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So this idea was adapted from Leonixon who originally wrote "Me, My Friend, and His Friends" which is an amazing story by the way! so i asked her for promission to borrow the idea and she said sure, and her charecter " Brittney Maria Maloney" will show up in the later chapters as a cousin, on with the fic! so i order!_

Let's recap shall we?

"Shut him up." I said, the pain getting worse with each noise, I hear a loud metal agaist metal sound and a loud shout from starscream, as i drink the orange liquid, i sit down, allowing the medicin to take effect, after my head ache lessend, I wonderd, how am i going to put up with all of this?!


I look at my boy's, who as of right now were in recharge, wondering what im going to tell my parents, or even IF I should tell them, what would they do if they found out, that I had LIVE Cybertronians living with me, would they be okay with it? Would they call the cops? Would they...Kill...them? Oh god, I dont even want to think about that! I'd Have to find a way to keep them hidden...Mabey Cousin Brittney could help! She's in this situation! She bought Soundwave and the same thing happened! I run over and pick up my phone, I browse through my contacts till i see Cousin britt~3! The only cousin I acctually liked, I clicked 'call'.





"Hello?" I heard the mellow voice of brittney, I sighed, and swallowed whatever hesatance I had.

"Hey, Brittney, you know how you got that soundwave figurine?" I asked, voice wavering a little,

"yeah..?" she said dragging it out, suspission in her voice, and pull at my collar, i was sweating "Ummmm...well i bought sideswipe and he sorta ummm..same to life?" there was a silence, "..what the hell did you do?" she said, anger or what the fuck in her tone, i laughed "I-Its not my fault! just let me explain!" i said to her, hoping she would listen "Im listening..." i heard and i began to explain.

3 Minutes later.

"well i dont think you should tell your parrents, i mean i havent told mine about soundwave, so..." Brittney said, i got what she was getting to "I got it thanks britt, your the best!" I told her, we then said our goodbyes and hung up, i sigh, this was going to be a LONG week, I turn the guys were done charging so i threw a bunny at them, and they jerked awake, Sideswipe glared at me "What the pit rox?!" He yelled and starscream just gave me this murderous look, I motioned them to come over.

Sideswipe jumped off my dresser and skated over and pulled himself up my desk, and sat down, and star scream flew over, and sat.

"Guys, i just got off the phone with my cousin brittney, she has the REAL soundwave, like hes alive like you guys, and we have to go over some rules for this week" I told them, sideswipe gave me a questioning look, while starscream was trying to figure out why she had soundwave.

"What type of ground rules?" Sideswipe asked.

"My parrents are comming home, as well as my sis, and what would they do if they found out I had LIVING cybertroninans? Would they accept it? Would they call the cops? Would they...Kill...You? this is what i want to avoid so, in front of my parrents, i want you to be a toy in front of my parrents and sisster, meaning nooooo talk walk shooting transformeing blinking or Emoting what so ever got it?" I said staring at them, they nodded in agreement, "anything else we should know about?" Sideswipe asked, stading up.

"ummm not anything i can think of, but we might be going somewhere for spring break" I told them, starscream was about to say something when i said "The nieghbors arent home so we can go drive fight ans fly for a while okay?" I told them, they nooded , i pulled my hoodie on and went outside after they hopped on my shoulders.