Theme : Run

Pairing : Roxas/Namine

A/N : ...I hate this chapter, and I think it's because of the pairing. No, I don't really hate RokuNami, I won't cringe at the sight of it or anything...but I wish I never wrote this. Plus, this chapter's really weird.

Omega Star Shooter 14 : He really is, isn't he? ^^

Walker Of Nothing : Yeah, Xion/Ansem. I'm not sure if I should write one of those, though. :P I don't really support the coupling, yet. ;)

Run…run far away.

Don't look back, or the shadows will eat away at your Soul until there's nothing left. You don't have a Heart, so they won't even try for that. They know better.

His words are like a lullaby in her mind, she knows that if she stops running from them, she will be killed. She knows it with whatever is left in her body.

The Organization would kill her if they found out everything…even if she wasn't in their hold anymore. She knew that for sure, they would do the same thing if they found the XIII…or rather, they would turn him into a Dusk, if anything.

Don't look back.

I won't.

"Promise," she whispered as she ran, looking down at the necklace around her neck.

"Take it," he had whispered, "Keep running until you find me. Don't look back, don't let them catch you. Promise me, Namine. Promise me."

"I promise you, forever."

"I just need to find you now…Roxas."