Disclaimer: Attempting to play this game with me will flip the little switch in my brain from 'run away' to 'kill immediately'. Oh, and I don't own Tin Man.

Author's Note: Probably not what you were hoping for when you mentioned this game Lcsaf but it is what my muse provided. Now please stop making the series longer, I have a bet to win and daughterofthe1king already has the advantage.


Wyatt Cain watched as the younger members of the party sorted through the newly designated game cupboard. The Crown Princess was feeling indecisive and had enlisted their aid in finding a game to play.

"What's this?" asked Jeb, holding up a piece of paper.

"Hmmm? Oh, that's a list I made of games that don't require anything to play," DG replied, setting aside Clue.

"Oh…what's Seven Minutes in Heaven?"

"Game we used to play as teenagers," DG explained absently, rejecting Life, "select a guy and girl at random, lock them in a closet for seven minutes, they make out."

Puzzled, the army lieutenant inquired, "Make out?"

Tossing aside a deck of cards, the princess shrugged, "Kiss, hug, grope…it depends on the set limits."

Jeb Cain abruptly dropped the piece of paper while his father became oddly fixated on the phrase 'game we used to play'.

"I suppose one could consider it a step up from Spin the Bottle," DG continued idly, handing Sorry to a suddenly ashen faced young lord. Then she picked up the paper. "Hmmm."

The Tin Man blinked; suddenly there wasn't another male in the room.

"Well I'm not making out with you," stated Princess Azkadellia, giving her shirts a shake as she rose gracefully and exited in their wake.

When the youngest princess turned her contemplative gaze his way, a part of Cain's brain was tempted to follow. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be the part connected to his feet…

"Want to thumb-wrestle?" DG asked cheerfully.