Marcy was confused. Since when did Kaitlyn Fairchild, local witch and high-school outcast, have friends? Attractive friends, at that. Ever since she returned from her mysterious absence, Kaitlyn had been different. She was more confident, less icy, and people began to notice that. Just the other day, James approached her and was flirting with her. That wasn't right. Kaitlyn was a loser, a social pariah. Everyone hated her. Except, now, they suddenly didn't, and that made Marcy angry. Who did Kaitlyn think she was, returning all wise and otherworldly and making everyone fall into her witchy trap. Because that's what she was, a witch. Nothing would change that, not even Kaitlyn's newfound popularity.

Here's the thing that really bothered her: Kaitlyn didn't care. She brushed off all the drooling boys and suck-up girls with a flick of her fiery hair. This didn't make any sense to Marcy. Before Kaitlyn left, Marcy could tell she wanted desperately to be included. Now people were going out of their way to make Kaitlyn like them, and the girl just. didn't. care.

She supposes it has something to do with the group of seven that were always clustered around Kaitlyn like a shield. There was Sabrina, with her blue hair and dark make-up, who seemed to be attached at the hip with the slightly disturbing, bespectacled Renny. The next pair was Lewis and Lydia, a couple so sickeningly sweet and simple it made Marcy want to puke. After them, it was Rob and Anna. Rob was tall and golden and gorgeous, while Anna was serene and beautiful and kind. They seemed to radiate goodness and were always seen near to the couple that made Marcy want to scream from the unfairness of it all. Kaitlyn and Gabriel.

They were an impenetrable circle of eight, and it drove Marcy crazy. Rumors were always circulating about them. About the old farmhouse that they lived in, no adults and no authority. Just that group of teens. But, they weren't really teens, were they? They all seemed like they were so mature, like they had seen things that the rest of them couldn't even dream off. People whispered ideas. They had been taken by aliens, they were aliens, they were secret agents for the government… the ridiculous list went on. But Marcy knew the truth. They were freaks.

No one should be able to move with the fluidity that they do with each other. Like they knew what the others were thinking. Sometimes, that's what Marcy thought they did. Lewis, Anna, Rob, Gabriel, and Kaitlyn would all stand in silence, and then one of them would say a random sentence ("no, we had pizza last night", "she has detention today", "but we just went to see them!"). It was strange and wrong and… Marcy was undeniably jealous.

Why should stupid, witchy Kaitlyn Fairchild get what she has? Marcy was ten time more deserving, she should have been the one dating unattainable Gabriel, best friends with the tranquil Anna, practically family with eccentric Bri and Renny, hilarious Lewis, shy Lydia, and golden Rob. It wasn't fair.

And if she couldn't be apart of their exclusive group, she was going to ruin it.