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It was the middle of the night. Starfire snored softly as she hung upside down off her bed. Silkie, her mutant pet, sat curled on her stomach as he gurgled in his sleep. Starfire's window was open, letting the cool Jump City air brush over her skin as the nighttime passed.

A figure quietly tip-toed in her room. Silly girl, he thought, to leave your bedroom window open!

He started to make his way to his pocket. Slowly, he pulled out an object that resembled a fairy godmother's wand, yet black. As he pointed it at the sleeping girl, Silkie woke and screeched, seeing an intruder. Starfire leapt up. She gasped. "Control Freak?" She asked, making her way to her Titans Communicator.

The villain groaned, exasperated. "No! That dork? No, that's my twin brother, my princess. I am The Grim Brother!" He cackled and Starfire could imagine the cartoonish lightning zap behind him as thunder boomed.

She tilted her head. "You are one of the world-known authors of fables and fairytales? I presumed them to be dead!"

He sighed, face palming. "No, g-r-i-m. It's a play on words. The Grimm stories are where I get my powers. And grim is, well—why am I telling you this?" He certainly was just like his twin. Dorky, unoriginal, cheesy, and, well, annoying. Not to mention a horrible criminal, as he had not once tried to do anything to Starfire but make small talk.

Starfire raised her communicator to her mouth. "Please, there is a criminal by the name of The Grim Brother in my room. If you would be so kind as to help—EEEK!" The Grim Brother flicked his wand and the communicator shattered.

"That is only the beginning of what my magic wand can do! Say hello to your worst nightmare, my sweet!" He swirled his wand and what seemed to be a portal appeared.

"Please, I do not wish to fight you. If you would be so kind as to leave my room, I will leave you mostly unharmed!" Starfire warned, raising a starbolt to the man's—boy's, I should say, as he certainly acted like one—chest.

The Grim Brother laughed. "That will be the day, when a puny, yet lovely, might I say, alien defeats me!"

Starfire's eyes glowed. "You will not think me so puny after this!" She threw several starbolts at The Grim Brother, and preformed an uppercut once, sending him flying across the room. The portal grew, it's bright light encasing her room. Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg burst into her room.

"Star! Look out!" Robin called.

She turned, seeing The Grim Brother advancing towards her. She plunged her leg out, kicking him in the (rather large) gut, using her alien strength.

Raven used her powers as she chanted "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" She raised the criminal in the air and kept him against the ceiling. "Can I go to bed now?" She asked monotonously.

Robin raised an eyebrow. "Star, that's Control Freak," he asked, confused as to why his friend would call him something different.

"Fool! I am not him! That is my silly twin! I am The Grim Brother! Muahahahaha!" He paused. "And no, before you ask, it is not G-R-I-M-M. They are merely the source of my power. It is G-R-I-M!"

Beast Boy scratched his head. "He sure acts a lot like his dweeb brother."

"You ain't one to talk, grass stain. You knew more than that couch potato did when it came to television!" Cyborg announced.

Rolling his eyes, The Grim Brother resisted Raven's power and poked his wand at her dark energy. Immediately, the energy seemed to dissolve, and The Grim Brother gave a grim smile, much suiting to his name. "Who shall be my first victim? Perhaps you, the lovely princess. My, you'd make a wonderful damsel in distress! Yes, well, you first." He pointed his wand at Starfire. Then, he shouted (much to Beast Boy's amusement), "BIBBIDY BOBBIDY BOO!"

Starfire was pushed back into the portal. It turned black and seemed to close in on itself. "STARFIRE!" Robin yelled, trying to jump in to rescue her. However, it seemed as if a thick layer of glass or plastic prevented him from going in.

"Only I can choose who goes in!" The Grim Brother yelled. The portal turned white once more. "You see, I can put anybody I wish into a portal, leading them to any fairytale I want!"

"Even Disney movies?" Beast Boy asked, wondering what that would be like.

He snickered. "Yes! Even movies! If it was held dear to a child's heart as a fairytale or bedtime story or even just a fanciful tale, I control it!"

"You bring her back!" Robin yelled, advancing on the dweeb.

"Not so fast, little boy. You want to save your precious girlfriend? Have fun doing that! She's someplace far away. Even if I did put you in there, she'd never be able to find you. She's in one fairytale out of many! Even I do not know which she is in."

Robin clutched the shirt of the man. "Then you better hope for the life of you that you can find her! You bring her back now!" He hollered.

The Grim Brother merely chuckled. "You want to save her? Well, good! I can send each of you to a different fairytale! Have fun trying to get from one to another!" A pause. "BIBBIDY BOBBIDY BOO!"

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I realize he's a tad bit…strange. Oh, well, he is the brother of Control Freak. Weirdo.

Also, I always used to think it was "bippity boppity boo", however, I found it was "bibbidy bobbidy boo".