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Been reading manga classic GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka and figured I'd give the high school drama genre a go. Not sure how extreme back stories might be if I do go on with it, though, so start as a T.



Time for another big move, huh? Tai sluggishly thought, tossing several clothes into his suitcase for what had to be the second time this year. He had only just found a close friend, and now he had to rinse, wash and repeat in a new town, Odaiba.

He was born there, but after his mom and dad got turbulent, he was forced to live alone in a tiny apartment in Kyoto under the guise of greater prospects.

He did not want to recall how it had happened, but all he would allow others who asked to know was that he was caught one night, a sixteen year old when it had happened, driving without a licence.

Why was a none factor, but after he was bailed out, he was kicked out, his dad aggravated that same night by a major 'parent thing' that went down while he tried solo drag racing.

Sure, he was cast out, but his place was paid for, not that it cost much to start with, and his food expenses were paid by credit card instalments paid by his mother, but still, he missed home. He missed his little sister Kari most of all; she was still a minor and wouldn't be cast out the same way legally, so she stayed.

In truth, he was glad. He was returning to Odaiba for another 'parent reason', even to the same area, but he would still live in his own apartment. A plus for this part of the deal was that he would go to the same prestigious academy his sister now attended and planned to live at.

The Tenchu Academy for Advanced Learning. Yes, the Japanese of it was unpleasant, but it was prestigious enough that only the best and brightest got in.

Why in Buddha's glorious name he was going there was beyond him, but according to the letter he got from mom and dad, someone offered to take up his tuition fees, on the grounds that they be kept a secret from him. He was really tired of the secrets his family held from him now.

All of this swirled in his head as he finally stuffed his suitcase full of his stuff, leaving a little stink bomb in the closed toilet for the new tenants. He was moving miles away, why not? Kyoto was distant and he personally felt sick at the obnoxious chicks and total dicks in his school.

His mind went a blur next, as he handed in his keys to that snobbish manager, stood at the bus station forever, and finally got on the bus to Odaiba at nightfall, falling into a dreary sleep on the very rear corner seat, only two others on the bus with him and the driver.


Hours multiplied by miles later, he awoke with the juddering halt of the bus; he had arrived at the station at last.

Stepping off with his suitcase and backpack, Tai walked across to the service station, getting the most trustworthy water he could find in the desolate stands.

"Man… my head is killing me…" he grumbled, walking up to the cashier and forking over what little he had in his pockets. Walking out, he found his way down the street, finally taking notice of the fact that the dawn had only broken, "Aw geez…"

Slinging his backpack before him, he clutched randomly inside, pulling out a folded map of Odaiba, unfolding it and holding it before him, looking at it as if the paper had grace and majesty.

He pinpointed the station, "What? Shinbashi? That's still a ways off!"

The bus had mis-interpreted what 'to Odaiba' meant, clearly!

He would need one of three things; a cab, a miracle or a friend to pick him up.

Slumping down on a bus shelter bench alone, he realized three flaws; one, he had just wasted his money on that stupid bottle, two, he and God had their disagreements, namely that his life was devoid of splendour, and three, he had friends in junior high when he was here, but they probably forgot him in middle school.

He had fallen with a bad crowd last year, and most of them strayed away.

It was mostly peer pressure that made him drive that night and begin his constant shifting.

"Aw, man…" he knew what he had to do, but he didn't like it. Rifling in his pocket, he retrieved his mobile, snapping it open and dialling that dreaded number, "… Mom? Hey, it's me…"


Two hours later, Tai had fallen asleep precariously on the bench, but wiped his eyes and awoke, quickly checking his belongings; money, check. Bag, check. Suitcase full of crap, checkaroo.

"What about your pants?"

Tai snapped into action, looking down and thankfully finding his jeans still there, a soft giggle behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he found his mom had hidden beside the bench.

"How are you doing, honey?"

"F-fine…" he weakly replied, not really meeting the soft gaze. Things became understandably awkward with his relocation, "How you been, mom?"

His mom was just as energetic as he used to be, burning chocolate eyes and matching hair colour draped over her Teflon overcoat, orange shirt and crème coloured khaki shorts.

"Oh, it's been alright for me, sweety. Kari and I are throwing you a little celebration at your new humble abode; poor dear's been holding down the fort for two solid hours; we best hurry!"


As he staggered with his suitcase dragging sluggishly behind him, he looked suspiciously at his mom's serene face; she hadn't mentioned his dad at all…

A minute later, Tai was practically dragged by the wrist over to his mother's new car, a flame red Ford Fiesta. Not luxurious, but it beat the crap out of her old, dented car.

He looked it over for a second, on auto pilot as he put his belongings in the spacious trunk, "Where'd you get this from, mom?"

Her face fell across the car, the pair getting in. She looked at him with shame before starting the engine, "A lot happened, so I need you to listen, okay sweetums?"

Her son turned feverishly red, "Can you seriously calm down with the baby names?" he said in embarrassment, "I mean, it's not that I hate it, per say… it's just that I'm only a few months off of being seventeen and all…"

As the car began to move and scenery shifted quickly before him, he still saw that same look of sadness on her face.

"Mom? What's wrong?"

Firmly focused on driving, she came out almost robotically, "Last year after the… family dispute, and you were sent away, your father and I began drifting, even though it was a drunken mistake and we still loved one another… we are currently on a trial separation, Taichi. He is seeing other people, and I am seeing other people to better understand where we're going to go from here on. He still agrees to paying a handsome instalment to me and Kari since his promotion every month, which resulted in the car."

Tai was beyond vexed, "I've been living on scraps in that shithole corner of Kyoto while he's been off scratching the old itch?"

His mother threw him a dirtied look, making him silent as she turned the corner to the freeway.

"Listen… sweetie, things have been strained ever since that night… your father is a sweet man, but he blew out from both things happening. He just wanted to ensure you'd be safe in case he did blow out. He was secretly vying for the promotion back then."

Tai scoffed lowly, his mother deciding to leave it until he had eaten to talk.

Remembering the propaganda ads, Tai flipped open his phone again, opening the option for 'MESSAGES' and looking for spam.

The screen was somewhat like this.

'Have you claimed for that accident you had yet? Suffering

from a broken leg because of somebody-


Do you like hot pictures? Do maids do it for you?

well check out the promotion photos for the Maid Café opening here in Odaiba!


Message received from 102694 768.'

Tai was a little wierded out by that, pressing open and finding this.



You might not remember me, and it was a hassle to get your number from old friends,

but don't think this is a stalker or anything.

My name is Izzy Izumi, the current head of the student council body at Tenchu Academy.

We went to elementary together before I moved, but onto the point, your living arrangements

have been accepted by the school for 'special reasons' including your family, but for the first

week, you'll be accompanied by another council member to find the school from your place of living.

He'll swing by tomorrow morning to pick you up.

He's a blonde called Matt Ishida.

Looking forward to seeing you again.



"Mom," Tai asked fearfully, finding this was sent at the start of his day long bus ride, "What day does school start?"

She was quick, not diverting attention from the road, "Today. You have to be ready within the first hour we're there, sweetums. I thought you'd have saved up for a cab, but evidently not."

It was a dream. It couldn't be true.

"But I was at school yesterday in Kyoto!" he complained.

"I think you'll find those were remedial lessons. The school term starts today nearly everywhere."

There was only one logical response to that sweet smile… oh, was he sick of her sweetness in everything.


An omniscient smile curled on her face, "You seem to forget you woke up with me next to you, not to mention that the bus driver mentioned to me that you were sleeping too sweetly to wake up for any of the pit-stops."

"You watched your own son sleep at a bus shelter? Are you human?"

"Sweetie, I'm a mother; I'll do anything to relive those precious little moments when you were a baby sleeping helplessly."

"And if I was mugged while you watched?"

"Sweetums, you have nothing of value on you. Besides, I used to steal your pacifier for a giggle!"

"EVIL!" Tai accused the driver, his voice thick and husky in the small space.

She took one hand from the wheel, pointing at him, "Evil's spawn." She giggled.

She had an answer for everything… damn… next subject, maybe a rest day! She couldn't win at that!


Boy, Tai had been decimated in every subject he could think of. She had a joke or comeback for everything.

It was two unholy hours of banter-ific travel later, the pair had arrived back in Odaiba, the traffic holding them back before Tai's new apartment building; it was like Odaiba Mansions, stacked twelve stories high like a cake with veranda like terraces of concrete and not much rain damage. It must've been built here recently, like Tai being gone kind of recently.

The district was the same as his old home, so it wasn't far off from family this time.

Pulling up into the front car entrance, Tai's mom picked the closest out of three empty boxes, inserting her precious car gently in and ordering Tai to be gentle upon exiting; no scratches or dents on these doors!

"Hey, mom, I forgot to ask," he began before the glass doors in to the main lobby, "what floor am I on?"

She smiled, wresting his bag from him and carrying it inside, "The eighth floor on the left hand side; I gotta tell you sweetie, that place is just as fancy as our home!"

So it's deafly average… he realized, following his mom down the short corridor and to the right, a silver, mechanised door opening before them. It was an elevator with either a motion sensor or really good manners.

Unfortunately it was the latter and not a cool sensor. Rather, it was timing. But he still felt regal and important, vital after the verbal debate debacle over the last two hours alone.

With a gentle ping, the elevator closed behind them, Tai doing the honours of pressing the big red '8', feeling weight leave his legs for a few seconds before the doors opened again with a shuddering halt, the pair walking out into the plain white corridor, lined with a few doors of various types and colours.

Walking to the left, they came to the final door, a navy blue wood door with a fake gold plaque engraved '24', the apartment number.

"Well, I've got work to get to~!" his mom announced, dropping the backpack and skipping off back to the still open elevator.

She's out of her mind… some welcome party she was having! Tai looked down at the door knob, grabbing and slowly twisting it as if it were a bomb trigger, I know she said my keys were with Kari in there, but what do I say to Kari? It's been so long, and I haven't spoken to her once, mostly because of that shitty apartment's phone line…

The sixteen year old finally mustered his courage, sliding it open without a creak and peering inside.

It was… beautiful to behold… relatively high ceilings, a kitchen unit to the left like home's, a plasma HD lying in wait for him and a large bunching couch around it in an L shape with four shadows siting on it… wait, four? NOT ONE?

The sight horrified him!

His L couch was defiled by two teens locked in a deep embracing kiss, one spiky haired kid throwing the dude in the tangled mess the evils and one purple haired girl adjusting her lunar sized glasses! He was shocked that the bridge of those things wasn't draping the American flag!

Apparently he went unnoticed, so he slipped his suitcase beside the door, gently lowering his bag as well, closing the none creaking door and hiding behind the wall that separated the living area and kitchen.

"Hey, Kari… when's your brother meant to be here? We have to get back to our dorms and pretend we didn't sneak out soon!" The spiky headed one sporting rectangular goggles pointed out in his flame jacket and brown shorts. Did he realize he dressed like a moron or was it part of his act?

"Don't worry, Davis," he heard his sister's voice which, to his horror, came after she untied herself from the blonde kid, "he's always been reliable… besides, he has his first day today."

The purple haired girl shot up, "After a bus ride all the way from Kyoto? Is he an energy freak?"

"Sounds like an idiot move if you ask me…" this Davis kid voiced. Tai could see it in his head right now; leap over the wall and kill the kid. Amazing in theory, but why not observe / eavesdrop some more?

The blonde pulled away from Kari on the couch and looked incredulous, "Coming from the one whose failing in his advanced Physical Education because he stretched his crotch."

"A groin injury! I said a groin injury! It happens all the time to soccer players of my calibre!" Tai could tell by the octave that he was likely bright red; the others were giggling after all, "You can't make fun T.E! You cried when we watched 'Code Geass's' ending!"


Yolei, the purple haired girl, input snobbishly, "Boys and anime… you otaku freaks, it isn't cool!"

"Neither is Tai not showing! We finished the bottle in a game of 'I Never' in the time since he was supposed to arrive!" Davis deflected, almost begging Tai to leap up right now.

A booze game mere hours before the start of term? Although partially his fault, his sister needed to be embarrassed to ensure it didn't happen again.

Jumping up, he still wasn't noticed by the four bored teens, "You idiots realize I can hear every syllable, right?"

Kari, TK, Davis and Yolei fell from the couch, their heart seemingly pulsing out of their chests on the floor. Tai's haughty laugh beckoned them all to stand and scowl at him behind the L shape seat, the girl still grasping their left breasts in surprise.

"TAI!" Kari frowned, still panting, causing her voice to be deep and dark, "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?"

Ignoring the growl, her brother pointed first at Davis, "Long enough to know he's an idiot with an erectile dysfunction," he shifted the finger to Yolei, "she's got the attitude and chest of a man," to TK, with his middle finger indicating Kari, "and that my dear baby sister has fallen to being a kiss-o-gram with an interest of smelling like booze on her first day of school."

"I DON'T HAVE AN ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!" Davis roared back at his elder teen, red from both anger and embarrassment.

Tai looked like a ditz on purpose, tapping his chin, "Oh, your right… but I did hear that you have funny stuff wrong with your sweet spot."

Yolei was so completely red it was cute; in Tai's mind, he added steam from her ears as a laugh, "I DO NOT! I'M A RESPECTABLE LADY! PLUS I HAVE A ROCKIN' BOD!"

What planet was she from? Dimtopia?

He just couldn't resist, "You've got the smoothness of a surfboard. Why don't you and I go to the sea, enjoy a wave or two?" he giggled, turning to Kari, "Listen, I'm sorry, all of you, but I want you to remember this happening so you won't do it at the start of next year, you got me? Davis, I play soccer too, and trust me, you toughen up in that area, and Yolei… well, do you want me to say something, 'cause it'll only be made worse if I mention it."

Understanding but still beetroot shaded, she shook her head, pretending to be lifting the collar of her shirt up as a cover to… well, her covering.

Kari was still sour behind the couch, "You still didn't have to surprise and mock us…"

"No, but I do feel the urge to kill your boyfriend… T.E, was it?"

The blonde scratched his head nervously, "TK… what you said is true, Davis isn't the brightest bulb."

Tai walked around the kitchen unit wall and into his apartment's living space, his strong legs kicking off and leaping over his couch, his rear firmly planted as his eyes met the offending bottle on his coffee table.

Grabbing it, Tai realized there was scarcely anything left though. But like a child, he always tried to bleed a stone, milk a dead cow, whatever the saying was back then…

Davis grabbed Tai's wrist, stopping him from drinking, "That's mine though…"

"Careful kid, that's my beer swilling and my bitch tossing arm," Tai grinned evilly, gulping down the trace remnants of the beer bottle and looking back at the lined up trio, "you can come anytime, just not when I'm told I have school to go to after a day long bus ride from Kyoto."

"Y-yeah… about that… you have three hours to get ready, and we have to hurry back to our dorm rooms now."

Yolei's sudden revelation startled him. Looking up at the digital clock above his TV, he read '05:26'. No rest for the wicked, he assumed.

Without further incident, the three visitors said goodbye until later that day at the entrance ceremony. Tai waved back at them, turning back to Kari, who looked conflicted about leaving.

"Listen, Tai…" she began, "we really need to talk later… about dad. There's a possibility they'll get divorced!"

"Goodbye, Kari." He firmly intercepted, waving up at her. With a small smile, she bounced off in pursuit of her friends, closing the door behind her with a small bang, "Time to unpack my crap and wait for this Matt dude, I guess."


Tai's room now looked more homely; the four walled, wardrobe and bed filled room was considerably bigger than the one in Kyoto, similar in size to his room back home. He had pasted the wall with blu-tac, resulting in foreign posters for bands such as Daughtry and Oasis, in addition to the Asian Kung Fu Generation and a poster of a blue lion's head with a black mane, with the text running between its teeth as 'ODAIBA LIONHEARTS', his former team.

In the wardrobe amongst his other clothes was is mother's gift; an Academy uniform, which he quickly put on while awaiting a text from Matt.

The uniform was a white, long sleeved shirt with a navy and dark blue striped tie beneath his black blazer with the shield and crest over his heart, running down the colour with his black pants. While his large, puffy hair would be awkward in such stellar clothes, he figured he'd adjust.

Walking into his living room, Tai found his empty backpack that he intended to fill today waiting, the clock stricken at '07:45'. Figuring a few more minutes was needed, he flicked on the TV.

The first channel to come on was the news as a local report sifted through.

Tai was in time to catch the last of this though,

'And so, the Black Swan Institution of Abused Children will be

demolished within the next two months after a long

time caring for the ill healthed and abused children of Odaiba's Natsu District due to financial


The Natsu District was this district, renamed while Tai was gone. Man did he hate the idea; it used to rain all the time here, so how could it be Natsu?

Although, he had passed by that home for abused kid a few times years ago. They were dead in the eyes, and it always made him thankful for his family being tolerant and kind.

Sure enough, a minute later, a vibration filtered through his leg, Tai pulling his phone from his pocket and reading the message he had received.


Downstairs, I'm waiting beside my car.

Ready for your first day? Tenchu isn't exactly a normal school, y'know.

Explain along the way.



Tai snorted at his phone, grabbing the weightless back pack and slinging it over his shoulders, Not a normal school? Please not some dysfunctional bullshit like Kyoto again. If there are gangs, hooker attitude girls and annoying pansies, I'm out, He vowed in his head, shutting and locking the door on his way out.

A/N: I've always wanted to try a high school drama sort of story, so I might as well try it before College starts and weighs me down. At least I can say 'I did that'.

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