Theme : Gift

Pairing : Sho/Namine

Requested By : KarakuRoku

She was a very quiet girl. He was a rowdy, untamable boy. They were both outcasted in ways because of their personalities, they didn't really fit in. She was so quiet, people thought she was a freak. He was so wild that people just thought that he was downright annoying. He was also cocky, and thought that he had more friends that he really did.

He didn't have any friends, really.

It was just a normal school day, that was how it started off at least. Namine found herself hurrying through the hallways to get to her first period class, art. It was her highest grade, but the teacher wasn't really the nicest person and if she was tardy again he was going to give her a detention. If she got a detention, her father would probably kill her right there on the spot.

When she bent her head down, the next thing she knew she had hit someone. Someone so big that when she collided against them, she was knocked down. The boy she hit turned around. He was wearing a hat, which was against school rules. His skin was a shade or two darker than hers, and his hair was a greyish black color.

He glared at her. "What the hell's your problem?"

"I...I..." she scrambled, picking up her books and gathering them back into her arms. "I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to hit you! I was just trying to get to the art room." Her hair covered her eyes, but she could tell that he was smiling.

"Really now? So you didn't mean to hit me, huh?" he asked, pulling his hat down over his eyes a bit. "Well, tell you what. You're cute, so I'm going to give you a little gift."


"Yeah," he said. He looked up and smirked. "I'll spare your life for running into me. Usually I would have to punish someone...but you're too adorable. Wouldn't want to break that precious little face of yours."

Namine flinched back. She remembered his name. He was Sho. Sho Minamimoto. He was top in their math class. No one liked him. He loved to threaten people and make them feel like they were nothing. Oh yeah, that was him.

She disregarded his threat, nodded and brushed past him. "Well, thank you then. I have to go now. Goodbye." She rushed away, blushing. Though he was a jerk, he was sort of cute.

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