"Ichigo, I truly am sorry for what happened to you, but you must tell us everything you know." Keiichiro persisted.

Her mind was still drawing a blank. It was as if Ichigo's mind was trying to protect her from remembering the traumatic discovery.

Ryou stepped forward. "Ichigo! Unless you spit it out, we're not going to progress any further in taking down the enemy!"

She snapped towards his direction. "He isn't the enemy!"

He raised a brow. "Look, I know he's your boyfriend, but you have to come to terms with his transformation in front of you. There's no way around it. And that means we have to take them down in order to protect our city."

Her eyes were filling with tears. She was trying so hard not to let them spill over. She shook her head. "Even though I saw it with my own eyes, that doesn't mean I can't bring him back to our side."

"Open your eyes already. He was an enemy before you started seeing him, during, and up until last night. We have no choice." He reasoned, not too happily.

She lost her head and slapped him. "Shut up! Just shut up! I will bring him back! He isn't evil. I really doubt he even had a choice in this!" She ran out of the basement, out of the café.

Ryou rubbed his cheek while the girls just stared out the door Ichigo ran out of. "Sheesh. These next few weeks are going to be fun."


'It's not true. It's not true!' she thought over and over constantly. She started to remember all the time they've spent together before and during when they were dating. She couldn't get him out of her head. Her heart was aching, and her legs felt like they were on fire, but she didn't even notice the pain, because she had a lot on her mind.

She stopped at a nearby tree. She put her hands up against it and bent over to catch her breath. "This just can't be happening." She turned her back to the tree and slid down to the ground. She tucked her head into her knees and wrapped her arms around in despair. "Last night just had to be a bad dream. That's all it should be." She whispered to herself.


"Ah!" Kisshu yelped. He was laying on his bed, trying to relieve the pain from his back. To him, it felt like his spine would burst through the skin. His teeth were aching too. They felt like every single one was rotten to the core. He winced in pain, not daring to breathe a breath of cold air between his teeth. "This sucks. What- Why did I have to transform?! Why did this have to happen to me- to us!?"

Suddenly, the door was swung open, and in came Taruto. He came towards Kisshu, and sat on the side of his bed. "How are ya feeling?"

"Terrible. Why the ehck are we like this? How did this even happen to su in the first place?!" He shouted, sending Taruto onto the floor.

Taruto rubbed his ear. "Hey, take it easy! None of this is mine or Pai's fault, you know."

Knock knock. They looked over and saw Pai. "Other than just hearing my name, I couldn't help but hear Kisshu's screaming through the house."

"Hmph." Kisshu said looking away.

"You're seventeen, and you have the maturity mindset of a ten year old." Pai gave an exasperated sigh and covered his upper face with one of his hands. "Grow up already."

He growled. "Don't start lecturing me again Pai! I'm freaking out, because Ichigo found out I was her enemy just last night! I never wanted us to be like this! I don't want Ichigo to hate me even more than she did before. This is seriously messed up, and you both know that as well as I do!"

Taruto started rubbing the back off his head, looking down at the floor. Pai put a hand to his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. "Just stop acting like a child and allow me to explain the circumstances."

Kisshu folded his arms. "Fine. I need all the answers I can get. Now talk!"

Pai glared. "Don't you ever raise your voice to me." Kisshu rolled his eyes. "Now then, what happened to us was at least a month ago. We obviously only transform into a mutated sea creature when the moon is out."

"I think we all know that by now Pai." Kisshu stated, cutting his eyes.

Pai shot him another look. "As I was saying." He cleared his throat. "Our master is the one who turned us into this, Deep Blue. I don't know how, I don't know why. All I know is he chose us for a reason. As long as we are in service to him, we will follow his orders."

"Ha! That's a good one." Kisshu got off his bed, feeling as if the pain was gone. He walked apst his brothers. "You can serve that maniac all you want, but I don't take orders from anyone. Especially if thet're not our parents who are long gone!" He slammed the door on his way out.

"Kisshu! Get back here!" Pai yelled.

Taruto's eyes started brimming with tears. He went to Kisshu's desk and grabbed a picture of their parents. He looked at Pai. "Hey Pai." Pai turned towards his little brother.

"You do remember what happened to our mom and dad right?" Taruto quietly asked, hair covering his eyes, as he stared at the photo.

Pai nodded. "Yes, I do."

"All I know is that Kisshu was huddled in a corner for a few hours hugging himself. He even cried silently to sleep in that same spot. And you were at the kitchen table holding your head in your ahnds mourning the death of them. I was only three when they got killed by that earthquake we had." His eyes couldn't hold it any longer, and ther tears spilled out.

Pai grabbed a hold of Taruto's shoulder. "I know. That was a long time ago. Just because they're not with us on Earth anymore doesn't mean they're not watching over su from where they are now though."

Taruto was still sad by the loss years ago. "Yeah, I guess."


Kisshu was taking a long walk. He was on a sidewalk, bustled with a lot of busy people going past him.

He got on the other side of the street and sat on a bench near the palce where him and Ichigo were struck by that ray. He leaned his head back. "What am I going to do?"

He heard a noise on his right side. He turned his ehad and saw ichigo hiding behind the tree, sticking her head out.