Title: Accidents Happen
Series: Gintama
Character/Pairing: Okita/Kagura
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: fic_promptly: Gintama, Okita/Kagura, first kiss.


It all happened because all the dramas were over for the season, his usual favorite target for was off buying more mayonnaise, so it was either throw things at each other or go on some harebrained quest, and Gintoki was too busy reading the latest issue of Shounen Jump to go on any harebrained quests.

It had been entirely accidental, that first brush of chapped lips together. He'd misjudged the firing line of his bazooka, and she'd deflected it with that umbrella of hers as she charged his way. The explosion had logically sent them both flying, and careening into each other. She'd lifted her mallet to score another hit, but was surprised by a second explosion that drove them together, skin on unexpected skin.

For a moment they just laid there, frozen in the fallout. Then she acted (because it was always her first, her umbrella, her line of fire.)

She punched him in the shoulder, then pulled him back for another kiss, this time a test of wills, with teeth, and fingers scraping against whatever she could reach.

And this time, when she pulled back, there was a look of satisfaction on both their faces.

They'd found a new game to play.