AN:Just a drabble that wouldn't leave me alone. Established relationship between Chloe and Alek, sometime after the end of the first season, disregarding the existence of the books and the death of jasmine.

Disclaimer: I don't own Nine Lives of Chloe King. If I did, there would be a lot more romance between Alek and Chloe. Brian would have gone back to college when his dad tried to send him away... or died. On with the story!

"I am not a cat, Alek."

"as good as one."

"Name one thing! besides the abilities and the nine lives and the claws."

"You purr when you're wrapped in my arms, Chloe."

"One time doesn't count."

"Then how about the way you rub against me when you get jealous? Marking me as yours."

"I don't get jealous…"

"Or the way your fingers knead my chest when I've been kissing you."

"That's not a cat thing. That's just me. jasmine doesn't do that with Marcus."

"Jasmine isn't as attached as you are."


"So, it's not a Chloe thing, it's a cat thing."

"These are all open to discussion. Give me something I can't deny or I'm sticking to what I said. I'm not a cat beyond my abilities."

"Fine. I didn't want to have to resort to this, but you leave me no choice."

"Where are you going?"

"I'll be right back. I just have to grab something."

*Sigh* *Sniff sniff* "Alek, what's that smell?"


"No, the other plant you have in your hand. Of course that!"


"You've got to be kidding me."

"Not at all. Breathe it in and tell me it doesn't affect you and I'll admit that you're not a cat."

"Deal!" *Sniff Sniff* "It doesn't—wow, that smells really good. It still doesn't affect me, though."

"Then why are you purring?"

"I'm not purring."

"You were."

"Shut up, Alek. It wasn't the catnip."

"of course not. Just to be sure, though, you should take another whiff."

"Fine. I will." *Sniff sniff* "Dammit. That smells really good. It's not affecting you, though, is it? That's not fair."

"So you admit it's affecting you?"

*Sigh* "yea. You win. I'm a cat. Now give me that nip."

"No. I think I like having you at my mercy."

"Who said I was at your mercy?"

*Kiss* "I did."


*Long kiss* "and you don't seem to be denying it much."

"Shut up and kiss me."

"Of course, my kitten."

"Ale-! *kiss* Mmpf."

"Well, that was unexpected."

"What was? The seduction?"

"It's you. The seduction is the last thing that surprised me. The catnip, Alek. Obviously."

"That or your reaction to it?"

"alright, both. You're an ass."

*Chuckle* "I love you, too, Chloe."

*huff* "yea, alright. I love you."


*Snuggle* *Purr*


"Fuck off."

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