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CHAPTER 1: Another morning…

'This beautiful voice…'

'I know it somewhere.'



"Inori!" I shouted upon waking. My right hand outstretched trying to grasp someone who isn't there.

'My right hand?'

'No. My right hand is gone.'

'I lost it, just like I lost Inori.'

'My eyesight is almost gone also. I can barely see that it's already morning.'

'It's been a while since I dreamt of Inori. It's been a while since I heard her voice.'

'Pity I didn't see her in my dream.'

'Relief I didn't see her in my dream.'

'I still hope I'll see her in my dreams. It's been a while since I cried like this.'

'It's almost six years since that incident. I made so many mistakes and still regret them.'

'Maybe if I have not succumbed to my darkness I would still have Inori. Maybe I would not be hated by my schoolmates enough that they betrayed me.'

'I… was and still not good with reading people's feelings.'

'Even if I had once the power to hold their hearts, their feelings only reached me once when I was trying to save all of them.'

'But… it was Inori who saved me… Pathetic…'

I have to get up. It's morning already. I have to face everyone and show them that they need not worry about me. I clean my face with a towel and go straight to the bathroom.

I have no worries walking blindly in this house. It has long been imprinted in my memory. The house I shared with Inori.

'Shit. Why can't I stop thinking about her today?'

'Today?' I ask and laugh at myself. You think about her every day. Pitiful…

'Strange. I feel lonelier today.'

'Even lonelier than that first day I woke up and realized I lost Inori.'

I get out of the bathroom to find a shadow in the hallway.

"Is that you mom?"

"I heard you calling out for her. Are you alright?" She's my stepmom but I know she loves me more than a real mother can.

I smile at her. "It's only a dream, maybe because I listened again to her songs last night." I tell her while scratching my head. I don't want to worry her further.

"Are you sure? I can take a day off if you like?" She's worrying already.

"Un! I'm OK mom!" I tell her with a big smile. "Besides, I already agreed to accompany Ayase and Tsugumi shopping today."

"Those two really can't be separated huh?" I hear the worry in her voice lessen. She trusts Ayase and Tsugumi are good therapy for me. "I hear they will be graduating from university."

"Yes. Ayase will be graduating in Business Administration and Tsugumi finally has a degree on Advance Physics and Mechanical Engineering finishing the two courses in the same time." I shake my head with a real smile.

"Well, we all know beforehand that Tsugumi is a genius. Tell her I'll be expecting to get her application soon."

Ayase and Tsugumi continued their studies after resting for a year. That year all of us involved in the incident was debriefed by a newly founded government. At first they were wary and didn't trust us but as time goes by without anyone of us changing stories and the lab results produced by mom, most of us were able to return to our normal life.

I don't envy them. I know they share my pain also. Besides, I was the one most involved.

'I should have died instead of Inori.'

All I was thinking back then was I will die with her. I didn't even consider saving her like she saved me.

"Are you really OK Shu?" The worry is back. It must have shown on my face.

"I'm really OK mom. I was just thinking that you shouldn't pressure Tsugumi." I tell her with a smile.

"But she's the one who said she wanted to work with me." I hear the frown on her voice.

"I was just joking mom. Sometimes you're still like a kid." I tease her.

"Bah! Getting all mature on me Shu? Get out of here and have a good time with those two!"

I laugh at her because I know she's still worrying. "Thanks mom."

"It's fine. I'm going to work now. Take care and take care of those two ladies."

"I will. Take care also."

She hugs me tightly as she always does then runs for the door. I hear it close just as I enter my room.

'I can't stop thinking of Inori today.' I sighed while I'm changing clothes.

'I have to stop thinking of Inori today or else those two will see. Especially Tsugumi, she can be really perceptive.' I sighed again while I board the train.

Most people avoid me when I go out. Some of them must recognize me as a terrorist; others just pity me because I'm blind and only have one hand.

'I don't want your pity. My pity for myself is enough.'

They all go out of my way as I shuffle my walking stick ahead of me. I see their blurred shadows as they part to make way for me. Finally I'm in the waiting area outside of the station.

"Shu!" I hear Ayase's voice on my right. Strange, Tsugumi is not calling me also. I make my way to the voice and I see the shadow of Ayase on her wheelchair.

"It's been a while Ayase." I smile at her.

"Oh my… You grow manlier every time I see you Shu." She teases me.

"Stop teasing me Ayase, one day I'll believe you if you keep that up." I cock my head on one side listening. "I don't hear the usual loud Tsugumi."

"Well… She said she has a sudden interview and date later." She answered with shyness in her voice.

'She must be shy because Tsugumi is not by her side.' I smile at her again.

"Then I'll be in your care this day then."

"Now you're the one teasing me Shu." Uh oh… she's angry.

"I'll stop if you don't like it." I tell her with a smile. "And since Tsugumi has stood us up let's have a good time."

"If you say so Shu." The smile is back in her voice.

"I'll push you and you'll be my eyes ok?" I ask her.

"You know I don't like being pushed around as I can move fine on my own." I hear the pride and pout in her voice. Ayase really is amazing, being able to hold her head high despite of her disability.

'I really should learn from her.'

"But it will be weird if I were to shuffle beside you with this." I say to her indicating my walking cane.

"Hmm… you got a point there. Ok I'll let you push me and I'll be your eyes for today." She finally agrees.

"That's better. I'll hold you to your promise." I smile at her again.

"Oi, oi, what do we have here?" A callous voice says from behind me. "Two invalids on a date, how sweet. Wa ha ha ha ha."

Ayase quickly pushes me aside as I turn to face the person who said those harsh words. "Mind your own business!" Ayase snaps.

From the shadows that's all I can see I realize that our antagonist is not alone. There are two more behind him.

"Oh my… I like girls who fight back and you're cute also. I think I'll have fun with you." He tries to grab Ayase but she's familiar with that move. Most people underestimate her because she's on a wheelchair; little do they know that she has more military training than me.

With a quick twist of her hand on the rear wheels and by shifting her center of gravity she quickly turns making the guy trip on his feet.

"Ha! Who's laughing now?" Ayase says to the floored guy.

Seeing how their leader was dealt with the other two guys approached from different directions and quickly grabbed her wheelchair.

"Hey! Let go!" Ayase panics. It seems that some of her training has gone soft due to living in peace for several years.

The leader finally gets up and stands in front of the now immobile Ayase. "You bitch you'll pay for this with your dig..!" He doesn't get to finish as I have just slammed my walking stick to his crotch. He goes back down again clutching his private parts.

"Release the girl." I say to the other two. "If you have balls that is."

Goaded into action they do what I expect them to do and charge at me head on. The one in the left is faster so he reaches me first. Just like his leader he forgets I still hold my walking stick and runs directly to it. Even though I can only see a shadow I can still judge the place of the solar plexus and that is what I aimed for. Left guy quickly buckles down wheezing and then throws up. But I don't have the time to pity him; right guy has grabbed my walking stick.

"I have you now blind guy!" He pivots for a head kick while using my walking stick as balance between us. I release the stick.

"What the..?" He becomes out of balance.

My head slams in his chin making him black out instantly.