Theme : Meeting

Pairing : Light XemQua, caused by TerQua

A/N : Okay, you know I have to make another one. I have never really written Xemnas's character before, so he may be slightly OOC. This is 100 Themes of Various Couples Challenge, issued by XDarkness-AngelX. Word limit is 350. I just had a really good feeling I should do XemQua for the first chapter, and I'll try to do my best with not using the same couple more than three times, but I can't promise anything. Though, I won't do the same couple two chapters in a row. Got it? Okay.

"Hey Superior! We finally found her!" Xigbar cried. Number I turned toward the lower ranked member, "It was a hell of a pain, but we finally got her out of the Realm of Darkness. Sheesh. You do not want to even know what those Heartless did to Demyx."

"No, I do not believe I do," Xemnas said. He made his way down the hallway to the young woman's room, Number II trailing behind him, "Did you sedate her?"

"Yeah, well, no. Zexion just put her under in one of those spells he has."

Xemnas opened the door to the white room. On the bed was a blue haired girl, staring aimlessly at the floor, as if in a trance. Which she was. He bent down in front of her and tilted her head from side to side, before standing up.

"This is her," he dismissed Xigbar with the shake of his head, then looked back at her, "Aqua."

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