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Chapter 9: Tori Goes Platinum: Part 3

Jade glared at her phone, watching a photo of her boyfriend almost kissing Tori. She stifled a groan and bit her lip angrily, as a try to hold the curses inside of her. Suddenly, Beck opened the door and glanced at her. Jade faked a smile and tossed her phone in her bag.

"You ready?" He asked her, standing at the door.

Jade sighed and replied bitterly, "Yeah."

Beck squinted at her, but shrugged. Jade tugged her bag and reached him. She stopped when she approached him. He smiled at her innocently and leaned to kiss her. Jade feigned that she didn't notice and turned her head to the other side, walking out of the RV. Beck rolled his eyes and stared at her as she entered his car.

-The Next Day-

Beck knocked Jade's door, taking a sip of his coffee casually. He was still trying to figure out what was wrong with Jade. The last night, she was stiffed and she barely talked. Beck groaned and knocked her door again, louder this time.

Jade, from the inside of the house, covered her head with the pillow, trying to forget that annoying noise. She couldn't understand why her parents hadn't opened that fucking door. She heard another knock. She threw the pillow away and dragged herself out of her bed with a groan. She went upstairs, wondering where her parents and her brother were. She approached the door and opened it unwillingly.

She scowled at Beck. He seemed surprised, but smiled at her.

"Good morning." He told her happily.

"What?" Jade grunted.

"Nice to see you, too..." Beck replied sarcastically and got in her house. He threw himself at her couch and stared at her.

"Why are you here?" Jade grumbled.

"Well... I'm pretty sure that every day I drive you to school, don't I?" He sneered.

Jade smiled bitterly. "When did you become sarcastic?" She asked him and sat next to him on her couch. He passed his arm around her shoulders and rubbed her arm.

"Why aren't you ready yet?" He asked her, placing a kiss on her head.

"Maybe my alarm didn't do its job today..." Jade muttered, rubbing her eyes.

Beck chuckled. "Okay... Get ready. I'll be waiting here." He replied.

"Okay." Jade nodded, trying desperately to suppress a yawn. She finally gave up. Beck smiled at gestured her upstairs. Jade took a deep breath and started going upstairs slowly.

"Any help?" Beck asked her, watching her as she tried not to fall.

"Shut up!" She groaned, making Beck laugh. She rolled her eyes and continued walking upstairs.

-At school-

Beck approached Tori's locker. "Hey, girl..." He greeted her.

"Hi Beck." She muttered.

"What's wrong?" He asked her.

"Today I'm ready to stand up for myself. But, I don't think I can." She answered and lowered her head, looking at her feet nervously.

"You can." He argued, placing his finger under her chin and lifting her head. Tori looked at him.

"You really think so?" She asked him hopefully.

Beck smiled at nodded.

Jade was at her locker, grabbing her book for the first period. She was glaring at Tori and Beck, smiling to each other. A girl opened her locker next to Jade.

"Can you believe it?" Jade asked her, still staring at Beck and Tori.

The girl looked around her and realized that Jade was talking to her. "Um... What?"

"Do you believe it? They're smiling to each other! They're smiling! It's awful!" Jade mumbled.

"Ugh... Okay..." The girl replied confused.

"What do you mean ok? He has a girlfriend and he's smiling at Tori! And Tori... is just Tori." Jade muttered.

"Yeah... Whatever." The girl said. She couldn't believe Jade West was talking to her without insulting her or threatening her with her scissors. She wasn't scared, she was amazed.

Jade sighed and turned around, looking at the girl she was talking to. The girl smiled at her innocently, shrugging. "Was I talking to you?" Jade asked her.

"Yes." The girl nodded.

"Whatever." Jade replied and turned again to look at her boyfriend. The girl shrugged and walked away. Jade's eyes widened, as she saw Beck hugging Tori and caressing her back gently. Jade bit her lip and closed her locker forcefully, suppressing a scream.

That moment, Tori's producer entered Hollywood Arts furious. He approached Tori and Beck and scowled at them. "What the hell are you doing?" He asked Tori angrily.

"I... Ugh..." Tori started, but lowered her head and looked down.

"She doesn't want to pretend. She wants people to know who she really is." Beck told them.

Jade stared at them and slowly walked to them.

"Really?" The producer asked them frustrated.

Tori gulped. "Really." She replied, with a decisive nod.

"Okay, then..." The producer muttered and turned around his eyes wandered to the students. "You." He pointed at Jade.

"M-Me?" Jade mumbled.

"What about her?" Beck asked him irritated.

"We loved your audition. You're singing at the Platinum Awards." The producer announced.

"I-I... I don't think s-"

"She's not singing at the Awards." Beck stated coldly.

"Oh, really?" Jade asked him. Beck glanced at her. "I'll sing at the PMA's" She announced.

The producer clapped a couple of times. "Excellent. Come with me." He told her. Jade followed him, grinning at Beck and Tori. Beck stared at her angrily, as she was going away with the producer.

"No way..." He muttered. "I can't believe she actually did this." He added.

Tori looked at him. "It's cool..." She told him, faking a smile.

"No, it's not! I don't know what happened to her!" Beck exclaimed angrily and stormed out of the school.

-Beck's RV-

Beck dragged her in his RV. They got in and Beck closed the door.

"Beck! You know I hate being dragged!" Jade grumbled.

"Yeah. That's out only problem!" Beck replied sarcastically.

"Okay. You know what? I hate the sarcastic side of you." Jade stated.

"It's not funny." Beck muttered.

"Who said it's funny?"

"What's wrong with you?" Beck asked her angrily.

Jade threw her bag on his bed and crossed her arms irritated. "Nothing's wrong with me." She answered bitterly.

Beck ran a hand through his hair and let his school-bag fell on the floor. "Nah... I think that something is really wrong." He argued. "Why did you accept singing at the Platinum Awards?" Beck questioned her.

"Who wouldn't?" Jade asked him back.

"Tori is our friend! You can't betray her!" Beck shouted at her.

"No! Tori's your friend! And I have every right to make her feel awful!" Jade shouted back.

"Why are you so mean to her?"

"Because she has kissed my boyfriend one time in front of me and one time behind my back!" Jade almost screamed.

Beck opened his mouth, but regretted it immediately. "H-How did you...?" He muttered.

Jade scowled at him. Beck could notice in her eyes the hurt and the pain. "Someone... sent me a photo." She mumbled, looking at her feet.

"Jade... I-"

"Please don't talk." She cut him off.

"Jade... We didn't kiss." Beck stated and moved to her. He touched her arm, but she flinched and grabbed her bag swiftly. She headed to the door and opened it. She stormed out and she didn't bother even closing the door.

Beck ran a hand through his hair and sighed desperately. "Why?" He asked himself.

-Tori's house-

Andre and Robbie exited Tori's house happily. "And they took my gifts." Tori muttered and looked at Beck, who was in the kitchen.

"How are you?" He asked her and reached her.

Tori sighed. "I'm fine." She answered. "What about you and Jade?" She asked him.

Beck shrugged. "I really don't know. We had a big fight before." He stated.

"And I guess it didn't turn to something sexual, did it?" Tori joked.

Beck chuckled. "No, it didn't. Jade stormed out of my RV furiously and I couldn't understand what had just happened." He said.

"You shouldn't have shouted at her. She hates me, it's not weird that she took my part." Tori told him and sat on her couch.

Beck let a sigh and joined her. "Maybe it's something more." He added.

Tori glanced at him confused. "What do you mean?" She asked him.

"Ugh... Well... Maybe she wanted to take revenge." He stated.

"Why? What did I do?" Tori questioned him.

"She... saw a photo of us almost kissing." Beck replied.

"WHAT?!" Tori screamed.

"Damn, girl... I want my hearing." Beck commented, covering his ears.

"And... and now, what?" She asked him curiously.

"I guess we broke up?" Beck almost asked her. He shook his head. "I really don't know. We haven't talked since then and I'm afraid to call her." Beck admitted.

"But... But you have to!" Tori shouted at him. "Did you tell her it was my fault? Did you tell her I tried to kiss you and you pulled away?" She asked him nervously.

"Nope." Beck replied and smiled at her innocently.

"WHAT?!" She screamed again.

"Stop screaming!" Beck exclaimed angrily. "I didn't have the time, okay? She exited my RV quickly and I didn't manage to explain her." He announced.

Tori covered her head with her hands. "Oh my God... I don't want you guys to break up, particularly when it's my fault. Neither of you is responsible for that." Tori told him with some tears threatening to fall.

-At the PMA's rehearshal-

"Okay? It's totally my fault. I tried to kiss you. You pulled away. You said you had a girlfriend and you loved her. Beck, I'm so sorry! I have to explain." Tori told him.

Jade's eyes widened, as she heard Tori talking to Beck. Cat had forgotten the video chat open and Jade couldn't hale but look at them.

"Tori... It's okay... After her performance, I'll try to talk to her. But... I think that I don't wanna be her boyfriend if she treats you like that. I mean... She didn't even hear us. She made her own conclusions only using a damn photo. I don't know if I wanna be with her." Beck replied, looking at Tori.

Jade covered her mouth to stifle a gasp that was ready to escape from her mouth. Cat approached her and glanced at her confused. "I brought you the blue skirt. What hap-"

"I want the pink one." Jade cut her off.

"But you said you hat-"

"I said I was the pink one!" Jade shouted at her.

"Okay..." Cat whispered and walked away.

Jade looked again at the screen.

"I don't think you should break up with her. She just loves you and she can't think clearly. Give her a chance." Tori told him.

"You really think so?" Beck asked her.

Tori nodded. "I'm sure. Now, will you drive me to the Platinum Awards? Your girlfriend will be gorgeous on stage." Tori told him and stood up. Jade rolled her eyes.

Beck chuckled and stood up after Tori. "I know she will." He agreed and headed to the door. "See you in half an hour. Is it enough?" He asked her.

"Of course!" Tori replied and went upstairs, while Beck got out of the house and closed the door. Jade closed the laptop and looked at Cat who was approaching her.

"Here. The pink skirt." She told her and showed her the skirt.

"I want the blue one. You know I hate pink!" Jade exclaimed angrily.

"But... You said-"

"Go get me the blue skirt!" Jade interrupted her.

"Okay!" Cat shouted scared and ran away, leaving Jade alone, thinking of what she had seen and heard on that screen.

-An hour later-

Jade was looking herself at the mirror, when Tori came in. She cleared her throat. Jade turned and looked at her.

"Hey." Tori muttered.

"What?" Jade snapped at her.

"I just... wanted to wish you good luck." Tori smiled at her. "You'll be fantastic." She added.

"I won't." Jade corrected her.

"But... I think that-"

"Look at me. First of all, I'm dressed like a freak. I want to kill that producer. Second of all, I wasn't chosen first. I was always the second best. After you. This was supposed to be your night. Not mine." Jade explained.

"Jade... It's okay... Frankly talking, I think I wouldn't be able to sing live, knowing that billions of people would watch me." Tori admitted.

"Let's try it." Jade suggested with a smirk.

"What do you mean?" Tori asked her.

"Do you wanna sing tonight?" Jade asked her.

"Well... Yeah, but..."

"No buts! I have a plan." Jade cut her off and grinned.

-Ten minutes later-

"Okay... All I have to do now, is to change the script. Stay here." Jade ordered Tori and walked away. But Tori grabbed her hand. "What?" Jade asked her.

"What are you gonna write?" Tori asked her.

"Instead of my name, yours." Jade answered casually.

"Why don't you just add my name?" Tori suggested.

"Wh-What? I can't just add your name. You're the one who's gonna sing." Jade told her.

"What if I want you with me?" Tori asked her.

"Why do you want me?" Jade questioned her surprised.

"Because you did something nice to me." Tori answered.

"I-I don't know..." Jade muttered.

"Jade... You said you wanted to help me. Well, I just realized that my legs are shaking. I can't go out there alone. Please... I'll faint on stage and everyone is gonna laugh at me." Tori admitted.

"I would love to see that." Jade commented smiling. Tori glanced at her. "But, I'll sing with you." She added.

"Yay! Thanks!" She exclaimed happily and hugged Jade.

"No hugs!" Jade chocked out.

Tori immediately jerked away. "Sorry." She muttered.

Jade chuckled. "Hey... What song are we gonna perform? The song for the Awards is a solo song." Jade pointed out.

"We know a song that we could sing..."

Jade looked at her smirking. "Okay. I'm gonna change the script and wear something more normal." She announced and ran away. Tori took a deep breath and smiled.


Beck took a seat next to Andre. "Hey." He greeted him.

"Hi, man. Are you any proud?" Andre asked him.

"For what?" Beck questioned him.

"Your girlfriend is gonna sing tonight."

"I don't know if she still wants to be my girlfriend..." Beck muttered.

"Why? What happened?" Andre asked him concerned.

"I'll tell you later." Beck muttered. "Where's Tori?" He wondered.

"Shh! It starts!" Cat squealed happily.

"And now... For a first live worldwide performance, Tori Vega and Jade West!"

Beck felt his jaw dropping. "Did they say Tori Vega and Jade West?" Beck asked Andre.

"I really don't know." Andre replied.

Jade and Tori appeared on stage and started singing 'Take a hint'.

-At the end-

Tori and Jade turned to look at their friends. Everyone approached them and hugged them tight.

"You guys were amazing!" Cat squealed happily.

"Yeah... What happened with Tori?" Andre asked them.

"It was Jade's idea. She wanted me to sing instead of her." Tori replied.

"Yeah... And Tori suggested singing together." Jade added.

"That was awesome! But the producer will kill you." Robbie said.

Jade shrugged. "I really don't care." She replied.

Beck cleared his throat and approached Jade. The rest of the gang took the hint and slowly walked away, talking happily and cheering.

"You were amazing." Beck told her.

"Thanks." Jade muttered.

"Look... Jade... I just want you to know that I didn't kiss Tori. I pulled away and-" Jade interrupted him with a kiss. They slowly pulled apart.

"I love you. And I don't care about anything else." Jade told him.

Beck smiled at her. "Really?" He asked her.

Jade nodded. "Really. But, if she tries to kiss you again, I swear, I'll kill her." Jade warned him.

"Don't worry. She didn't want to." Beck added.

Jade shrugged. "Okay." She muttered and kissed him one more time.

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