Numair paused at the entrance to his rooms, kicking the door open. He strolled in, and dropped Daine on his couch. Placing one hand on the back of it for support, he leaned in to kiss her, but a loud chirruping sound interrupted them.
"Kitten! Shoo! Not now!" Daine jumped away from Numair to grab the dragonet. Kitten purred and stretched into Daine's arms, expecting a hug, and was suprised when the wildmage simply picked her up and deposited her outside of the door. "Kit, if you break the lock, I'll send you to live with wyverns. Now be good." Daine sighed, then leaned down to cuddle Kitten. "Go play with Thom, or Aly. Love you." Kitten chirruped again and padded away. Daine locked the door behind her, and jumped when she turned around to find Numair right beside her.
"Can we continue, or is Cloud going to come knocking next? Perhaps Zek? Or Spot?"
Daine grinned and wrapped her arms lazily round his shoulders; his went round her waist.
"Nope. I"m all yours."
"Good" He pressed her roughly to the wall and kissed her passionately, hands roaming all over her back. Daine groaned and returned the kiss with equal passion, gasping slightly when his tongue met hers.
"Numair…" She moaned as he kissed her neck, and he turned them round so he could lead her to his bedroom, never breaking contact with her body. Eventually she felt his bed behind her knees; her legs gave way and she fell backwards onto it as Numair released her. He returned to her soon enough though, kissing her mouth repeatedly as she tugged his shirt off. He stopped her for a moment then, grabbing her hands.
"Daine, are you sure? Is this what you want?" She laughed inwardly at his concern, and rolled her eyes.
"Yes Numair! Now shut up and kiss me!"
He grinned and did what she asked.

~Later that night~
Daine yawned and snuggled closer to her lover's chest, loving the feel of his bare skin against hers. True it had hurt at first, but everything else had been VERY good.
"Magelet?" Numair's voice was husky from sleep.
"Still here." She smiled. He wrapped his arms around her tighter, squeezing slightly.
"Good." She yawned again. It WAS very late.
"Tired, love? Go back to sleep. I'm not going anywhere. I'm far too comfortable."
She grinned. "And warm"
"That too."
"Imagine what Alanna would say."
"I dread to think. Somehow, my dear, I don't think it would be pleasant.
Daine smiled and turned her face up to Numair's. "Night, Numair."
"Night Daine."
"Magelet?" He kissed her gently.
"Love you too."
"I know."

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