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What You Want Most: Epilogue

Donovan adjusted his tie one last time and gave himself a once-over in the mirror. Today was a special day. Today was the wedding. He smiled as he thought about the last several months; six to be exact. It had thrilled him to no end to know that he would be needing his tux after all. He thought of the beautiful woman he'd be with today, her golden hair and soft eyes enthralled him from the moment he'd met her and now he was going to make a big step in their relationship. He sighed contentedly as he tucked his boutonniere into his lapel and turned around to grab his things. Relena had wanted this to be a comfortable day for him and he wanted to return her consideration by helping today go as smoothly as possible.

"Donovan, are you ready?"

"Yes, Kara. I was just making sure I had everything."

He smiled warmly as his girlfriend walked up and adjusted his tie, yet again. Kara had been an old high school acquaintance of Relena's that she had been all too happy to introduce him to. They had hit it off right away. He had no hard feelings after they had ended their engagement and had kept in contact which was what merited him his plus one invitation to the long-awaited event.

Kara looked stunning. Her golden hair was styled perfectly, her long tasteful dress framed her curves perfectly without taking anything away from her natural beauty. He smiled. If things continued to go well between them, maybe he'd be getting married soon too.

"Shall we go?" He said, offering her his arm. She nodded, smiling at him and he felt his heart skip as they walked together out to the car.

Heero looked in the mirror. He hated wearing suits; especially tuxes, but today was worth it. Duo walked in behind him his tie untied, hanging around his neck and his jacket slung casually over one shoulder. He leaned on the door frame. His grin spoke volumes and "I told you so" was one of its most prevalent statements. The annoying thing was that he was right. He had told him so many times. If it hadn't been for his meddling he might not be here, right now, dressed up and ready to take the biggest step of his life. Heero considered this his most important mission ever and he never failed his missions. Mission objective: arrive at the alter and swear in the vows that he knew in his heart he'd always wanted to make.

The objective wasn't the problem. The problem was his self-doubt. Despite all of her reassurances, despite all her words of love he still felt as though he didn't deserve her. He was a soldier, the perfect soldier, things like this were not meant for him. He had been trained to live and die in the battlefields. Odin Lowe once told him to act on his emotions and for years he denied them because his trainers had told him that such things were unnecessary for him to have. Somehow, meeting her hand changed all of that. She gave him a purpose to live beyond the battle, a reason for existing and something precious to fight for and protect and now he was taking the biggest step of his life. She already owned him, from the moment he had met her he had been hers; heart, mind and soul, though he had fought it, denied it with every fiber of his being. Today, however, he would make it official and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's time buddy." At his friend's words he took a deep breath and turned walking through the door down the hall and into the sanctuary. The amount of people in attendance was relatively small compared to what it could have been. Only those that needed to be invited for political reasons and to help keep up good relations were in attendance. There was no way to fit every representative and the whole of the Earth-Sphere Nation in this one room no matter how big the church might be. She had wanted a small wedding, for his sake, just friends and family, but he had insisted she have the big wedding that every woman dreamed of with the dresses and the bouquets and the fancy, flashy decorations normally called for in this situation.

It seemed like an eternity passed before the procession music started beginning the ceremony. Duo let loose a wolf whistle as Hilde made her entrance earning him a blush and a reproachful glance from his wife. Dorothy followed next giving Quatre some sort of suggestive look although what she was suggesting Heero did not even want to try and speculate. The two were followed by Relena's niece and nephew as the flower girl and ring bearer. When at last the wedding party had taken their appropriate places, the bridal march began. Heero's eyes were glued to her from the moment she appeared escorted by her mother on one arm and Pagen, standing in for her absent father on the other.

She was breathtaking. Her hair was done up perfectly in a French twist with curled tendrils falling gracefully alongside her heart-shaped face. Her dress was perfect, classic and tasteful, with just enough cling in the right places to really set off her figure in an appropriate way. She looked as she should, as graceful and poised as the royal princess she was. She was perfection in its finest form and she was about to join her life with his forever.

Her eyes met his and he could see the tears beginning to form, tears of happiness that were only accentuated by her smile. In that instant, the tux, the prying eyes of the few press members, even Duo's random jokes no longer mattered. All that mattered, all he saw was her. Just her. As she reached him, she hugged her mother, and Pagen lifted her veil before giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The glance they both cast him said the same thing: take care of her. Pagen gave her away and the ceremony proceeded. As he took her hands in his everything seemed to stand still. He spoke the vows with sincerity greater than he'd ever had before, taking her in, breathing the words 'I do' and in front of everyone mirrored her smile.

As she repeated the vows her entire face lit up and when he leaned in to kiss her at the end of the vows she blushed sweetly as he pulled her closer to gently deepen the kiss. She never was one for public displays of affection; neither was he, but for some reason he felt the need to show all of those diplomats, dignitaries and political blowhards that she was his. Her lips were so soft he knew he would never tire of kissing them. Duo's whistle and the minister clearing his throat finally made him end their kiss. Her face was now a darker shade of pink than he'd seen before and he smiled a small, evil smirk that only she could see. Her eyes were wide with pleasant surprise. As the final announcement was made pronouncing them as Mr. and Mrs. They walked together as quickly as they could to their getaway car to get to the reception. The limo seats were a comfortable spot to continue the kiss that had been so "rudely" interrupted.

Relena sighed contentedly as she gently kicked off her heels. It had been quite a busy day. The wedding had gone off perfectly with everything being as she'd pictured it. She would have been fine with a small ceremony but he wouldn't let her have anything less than what they did. She smiled. It was little things like that that reminded her how much he loved her. He never really said it, never really had to. She just knew. The look in his eyes, the way he said her name, the small things he would do for her on a regular basis like getting her tea and getting her painkillers whenever she showed signs of her imminent headaches. What she liked best were his massages. He was very good at them. Duo had caught him giving her one once and joked about how soldiers could use their hands to inflict pain or soothe it away, a fact she found herself thankful for on more than one occasion.

He had been reinstated as head of her security after they made up and was almost always at her side, more as a silent comforting presence than anything else. He proposed in the most unexpected of ways that was still so typically him.

She had been tired after a hard day of conferences and debates and was lying on the couch with a bag of ice on her forehead when he sat down and propped her head in his lap. She had been thankful for the makeshift pillow and sighed contentedly. She looked up at him and reached up, touching his face gently.

"I love you." She had said it in a dreamy sigh, content to just be with him. She was about to close her eyes when she heard him say:

"Marry me." He eyes widened in shock and she stared at him. She sat up, looking him in the eyes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box, opening it slowly. Inside was a nice sized topaz stone set in between two nice sized diamonds on a silver band. He knew she wasn't a huge fan of gold. She looked at the ring, then at him and with tears in her eyes she all but lunged forward, tackling him to the couch and kissing him, as her answer, her headache forgotten. When the kiss broke he stroked her hair out of her face gently and looked into her eyes.

"I love you too." It had been the first time he'd actually said it but it had been worth waiting for.

She stood in the doorway of their bedroom. Their bedroom. The concept made her skin ripple with goose bumps. She smiled as she began to try and unlace the corset part of the bodice of her dress which was harder than she'd ever imagined it would be. The sooner she was out of her dress the sooner she could slip into something more comfortable. Her plans were about to be altered as two strong hands joined hers in working to undo the frustrating strings. He laid his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck softly sending pleasant shivers down her spine. He always knew exactly where to kiss… the base of her neck right where it meets the clavicle. In spite of herself she let out a soft moan. She felt his warm, muscular body press against her and sighed. She felt so tiny compared to him, but so safe.

"Where have you been?"

"I was giving the rest of the security the night off. We are alone." The way he said those words, a husky growl, rolling out of his throat passed his lips, mixed with the fact that he kissed her again made her knees grow weak.

"Heero.." She gasped, trying to collect her thoughts. She wasn't worried about the lack of security. Heero would be more than enough. Her silent protector, her love, her husband. She had wanted to tell him something… or ask him something… what was it again? She gave another soft moan as his lips trailed their way up to her ear. Suddenly the dress was less of a frustration than an outright barrier. As the last string fell loose she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. There was a passion in his eyes, a fire that she knew burned only for her and she loved it. Here, in this place, at this time, there was only the two of them. She was his, completely, wholly; heart, mind, soul… and body. As his lips met hers in another deep kiss she let herself get swept away.

"I love you so much." She muttered as she felt herself losing control.

"I know." Was his only response before the two became lost in one another; their souls finally complete after half a lifetime of waiting.