Slight AU (changed events of season 2 finale). Pre-established relationship, started before season 1, ignoring the events of season 3 pretty much apart from a few things, you'll see as you go along. EDIT: Warning - character death. (don't jump to conclusion bout who that is either!)

This is my first fic in almost 3 years, so please take pity. I've planned out subsequent chapters but I'll see what reaction I get from this first before posting! Reviews are of course, very welcome and if anyone would care to beta, let me know! I have had a read through but I've missed any mistakes please tell me.

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Maura took a deep breath as she approached the front door key's in hand, preparing herself for another evening of short sentences and tension. She looked at her wedding ring, glinting in the porch lights, hoping the news she received today would pull her wife out of the depression she had been stuck in ever since that undercover operation that had gone so terribly wrong.

"I can't believe I'm letting you do this." said Jane, as Maura lifted her top, allowing her to tape the wire to her smooth torso.

"I can do this Jane. You'll be there, and Korsak and Frost. I trust you, all of you, not to let anything happen to me."

Pulling down her wife's shirt Jane straightened and put her hands on Maura's shoulders. Hoping her partners weren't listening to their comms devices at that moment she looked Maura in the eye.

"I know, but I've done this before, planning for all circumstances and things have gone wrong, unforseen things. It's more than just the two of us now." She lowered her left hand to rub her wife's stomach. "Well, hopefully more than just the two of us..." She smiled.

Maura smiled back and covered the hand before taking it and kissing Jane's knuckles.

"I know, of course I know. But there's no other way to draw out the killer, we know it's one of the unit and they know I'll be here. It's the only way, Korsak said so himself." She gave Jane back her hand and straightened, framing Jane's face with her hands.

"Trust me, sweetheart. Nothing can happen with you here, I believe need to as well."

With a soft kiss to her cheek Maura left Jane standing at the back of the warehouse and walked towards the crime scene.

Jane barely heard the front door open, the swish of wood on the welcome mat was dampened by the pounding of blood in her ears. Every sound had been drowned out for the past 2 hours she had sat there, the scars on her hands aching and her breathing shallow.

She'd been staring at the items on the table for so long her eyes had gone dry, her hand glided over the letter, "Dear Maura..." as she heard the familiar click of heels in the entranceway.

Picking up her well used pistol, Jane didn't hear the thud of shopping bags hit the oakwood floor she had so painstakingly sanded down and re-polished almost a year ago. As she balanced the welcoming weight of the gun in her hand, she didn't hear the sharp intake of breath from a few feet behind her; a sound heard once before when she had gone down on one knee under the stars in Maura's backyard

"Marry me Maura Isles, say you'll be mine forever and I'll never leave you. Marry me."

The only thoughts running through her head in that moment were that this was the right thing to do, she couldn't stick around when she was such a danger to all that she loved and cherished. Ironically enough, she heard Maura's voice, a conversation they'd had barely two months ago over the body of what looked to be suicide

"You know how I hate to speculate Detective...but the fact's speak for themselves. It is well known that if a woman was to take her own life she would avoid damaging her facial features. Vain perhaps, but it doesn't indicate that this may not be suicide. I shall of course have to test for GSR before I can confirm that."

Jane almost laughed; she wasn't a woman anymore.

She wasn't a wife.

She was a monster.

A danger to everyone and she needed to be gone. It was the only solution now.

Jane glanced once more at the letter on the table.

"Dear Maura... I'm sorry."

Maura stopped in her tracks, her bags hit the floor and her hand flew to her mouth. She watched the love of her life, shoulders slouched and her back to the door, reach across the table reached for her service weapon.


There was no reaction. As if in slow motion Maura watched as Jane picked it up and bought it towards herself.

"Jane, please. Put it down."

Maura's feet were betraying her, they weren't moving like she wanted. She was planted to the wooden floor she loved to much. The floor where once, she and Jane had made love, so absorbed by each other's bodies they couldn't even make it to the bedroom.


She was starting to hyperventilate. Panic flooding through her. Why wasn't her body moving? Nothing was working.

Maura's eyes tracked Jane's hands, those beautiful hands, as they clenched around the butt of the gun, flipping it around and her thumb fitting into the trigger guard.

She watched, desperate, helpless, tears blurring her vision as Jane put the muzzle in her mouth.

Running out of what to say, Maura whimpered.

"It worked. Jane. It worked."



Something was filtering through to her brain, as she closed her teeth and lips around the cold steel, she heard it.

"Jane... I'm pregnant."

She blinked.