Well, here it is! My first fanfiction (well, that I've uploaded). I am excited to see how everyone thinks about my writing style, and how I can improve.

DISCLAIMER: All characters presented in the following story do not belong to me, but to Disney XD. I take no credit in their work, I just enjoying writing about my favorite characters from the show.

NOTE: Contains minor swearing, so if that's a problem, this might not be the read you're looking for.

And now, without further ado, enjoy the story!

Perry's POV

It started out as every other day. I awoke to the humble feeling of Phineas getting out of bed, and Ferb tagging along beside him. By the looks of their sidling, they were probably trying to not wake me up, so I pretended to still be sleeping. As soon as they left the room, I bolted up in the bed.

'What're those boys up to today?' I thought. Today was one of those rare days I woke up feeling like a whole new platypus! I was usually still drowsy from all the extra hours I put in at the agency, but today I felt like anything was possible. Especially with Phineas and Ferb, there's no telling what previously thought impossible endeavor they would perform in their seemingly small backyard.

I followed them out into the yard under the tree, and sat down, laying in the shade with them. They were already discussing what they were going to do.

"Hey Perry!" Phineas said as I lie down. I gave a casual chatter at his optimism to see me. "You know Ferb, we have done so many crazy things, everything except the obvious! So we're going to-"


'Damn wrist-watch.' I thought. 'I really need to get a different watch than this annoying beeping one.' I uncovered the fur that hid the watch and pressed a button, and on came Major Monogram.

"Good morning Agent P," he started, "I hate to break it to you but since Carl still isn't finished fixing the video camera's that record Doofenshmirtz-"

"It's not like you're helping you know!" Carl interrupted with a sarcastic tone.

"Quiet down Carl! I'm briefing Agent P!" he snapped back. I rolled my eyes. Carl was right though, maybe Monogram shouldn't be such a hard-ass and help the little intern for a change. "Anyways," he continued, "Get over there and find out what he's up to!" I gave a half-hearted salute, and headed for the D.E.I (Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated).

Phineas' POV

I stood there looking at the blueprints while Ferb worked out the bio-mechanics. I had already sent an email to Baljeet so he can look over the mathematics of the contraptions, and was silently waiting for a response. Isabella suddenly came through the fence-gate with a love-struck stance.

"Watcha' doooing?" She said as if she had rehearsed before she came over.

"Waiting for Baljeet to send back my email so we can finish building our-" I stopped myself. "Heh, I almost forgot! Where's Perry?"

Perry's POV

As soon as I heard Doofenshmirtz evil jingle, I just had to smirk. I had come to like his short little jingle, and it became apparent that without it, coming over wouldn't really be the same. He parked the jetpack on his balcony, and headed over where Doofenshmirtz had his head down on a table with a lamp shining down on his chestnut-brown hair. It almost seemed he was… depressed. I walked over and tapped on his shoulder.

"Hey Perry the Platypus," he said without looking up. "Thanks for not breaking something while you enter this time. It saves me a whole lot of money to do evil!" he said looking up grinning. But then he frowned again. "But that just reminds me that I can't think of anything evil to do today!" he exclaimed. I chattered at his clearly upsetting topic and then he acquired an idea.

"It may not be evil…" he started, "but maybe I could make a device that let's me understand you." He said smiling. "I would love to know what kind of intriguing thoughts could be going around in that head of sagacity."

I almost blushed, but instead just smiled. I headed over to watch T.V. while Dr. D went over to start his new contraption. About 5 minutes had passed, and he came out with a ray-gun looking device. 'Wow, that was fast!' I said out loud, not realizing that Dr. D could still only hear his chattering.

"You see, that's what I'm talking about," he said, "but with this, we can finally talk to each other!" he said as he eagerly pointed the ray at himself. It kind of worried me, because my nemesis was pointing what looked like a gun straight at his face. But then again, I thought, even though his evil schemes always failed, his inventions always seemed to work. He pulled the trigger and a bright light flashed as it reached the man's face. I looked up eagerly so I could tell him something, but only to find out something was wrong.

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