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"Are you nervous?" Edward's arms snake around my waist, gently pulling me back into his chest. I smile at him in the floor length mirror. He looks dashing in his black suit and blue tie- a deep blue tie that matches my dress.

The very same dress I tried on over three months ago at the mall where Edward and I spent one of our very first days together. The very same dress that fit me like a glove, and still does. I swear when he got the box out of his closet this morning, I almost shit a brick. He bought it that day; before he was even sure of his feeling for me, because that's who Edward is. He'd do anything for anyone if it'd bring a smile to their faces.

Oh Edward. This past month has been a bit rocky- I still seem to have a bit of a problem trusting people, him especially. Some days I wake up and wonder what the hell he's doing with someone like me. It's these days that he spends hours, in the comforts of our bed, worshipping and proving to me just how much he really does love me.

Damn that feels good to say.

"Bella?" He whispers, nuzzling my neck. "Where'd you go, baby?"

"Just thinking." I look out the window and down over across the street at the crowd of people waiting outside the bakery- waiting for its doors to open to the public for the very first time.

It's taken us over a month to get the entire space ready to be opened, what with all the damn permits and inspections that had to take place. It was a grueling first month, and at times I felt like we'd never really open.

It was grueling, but so rewarding.

I officially quit my job at Sue's three weeks ago, and Angela plans to follow when Sue finds replacements for us. Angela'll start working here next month sometime- after her and Ben get back from their honeymoon.

Edward, me, and a few of Ben's friends flew out to Vegas last week to witness the eloping of Ben Cheney and Angela Webber. Angela finally grew the lady balls to propose to Ben. Turns out he'd had a ring sitting in his pocket for over a year, but had never found the 'right time' to ask her.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look yet?"

"Yes," I giggle, turning around in his arms. "But it's always nice to hear." I stretch up on my tip-toes to give him a light kiss.

I can tell he has an alternate agenda when his hands run up my back to twist themselves in my hair. My hair that took an hour to curl.

I can't find it in me to care when his warm tongue pokes out to trace my lip.

"Edward," I moan, "We can't."

"Yes, we can." He kisses the spot directly behind my ear- knowing it's my weak spot- and I feel my knees give out.

But he's there to catch me, just as he always was.

"You don't play fair."

"Never said I did." He pants out in between kisses. "Bella," He whispers, his voice thick with longing and need. I know without looking that his eyes are black with need, probably mirroring my own.

This man is insatiable.

I mean really, I'm still sore from last night.

"Bella? Edward?" Marie's voice floats through the door followed by a loud banging on the door. "I know what you're doing, and don't even think about it."

Edward's movements stop and he leans his forehead against mine, a small smirk playing on his lips. "Baby, have I expressed to you lately just how much I hate people?"

"My poor horny baby." I pout and rub his day-old scruff. "Get off me, I need to get ready."

"You never answered my question." He takes a seat on my- our- bed and watches me hold up different necklaces. Why do I have nothing blue?

"Hm?" I'm only half-paying attention to him.

"Are you nervous?"

My shoulders slump and I stare at my reflection. Fuck; I've changed so much since before I met Edward. I never really noticed how… sad I used to look. I guess I never really noticed it until Edward came crashing into my life and made me so… not sad. I would actually go so far as to say I'm glowing.

"I suppose."

"You suppose?" He quirks an eyebrow and takes the necklace from my shaking hand, clasping it easily around my neck. He grabs my hands in his and attempts to stop them from trembling. "Baby, you have nothing to worry about."

"What if no one likes it?" I ask quietly, voicing the fear that's been plaguing me since… well, since I was fifteen and decided this is what I wanted to do for a living.

He shakes his head. "Bella, every dessert you've made since this place opened has been gone before it was even cooled all the way."

Ain't that the truth. Between Edward, Emmett, and Alice, it's been hard to even stash some aside for myself. "I'm sorry, I'm just… afraid."

"I know. But I'm right here behind you. And so are Angela and Ben. And Rose, Alice, Jasper. Emmett, your dad, Sue, my parents-"

"I get it." I cut him off with my lips, looking up at him in awe.

How the hell did I ever get so lucky?

"I'm the lucky one." Huh, I guess I said that out loud.

"Bella! Seattle living is here and they want a picture of you for their magazine." Marie's voice interrupts us yet again.

"I'm coming!" I shout back, making Edward snicker.

"I can make you come." He teases.

"Oh, grow up." I fake an angry look, when inside I'm leaping for joy. Edward's becoming more… open about sharing what's on his mind, and it's always freakin' hilarious.

"You know you love me."

I smile back at him, still not totally convinced that the past few months haven't been a really fuck-awesome dream. "I do; so much."

~Sweet Treats~

"There you are." Marie sounds exhausted as she catches us coming down from the apartment into the bakery. "I've been looking all over for you!" she raises an eyebrow at our… disheveled appearances. When this man wants sex, he stops at nothing to get it. And I mean nothing. I blush as I remember tugging on his unruly hair as his stubble scratched the inside of my thighs.

She taps her foot angrily- a habit she's picked up from our time together- but even that isn't enough to dampen the high Edward's left me in.

Marie and I's road to forgiveness has been rough to say the least. I like to think that we're on the right track now, though. We make it appoint to get together at least three to four times a week since Charlie's and talk- after nine years there's a lot to talk about.

I think the moment that changed the dynamic of our relationship came when Marie finally called Renee. She came to my apartment, soaking wet and in tears begging to talk. Edward had been staying with me that night, but made an excuse to leave and give us our much needed privacy.

"What happened?" I grab a blanket from off the back of the couch and drape it over her shoulders as she pulls off her dripping shoes. "Are you okay?"

"I called Renee." She says, instead of an answer.

I let out a breath. I'm giving up Edward loving time to hear about that woman? I'm about to tell her to stop when she breaks down into heart-wrenching sobs.

Oh lord.

I wrap my arm around her awkwardly, still not sure how to react around her. As much as I want to, I can't just forget about what she did. In the back of my mind, I'm still somewhat convinced she's going to do it again, even if my conscious knows better.

Edward's begged me to let it go- and I have. We're trying, we really are. After the weekend in Forks with Charlie, I felt closer to her than I ever had before. She may have had it easy in Florida, but she was never able to enjoy it. Or so she said. She missed us, and still insisted that she mailed us letters every week.

"Bella," She sobs, reaching to throw her arms around me, just like a child. "I ma-made her tell me. She kept them, Bella. She kept them al-all."

"Kept what, Marie?" I push the wet strings of hair away from her face as her shivering dies down a bit.

"My letters. She stopped them all from going out, Bella. How could she? She had Phil keep them all from being sent."

My mind is blank for all of about two point three seconds before all the anger towards my mother comes rushing back- full force. Worse than ever.

What kind of mother keeps her child from speaking to her sister and her father?

"I'll kill her." I spit out, already reaching for the phone.

"Bella, don't." Her voice crack, making me halt my movements. "I already-"

"You already what?" Hired a hit man? Please?

"I… yelled. I yelled at her, Bella. I screamed at her, and called her every name I knew." I must say, I am a bit shocked. I've always considered Marie a bit of a pushover. "And Bella," Her eyes meet mine, a strange smile passing briefly over her lips. "It felt good."

After that moment, the moment she admitted how angry she was at Renee… well, suddenly we had something to bond over. And bond over it we did. I won't lie and say things are the way they should be with us, because they're not. We still have a long way to go.

But I know we're finally ready to move on.

"Baby?" Edward waves his hand in front of my face. "Come one, Seattle Living wants their picture." I look up and see a young blonde girl with a Nikon camera in her hand.

"If you'll just come stand right over here in front of the sign." She pulls and pushes me until I'm in the 'perfect' light and snaps away at her station in front of me. "Perfect, perfect. Push your hair behind your ear a bit… perfect. This is just perfect."

I swear to god if she says perfect on more time, I'm going to chuck her damn camera in my oven and watch it die. I hear someone laugh and look behind the girl to find Emmett and Rose and baby Lily snickering. No doubt at the 'perfect' woman in front of me. Behind them are Alice and Jasper, and my wonderful boyfriend.

Ah Alice. Another- shall I say- bumpy road. What to say about Alice? I love her, that's for sure. But at the same time I hate her. We fight like cats and dogs, but I know she'd be there in a heartbeat if I ever needed her. She better be, since she will be working for me starting today.

As if she can hear my thoughts, she gives me a look and blows me an over-exaggerated kiss. I'd imagine she and I have the relationship of a younger and older sister. We annoy the hell outta each other; but I wouldn't have it any other way. It was a bit hard for me to overlook how weak she made Edward sound that day in Sue's, but she's assured me that she was just upset he chose me over Marie. She's so protective of him; she didn't want him to be hurt again.

"You know what?" I stop blondie mid-camera-click. "You can delete all those pictures." She gives me an incredulous look as I wave everyone behind her over to us. They made all this a possibility, it just doesn't seem right to leave them out.

We wrap up our mini-shoot a few minutes later and all agree on the picture with Edward and I smiling in the center and everyone else surrounding us making scary faces at the camera. Even little Lily gave her gassy-face.

My little goddaughter. I can't help but smile as I remember the day she was born; exactly one month ago. Rose had been over helping me plan out where my furniture would go in the new apartment space when she started complaing that- and I quote- "her vagina hurt." Her water broke not ten minutes later, and she was in the hospital pushing within the hour. I'd never seen her look as serene as she did in the first moment she heard little Lily wailing from under the sheets.

She practically forced Edward and me to become the godparents, her reasoning being; If she and Em croaked, she didn't want their little girl living with crazy Aunt Alice and her thousand and one frilly dresses.

"You ready for this?" Rosalie asks softly, careful not to disturb Lily who's taking in the scene around her with rapt interest. "Everything changes today."

"No pressure." I mumble, glaring at her playfully.

"You'll do fine." She promises nodding toward the door of the bakery where Seattle Mayor Mike Newton stands beside a giant ass red ribbon and an oversized pair of scissors. I can't believe I have to do this. Apparently Mike is a 'huge advocate of local business owners' and wants to give me my own page in the newspaper for next week with an interview and a picture.

Newton is rude and brash, obviously wanting nothing more than to get out if the light drizzle and back into his little office. The ribbon cutting, however, was far more fun that I thought it would be. I had to do it twice; the idiot camera girl missed the first shot.

"Miss Swan," A black haired man with a notebook and hat with the Seattle Living logo asks, "Before you open your doors for the first time, is there anything you'd like to say?" He watches me intently as I fumble with the keys.

What would I like to say? A shit ton of things… but nothing comes out. My mind is as blank as Newton's face as he glances not-so-stealthily at his wrist watch. Should I give the standard 'I'd like to thank…" speech? Should I say nothing at all?

"Miss Swan?" The reporter asks again, waving a tiny hand in front of my face. "Anything at all?"

"Um," I clear my throat, "Actually there is something I'd like to say." He nods and scribbles something quickly in his notebook. "I've been waiting… my whole life for the opportunity to bake- something I've loved since I was a child. But I was always too afraid. Or too poor. And I'd promise myself every New Year, that this year would be different; I would open a shop, regardless of my fears. But I never did." Ignoring the fact that everyone's eyes- including Mayor Newton's- are trained solely on me, I turn to Edward. He's smiling brilliantly, watching me and gently stroking my hand. "Three months ago, I lost my job because some penny-head maniac decided to soak me in coffee. And this… this green-eyes man, just wouldn't leave me alone."

"Creep." Emmett hollers, followed by a hiss as Rose smacks him.

"Creepy? Maybe if it was someone else. But it was Edward. One man managed to chance everything I thought I knew. He convinced his family- my family- to build me my dream. And Sweet Treats… It's everything I thought I would ever want. But I was wrong. None of this would mean anything if I had no one to share it with." I get caught in Edward's heated stare as he pulls me closer into him. I barely see the flash of a camera that goes off in front of us, and the scribbling sound of the reporter's pen seems to disappear. "None of this would mean anything if it weren't for you, Edward. I love you so much."

If people applauded, I wouldn't have known, because in that moment, Edward lips crashed to my own. Chastely- we are in public, after all. "I love you, Bella. You're my one."

"One and only."

Ten minutes later, I'm donning my pink striped 'kiss the baker' apron, standing behind the front counter- in front of which a line is forming out the door. Alice stands next to me in a brown-polka dotted apron, smiling at me like the Cheshire cat as she waves for me to take the first customer.

"Welcome to Sweet Treats, Edward." I beam like a maniac, feeling the moisture behind my eyes. "What can I do for you?"

His face stretches into a grin rivaling my own. "There's something very special you can do for me, Bella. It's extremely important." He adds seriously, and without further explanation, drops down to one knee as he fumbles around in his jacket pocket.

Oh my... He's…

"Bella, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of running into. Inside and out, baby." He sniffles back his own tear as mine stream down my face. "I love you so much, and I promise to spend the rest of my life proving it to you, if you'll let me. Maybe it's too soon, but I can't imagine spending another day without you, Bella. Marry me?"

How can I say no? Why the hell would I want to say no? "Yes!" I squeal, launching myself over the counter. "Yes, Edward, yes!" He catches me before I can catapult myself onto the floor and brings his lips down to meet my own. "I love you." I whisper, in between smooches.

And it was there; in the middle of my new bakery on opening day, in front of hundreds of people, in the arms of the man I loved, that my life truly began.

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