part 20

The next morning when they finally woke up neither of them wanted to move with as comfortable as they were. For the first time since they'd come home there wasn't nothing they had to do. "Is there any reason we need to get out of bed any time soon?" Sebastian asked as he glanced down at Blaine who was curled up against him.

"Except for the basic necessities, no." He replied while running his finger over the outline of Sebastian's abs. "And most of the party clean-up was done last night so the little that's left can wait."

"Good, because I'm too comfortable. And I can't think of a better way to spend our last day before heading back to school."

"Come to think of it, there is one thing I need to do?"

"What's that?"

"Some laundry. I could leave it for my mom and she wouldn't mind, but I don't necessarily want to have to explain all of the cum stained clothes."

"Good point. How about I make a deal with you?"

"Depends, what do you have in mind?"

"You get the laundry started while I make us breakfast."

"Wait, you can cook too?

"That I can. So is it a deal?"


After talking about food, they both realized they were hungry so they got out of bed and each pulled on a pair of shorts. "I'll meet you downstairs B." Sebastian said before giving Blaine a quick kiss and heading out the bedroom door.

By the time Blaine got downstairs and got laundry started Sebastian already had breakfast going. "Whatever it is you're making, it smells amazing." Blaine said as he took as seat near where Sebastian was standing near the stove. "What is it?"

"That would be a ham, spinach and cheddar frittata."

"Sounds good."

"Hopefully it tastes as good as it sounds." Blaine then looked over at the table that was explicably set.

"Was I really gone that long?"

"Long enough." Sebastian said just as he slid the pan into the oven. "It should be done in a minute or so, but then we need to wait about five minutes. Is that okay?"

"Absolutely." Blaine just watched as Sebastian took breakfast out of the oven and slid it onto a platter before putting some toast on and pouring some juice. After serving up their plates, Sebastian waited for Blaine to take his first bite before beginning. "Oh my god, this is amazing! You're definitely cooking more often." Blaine just watched as Sebastian he took his first bite, and couldn't help smile as he saw Sebastian actually blushing.

After they finished eating, Sebastian started to clean-up while Blaine went to check on the laundry he'd put in. If anyone saw them at that moment they'd laughed at how domestic they were being. When Blaine returned to the kitchen Sebastian was still doing the dishes. "Everything should be dry in about a half hour. So, if you don't mind I'd like to stay down here till then?""

"Works for me B. What do you want to do after it's done?"

"Your idea of spending the day in bed still sounds pretty appealing."

"And just what do you want to do in it?" The playful smirk on Sebastian's face didn't go unnoticed by Blaine.


"Can't fault me for trying."

"Never said it was out of the question. I was thinking we could grab some movies from the great room and watch'em."

"Sounds perfect. Oh, and I looked outside after I got down here and we did a much better job of cleaning up that I remembered."

"Good. So, are you going to share how you became such a great cook or is that a secret?"

"Lexi taught me. She thought I needed to be able to do more than just the basics in case there was ever a special someone that I wanted to cook for."

"Remind me to thank her because that was wonderful."

"I can do that."

"Has she taught Coop to cook yet?"

"That is a work in progress." Sebastian replied with a laugh.

Just as Sebastian was finishing up, Blaine's phone went off with a text alert. Blaine just smiled as he read the message. "Rachel is super sorry. Kurt found out about the party from one of her Dads." His phone went off again. "And she'd like to take us out next time we're in New York to make up for it."

"That's nice of her as it's totally not necessary."

"I know, but she won't take no as an answer. She's really not the total diva people think she is." Blaine told him as he texted Rachel back. Once Blaine was done they decided to put away the last few things outside so that once they went upstairs they wouldn't have to come down again till they got hungry. As Sebastian stacked the coolers to take back out to the garage Blaine just stared out into his backyard.

"Everything okay B?"

"Actually, it's more than okay." He then turned to start putting all the cushions away. "This might sound weird to say out loud, but I'm really happy that I didn't let myself get pulled into another fight with Kurt last night."

"Heck, I was glad to be a part of it. Anytime you need them these lips again they are ready, willing and able."

"That's something I'll definitely keep in mind."

When they finally got back inside the laundry was done, so Blaine tossed it all In the basket to take up with him before going to meet Sebastian in the great room. "Find anything yet?"

"A few. You guys have a got a crazy movie collection."

"That we do. We all have our favorites and rarely are they the same even though our interests are."

"Okay then, whose Disney collection?"

"That would be one of the things we all agree upon, even my Dad." Blaine then watched as Sebastian picked a few more movies off out of the cabinet. "We won't have time to watch them all."

"I know, but I figured if I got a big enough variety we wouldn't have to come back down again." Just as they were about to head upstairs the doorbell rang. "Are you expecting anyone?" Sebastian asked as he took the basket from Blaine and dropping the movies inside.

"No, but go ahead up and I'll be right there." After everything they'd been through Sebastian was a bit hesitant but trusted that if Blaine needed him he'd call. Surprisingly it was only about five minutes later when Blaine came walking into his room. "That was quick." Sebastian said as he finished folding the last of the clothes.

"It was just the guys coming to pick up the ramp. You know you didn't have to fold everything."

"Sorry, habit. So which movie do you want to start with?"

"Don't know as I haven't looked at what you grabbed. But why don't you just surprise me." Sebastian nodded and grabbed the pile of movies off the bed. While he went to put one in, Blaine straightened up the bed.

After Sebastian joined Blaine on the bed and they got comfortable, Sebastian took ahold of Blaine's hand before he could press play. "I think I want to change movies." Blaine then placed his other hand over Sebastian's.

"I'm sure whatever you chose is going to be great." The reassurance in Blaine's voice relaxed Sebastian enough that he moved his hand and sunk back into the pillows. No sooner did the movie start did Sebastian get the reaction he hoped it wouldn't as Blaine couldn't contain his laughter.

"Like I said, I'll change it." Blaine quickly took ahold of Sebastian's arm, stopping him from going anywhere.

"You're not doing anything." Blaine said while pressing pause. "I love this movie! I just never imagined you as a Princess Bride kind of guy. Cooper and I drive our Mom crazy the way we quote this movie when we watch it."

"You're not just saying that to make me feel better, are you?" Blaine turned so he could look directly at Sebastian.

"I'd never do that to you Bas." And to prove his point, Blaine started to ramble off multiple quotes from the movie. "Does that make you feel better?" A smile came back to Sebastian's face as he nodded. And once they were comfortable again, Blaine pressed play. The first part of their little movie marathon was going off without a hitch as they laughed constantly.

Blaine was just about to get off the bed to grab the next one when both of their phones went off. The worry was evident on both of their faces as the past week the only time their phones went off basically in unison it had been bad news. As they reached for their phones and read their message the worry soon disappeared and was replaced by smiles. "Please tell me I wasn't the only one expecting it to be something to do with Kurt." Sebastian said as he placed his phone back on the nightstand.

"Not at all. Was totally thinking what the hell did he do now?"

"Yet it's just Thad asking if we were coming back to school tonight or early in the morning."

"So what is? Tonight or in the morning?"

"As much as I don't want to, we should probably go back tonight as the lacrosse team runs early each morning before classes start for the day." With that said, Blaine texted back saying that they'd be back late that evening. Once he was done, he headed to the pile of movies on the cabinet to pick out their next one. This type of day was exactly what they both needed.

"So, has anyone heard from him since his dramatics last night?" Santana asked before taking a sip of her coffee. When nobody answered she leaned forward onto the table. "Not to sound pessimistic, but that's not good." To which all of them agreed.

"Well, he's not taking my calls so someone else is going to have to try." Rachel told them. "According to his voicemail to me, I completely betrayed him by going to the party yesterday."

"Sam, do you think Mercedes would be willing to try and talk to him?" Artie asked.

"We can ask. But she's thankful she's missing all this. As she knows he's freaking out about the fact that Blaine is now with Seb. But I'll give her a call and ask anyway."

"And I'll call Quinn." Rachel added. "As I doubt he's going to talk to any of us since we were all there."

"He kept going on about the fact that Blaine was going to regret this as Thad and I took him out to his car last night." Puck told them all.

"Oh hell nah." Artie chimed in.

"Is Blaine and his prince going to be alright?" Brittany asked. "Because I like spending time with them."

"The sooner they get back to Dalton the happier I'll be." Rachel told the others before checking her watch. "I need to head for the airport, but please let me know how things turn out." To which they all agreed before giving her hugs goodbye.

"Does anyone know when they're heading back?" Sam asked.

"Let's find out." Santana said as she took her phone out and sent Blaine a text. "Here's hoping he's quick to respond."

"Who is it B?" Sebastian asked as he watched Blaine return a text as they watched Sneakers. "Santana. She wants to know when we're heading back to Dalton."

"Awww, is she planning on stopping by before going back to school?"

"Don't know, but I'll let her know we're here."

"So were the rest of you as surprised as I was with that kiss Blaine laid on Sebastian last night?" Tina asked. "It's definitely clear that he's happy with Sebastian. I never saw him kiss Kurt like that."

"Personally, I thought it was hot!" Santana responded. "And after spending the previous day with them, not surprised at all. Them being together just seems right, if you get what I mean." Just then Santana's phone went off. "They are currently at Blaine's house and are heading back to Dalton tonight."

"So basically, as long as Kurt doesn't completely flip out in the next eight hours or so everything should be good." Artie said.

It was just about nine o'clock when their last movie ended. "I still can't believe you chose Beauty and the Beast for our last movie." Blaine said to Sebastian as they packed up their backpacks.

"I thought it describes us well. Plus I knew you couldn't resist singing along."

"And just how does it describe us?" Blaine asked as he threw his bag over his shoulder.

"You're beauty and I'm the beast." Sebastian smirked as he followed Blaine out of his room.

"You're so not a beast."

"Before you were a part of my life, yes I was and you know it's true."

"No you weren't. I saw you around Lexi. The persona you put on here was a wall to protect yourself."

"Fine, if that's how you see it." Sebastian said while opening the door to the garage.

"It is, so this subject is closed. No more referring to yourself as beast."

"You've got it Belle."

"Smartass." By this point they were both laughing as they got into Blaine's car. As Blaine waited for the garage door to go up completely Sebastian plugged in his IPod.

"Any preferences?"

"Nope." Blaine replied as he started to back out of the garage. They were about halfway down the driveway when they both lurched forward as Blaine slammed on the brakes and shouted. "What the Fuck?" Sebastian turned to look at Blaine whose eyes were locked on the rearview mirror.

"What's wrong B?"

"He's in the fucking driveway." Sebastian quickly turned in his seat and looked out the back window. There stood Kurt in front of his car, blocking the driveway. "This is ridiculous!" Blaine shouted out as he threw his car in park. "This needs to end." Blaine said he released his seatbelt.

"I'm coming with you."

"You don't have to."

"Yes I do. After all the recent crap, you're not dealing with him alone. Plus I've got some unfinished business with Hummel." The tone of Sebastian's voice let Blaine know there was no way he was going to be able to talk him out of going with him. When they got out of the car, they could both see the smirk on Kurt's face do to the glow of the taillights.

"You need to move Kurt." Blaine said as they walked towards him.

"I'm not going anywhere until we talkā€¦alone."

"Bas isn't going anywhere. Anything you want to talk about you can say in front of him."

"How quaint."

"What do you want Hummel?"

"I told you. I want to talk to Blaine."

"And I told you more than once; he's got nothing to say to you."

"Blaine, are you going to let him talk for you?"

"He's right Kurt. I've got nothing left to say to you."

"We can fix things Blaine. He's no good for you. You deserve so much better than the male slut here." Sebastian took a step towards Kurt, but Blaine grabbed ahold of his arm.

"There is nothing to fix Kurt as we're done. And Bas is very good for me. He doesn't expect me to be anything but me and supports me in anything I choose to do."

"I supported you."

"No you didn't. And, you owe Bas an apology."

"For what?" Kurt's tone was condescending.

"Calling him a slut."

"Sorry I can't. I call'em like I see'em. But if you don't like the word slut, how about whore?"

"I don't prefer either. Bas is neither of those things. Now, I'd really appreciate it if you'd move your car and leave. Bas and I need to get to Dalton."

"Shouldn't you have been there already? Oh, guess you needed to stay here to get one last quickie in before you're stuck in those dorms."

"You need to apologize to Blaine." Sebastian almost growled as he broke free from Blaine's grip and walked up to Kurt.

"For what?"

"Everything you've put him through, that's what you little shit!"

"Put him through. What about what he's put me through?"

"He's done nothing to you besides leave your ass because he wasn't happy anymore."

"Well, we could've worked things out if a slut like you wasn't waiting in the wings to swoop right in. So Sebastian, tell me. How long till you got him in bed?" Kurt could see Sebastian's hand forming into a fist. "I dare you."

"Bas don't, he's not worth it!" Sebastian turned his head and saw Blaine looking at him with pleading eyes.

"Gonna let Blaine tell you what you can do now. I thought you were tougher than that."

"He's right, you're not worth it. A little bitch like you would call the cops on me." Sebastian was turning to walk back to Blaine when he heard it.


"I don't think so. Do you really think I'm afraid of your ass? Come on now. You know I could hurt you. And Blaine's right, you're not worth the hassle. Now get that piece of crap you drive out of our way!"

"You're going to hurt him."

"No I'm not. Now leave."

"You've done it once before, what's to make now any different?"

"The only time he hurt me, it wasn't supposed to be me Kurt, and you know that." Blaine said as he walked up to them and stood next to Sebastian. "Now please, just stop this foolishness and leave. Stop bothering me as there's nothing to fix. We're done. I'm with Bas now, so please go." Blaine had just turned towards his car when he heard it. He immediately turned back to see Sebastian holding his jaw and Kurt shaking his hand.

"You just made a big mistake." Sebastian had just cocked back his arm when Blaine grabbed it, stopping him. Not a word was said between the two, but just the look in Blaine's eyes got Sebastian to lower his arm. "You're damn lucky he doesn't want to see me get arrested." Sebastian basically barked at a now cowering Kurt. "Now get the fuck out of here!" For the first time that night, Kurt didn't say anything as he scampered back to his car and quickly backed out of the driveway. Once Kurt was gone Sebastian pulled his arm from Blaine's grasp, the anger in Sebastian's eyes was evident. The next thing Sebastian felt was Blaine's thumb running over his lip which he already felt swelling.

"Are you going to be okay?" Blaine asked as he took ahold of Sebastian's hand and walked him back to the car.

"In a bit, I'd be better if you let me hit him."

"If you hit him, we'd be spending tonight at the police station, you know that?"

"It would be worth it after everything he said about you."

"The only thing he said that hurt me is the way he attacked you. His jealousy over you is disgusting." As Blaine spoke he watched as Sebastian ran his tongue over his lip. "Punching you as you were turning away was a cheap shot."

"Would you expect less? He knows if I saw it coming I could've stopped it." Sebastian said as they got into the car. "I just can't believe he got me well enough to split my lip." Before starting the car Blaine turned to face Sebastian.

"I'm so sorry for all this Bas. I knew he'd take it badly, I just didn't think it would be to this extent."

"It's okay B. No one can ever expect a reaction like this but it happens more often than not. His anger is just being spurred on by us being together. I can deal with it as long as you can."

"Are you sure?"

"Blaine, there is nothing he can do that would ever make me want to change my mind about us, honest." Sebastian's voice was soft as he slid his hand into Blaine's interlacing their fingers.

"Me either." Blaine then leaned over enough to kiss Sebastian gently as his lip was most definitely swollen now. He then released Sebastian's hand just long enough to turn the car on before returning his hand to Sebastian's.

The drive to Dalton went relatively quickly and soon Blaine was pulling into the parking lot. Before grabbing their bags from the back Sebastian leaned over and kissed Blaine, flinching slightly at the contact. "Ready to do this killer?"

"Let the school year begin."

Well, this is the end of the first part. I hope you've all enjoyed it so far. Their continuing journey once school starts continues tomorrow.