Written for the Freeverse Competition at HPFF Forum :)

Pairing: Victoire/Blaise


eyes pop, jaws drops, hearts stop

when we stand together

cause baby we're gorgeous & beautiful,



you send the hearts racing,

i set the jaws falling,

and when we come together baby

we set the fire blazing

(because we are HOT)

Omph fire h-o-t/

with your hand on my waist,

& my arms around your neck,

I'm the envy of all girls

and you, of all the men


'Cause baby we're hot

Omph fire h-o-t/

I laugh on your arm,

and you graze on my neck

and no guy has ever made me look

as /perfect/ as you have

But then she *pops* into the picture

(my UGLY little sister)

who nobody has ever noticed,


and nobody will /ever/

till I'm standing there,

next to her.

But you turn and look at her,

standing there,

dressed in emerald silk /horrid/ little gown

& s-t-a-r-e

with your mouth opened & jaw dropped.

the hand behind my waist *slips away*

the neck in my grasp *walks away*

and as you approach her,

the picture that was perfect (minutes) ago,


- looks -