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Roxi/Fiona POV

It's 7 o'clock.

I was making my way over to Camille's place.

I have to explain to her how Val was on a date.

It's so weird I mean were here for one day and she already has a date.

What was that guy's name Jim or jet or something?

I remember when I met him.


"I can't believe you already broke a window." Val said annoyed.

I was playing baseball in the apartment.

"I said I was sorry." I said.

"Yeah well I'm gonna talk to Mr. Bitters, stay here he doesn't like you." she said walking over to Mr. Bitters.

Then this guy came up to me.

"Hey do you know that girl?" he asked staring at valentine.

"Yeah she's my sister why?" I asked looking at the guy curiously.

"Well..." he started but got cut off when Val came back.

"Oh hi who are you?" she asked blushing.

"I'm jet and who might you be?" he said smiling a cocky smile.

I didn't like him already.

"I'm valentine and that's my sister Fiona." she said her voice squeaky.

"Oh well nice to meet you two. Valentine how bout you go out with me tonight so we can get to know each other better?" he asked.

I was hoping she would say no but sadly she said. "Sure I would love to." she said watching him dreamily.

"Ok I'll pick you up at 7 ok?" he asked.

"Ok bye." she said as he walked away.

"What about Camille's dinner?" I asked.

"Oh I forgot well you can tell her thanks love you bye." she said running off to get ready.

/End of Flash Back/

I finally got to Camille's door. So I knocked.

She opened it.

"Hey Fiona where's Val?" she asked.

"Oh well she forgot about the dinner and this guy asked her out so she's on a date." I said.

"Oh good for her." Cammy said.

"Yeah so where are we sitting?" I ask.

"Over here come on the guys are here." she said leading me over to the table.

When I got there boy did it surprise me to see Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos.

When they saw me they looked shocked.


"Hi guys long time no see." I said laughing nervously.

"Yeah hey." they all said getting up to hug me.

I knew what the next question was.

"Where's valentine?" Carlos asked it killed me to answer.

"She's busy." I said trying to cover up that she was on a date.

"You said she was on a date." Camille said I hit my forehead when she said that.

"She's on a date?" Carlos asked his voice breaking.

"Yeah when we got here this guy asked her out and she said yes." I said not wanting to look at him.

"Hold on how you guys know her?" Jo asked.

"Oh well me and my sister were going to a concert last year and we got into an accident and they came to see us." I said remembering the accident.

"Yeah but what are you doing here?" Logan asked.

"Well I and Val are Camille's cousins, and Val got signed with some big record producer." I said.

"Oh how cool." James said.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Camille said getting up.

Valentine's POV

So I went out with jet he was so kind and cute. I had a lot of fun were going out again Friday night.

I know I was late but I still went to cammy's.

When I got there I knocked.

"Hey cammy." I said.

"Hey Val how was your date?" she asked.

"Amazing he's so sweet and cute." I said as I went in.

"That's great come on there are some people who want to see you." she said leading me to the table.

When I got there it felt like everything stopped.