watching Jade in pain. I don't even know why she's jealous! Can't she understand that she's the only girl I love? But, even with her jealousy, I do love her. If she wasn't jealous she wouldn't be Jade. I wouldn't like her. If she wasn't so mean and terrifying I wouldn't ask her out fourteen times. I wouldn't even ask her out once. That's the way she is and that's why I love her. For who she really is. She doesn't have to pretend. And I'm really stupid for calling her what I called her and for fighting with her about her jealousy. I love her jealousy. This makes me feel that she loves me back. I like our little, silly arguments over stupid things. I like everything about her." He finished. Beck sighed heavily and glanced at Tori. "I'm glad I let it out." He stated.

Tori was looking at him with her eyes wide open. She shook her head and glanced at him. "Okay, now go and talk to her."

"But... I don't know what to say..." Beck mumbled.

Tori pushed him away. "Believe me, you do!" She shouted at him.


Jade took a look at the audience before taking her seat on stage. She spotted her father, standing away from everyone. She noticed Cat and Robbie standing next to each other. Robbie was looking into Cat's ear for some reason... Jade just skipped it. She saw Andre's grandma having a screaming match with Trina. Tori was looking at someone at the audience. Jade followed Tori's gaze and spotted Andre with Meredith talking. Jade narrowed her eyes. She wondered why wasn't Meredith with Beck... Where was Beck?

"Looking for someone?" She heard a voice coming from behind of her.

She turned around swiftly and glanced at Beck. He was looking at her sheepishly. "Why are you here?" She asked him. "And why isn't Meredith with you?" She added.

Beck shrugged and approached her. "I promised that I would be by your side this night, no matter what. Remember?"

Jade nodded. "Of course I do. And... Why isn't Meredith with you?"

"I realized that I didn't want a date." He replied.

Jade looked at him. "You didn't?"

"Nope. I didn't want a date. I don't need one." He responded.

"And you gave your date to Andre?" She questioned, raising her pierced eyebrow.

"Obviously." He answered.

"Don't be sarcastic with me, Oliver." Jade ordered him.

They laughed. Beck looked into Jade's eyes, watching the girl he had missed. The girl before their continuous fights. The girl he loved. The girl he wanted back.

He approached her slowly.

"I really love you." He told her and took a strand of her hair and put it behind her ear. He cupped her face with both his hands, pulling her closer to his face. "I'm really sorry. For everything."

"Beck, I don't know if this is enough." She whispered.

"I know you think I'm a jerk. And you're right. But I really love you, you have to believe me. I like everything about you. Your smile, the smell of your hair, your body, your voice, your scissors, your piercings, even your jealousy. I couldn't live without your jealousy. I wouldn't be happy in a relationship which I wouldn't fight all the time with my girlfriend over silly things..."

"You... You mean that you were happy in our relationship?" She asked him.

"I am happy with this relationship. And I want it to last forever."

"I thought you hated me."

"I'm sorry if I made you believe this. Maybe I couldn't stand the fact that you thought that I could like another girl. I thought you knew that you are the one for me and that I don't like anyone else..."

"Not even Meredith? With her cupcakes?"

"Meredith is stupid."

"Cat? With her happiness?"

"I feel that Cat's like my little sister. I can't date my little sister, can I?"

"No, I guess you can't... And, what about Tori? With her perfection?"

"Tori isn't perfect. You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. No one is perfect. And I don't want the 'perfect girlfriend' anyways... Perfection scares me..."

Jade smiled slightly and before crashing her lips to Beck's. He wrapped his arms around her body and she tangled her fingers with his hair. Andre approached them and bit his lip, before clearing his throat, loud enough to be heard. Beck and Jade pulled apart and glanced at him.

"Guys... I'm extremely sorry for interrupting this cute get-back-together scene, but Jade has to go on stage."

"Yeah, sure."

"Which song will you perform?" Beck asked her.

Jade opened her mouth, but stopped. Andre squinted at her. "She'll sing 'Okay'..." He replied. "She has rehearsed it a billion times. I told her that the song she'll sing must have been rehearsed a lot of times." He explained.

"Oh, okay then. I'm leaving you to get ready." Beck told her and pecked her lips before walking away. "You'll be perfect." He said.

"You're scared of perfection." Jade replied.

"You scare sometimes!" Beck responded and dissapeared.

Jade grinned and looked at Andre. "Change of plans." She announced.

"What kind of change?"

"I'm not gonna sing 'Okay'." She replied.

"WHAT?!" Andre shrieked.

"Dude! Relax! I'm gonna sing 'You don't know me'..."

"I don't even know it!"

"It's the song I wrote with Beck. It's for special occasions." She explained.

"You haven't rehearsed it not even once!" Andre grumbled.

"Yeah, yeah... Whatever. I'm gonna get ready and talk to the musicians." Jade told him and walked away.

"Wh-What?! No, no! B-But... She hasn't... And-how...? You don't know me... Beck, Jade, song... Oh my-How will she...? The musicians? And-And what about...?" He started rambling. He stopped and took a deep breath. "I'm freaking out!" He shouted before wearing his 'relaxed' expression and going on stage. "Okay, guys! I want you all to cheer up for Jade West!" He shouted at the microphone and left the stage.

He stood next to Tori and started biting his nails. Tori glanced at him and chuckled. "Dude! Why are you like that? And where's your date?"

"Because Jade will sing a song she wrote with Beck and she hasn't rehearsed it not even one time! And I don't know where's Meredith. I felt her to go on stage and I didn't look for her."

"What happened with Beck and Jade?" Tori asked him.

"They were smooching passionately when I saw them."

Tori laughed. "Smooching?" She repeated.

"What?" Andre glanced at her. "I like this word!" He explained.

Tori shook her head and laughed again.

Jade went on stage and grabbed the microphone as the music started. She searched in the crowd for Beck or her dad. Her dad was standing where he was standing before and Beck was in the front row, smiling at her encouragely.

She smiled at him, took a deep breath and started singing their song...


Jade approached Tori, Andre, Beck, Cat and Robbie. "Hey, guys!" He greeted them.

"Hey, there!" Tori replied smiling.

"Hi! You were amazing!" Cat told her.

"Yes! You sang very well!" Robbie commented.

Beck passed his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "You were incredible..." He whispered to her ear and kissed her forehead. Jade smiled.

"I can't believe you actually did it!" Andre told her shocked. "You caused me a heart attack!" He continued. He stared at her. "But, you were awesome." He added smiled.

Jade chuckled and nodded. "Thanks, Andre..."

Jade dad approached them. He stood behind her and Beck and cleared his throat. Beck turned his head and looked at Jade's father. He frowned.

"Jade..." He whispered.

"Uh?" Jade turned her head and looked at Beck. Beck gestured to her dad. She glanced at him and turned around to face him. "Dad."

"Jadelyn." Her dad called her.

She gritted her teeth. "What did you think?" She asked him.

Beck took her hand and gave it a squeeze. "I... I thought you were excellent." Her dad stated. "It was the first time I was truly proud of you." He added.

Jade stifled a smile. "Thanks, dad. So, will I stay at Hollywood Arts?"

"Of course you will." He answered.

She couldn't help but smile. "Thank you." She replied.

"You're welcome, Jadelyn."

"Don't call me Jadelyn."

"Take that jewelery out of your face to make me stop."

"You can call me Jadelyn." She replied sarcastically.

Her dad nodded coldly. "Tell me when it's your next performance." He told her and walked away.

"I hate him." Jade mumbled, gritting teeth.

"No, you don't." Beck corrected her.

"Yes, do I."


"Beck! You can't know what I feel about my dad!" Jade shouted at him.

"Of course I do! You've talked to me a billion times! We're dating for almost four years! Besides, you think I know you... Don't you?"

Jade smirked. "Don't use our song into our arguments!" She fake-grumbled.

"Oh, c'mon... Do you really wanna argue today?" He asked her in a baby voice.

"I've told you A BILLION TIMES that I hate it when you baby-talk!"

"I know!"

"And why don't you stop?"

"Because I've told you A BILLION TIMES that I like it when you're mad!"

"Oh, really?"


"C'mon, guys..." Tori tried to stop them.

"NO!" They shouted at the same time.

"This is not over, Oliver."

"I never said it was." He replied.

"Good! Because it's not!"

"Let's just leave them alone..." Andre suggested and started walking away.

"Yeah, right..." Cat agreed and followed him. Robbie and Tori nodded and followed Cat.

"Oh! So, you think I'm ugly!" Jade shouted.

"Wh-What? I didn't say you were ugly! I just told you to stop shouting!"

"Which means that I'm ugly!"

"No normal person would ever make this kind of conclusion..." Beck commented.

"Oh! So, you think I'm not normal!" Jade yelled at him. Beck ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "Don't sigh! Just answer!"

"You're being paranoid." He stated.

"So, I'm ugly, abnormal and paranoid?!" She shrikied. "Then, why are you even dating me?"

"Because I love you just the way you are!"

Jade smiled. "Oh... That's good..." She mumbled. "Make-up kiss?"

Beck chuckled and took a step closer to her, kissing her lips softly. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Despite the fact that you're stupid."

"Why am I stupid?"

"Because you love an ugly, abnormal and paranoid girl!" She slowly increased the volume of her voice.

"I didn't say you were ugly or abnormal!"

"So, you did say that I'm paranoid!"

Beck rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Oh my God..."

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