Lucky Star: An Otaku's Dilemma Chapter 1

Coming to Terms

Konata Izumi was sitting at her desk in school thinking. She had recently begun to feel different about her friend, Kagami Hiragii. She had always thought that Kagami was a very pretty girl, but that was normal for other girls to think that. She was getting a strange feeling when she was together with her though. She couldn't be falling for the purple haired girl, right? They were both girls, after all.

"Hey, Konata, you coming or what?" The purple haired girl said. This was Kagami Hiragii. She was a very stern girl, but she was very sweet and caring at the same time. She refused to admit it most of the time and this was one of the qualities Konata liked best about the girl.

"Yeah, I'm coming, Kagamin" She said getting up. She figured she would worry about her feelings at a later date. They were too confusing right now. Besides, they were off to the amusement park for the day. It had been too long since she had gone there with all her friends.

"Hey, Kona-chan, can you teach me how to not get nauseous on roller-coasters? I do every time." Tsukasa said. Tsukasa was Kagami's younger twin sister. She was the polar opposite of her as well. She was kind of an air head and very unorganized, yet she was very sweet and caring towards everyone.

"Sure, Tsukasa. All you gotta do is not think about how high and fast you're going. Just imagine that your sitting still and the only thing that is moving is the area around you." Konata said giving her trademark smile. Tsukasa nodded quickly while jutting down notes in her little notepad she carried everywhere. Konata giggled at this sight. Tsukasa always looked so cute when she was innocently scribbling away in her little notebook.

"How about you, Miyuki-san? Do you have trouble on roller-coasters?" Konata asked the pink haired girl. Miyuki was easily the most physically gifted of the group. She was tall and curvy and had already "grown" in areas Konata was slightly jealous of. She was also the smartest of the four by a long shot. She was even smarter than Kagami and she got near perfect grades already.

"Oh…No, I can't do roller-coasters. I always feel like I'm going to be left behind or fall out. Actually, this one time when I was little, I was in a ride with my mother. When the ride was over, she wandered off and forgot me, so I ended up riding the thing over and over until she finally remembered I wasn't with her. Ever since then I am afraid to ride them for fear of being left behind. I'm also not great with heights, anyway." Miyuki explained with that cute tone she always had.

"Miyuki, give us other girls a chance will you? We can't hope to snag someone up with you being all moe all the time, ya know?" Konata said raising her hands into the air. They were about halfway to the park when Konata noticed that Kagami had been playing on her cell phone for quite awhile now. What could she be doing? Konata figured a little bit of teasing was in order right about now.

"Oh Kagamiiiin! What are you doing there huh? Talking to a new boyfriend of yours?" Konata teased while trying to get Kagami's cell phone away from her. Kagami's face darkened and she had to struggle to keep the cell phone away from the smaller girl.

"Geez, Konata. Can you get off my case for once? You know I don't have a boyfriend nor do I care for one right now." Kagami said to the blue haired Otaku. Konata had an idea.

"Oh? So maybe you just don't like guys then? Maybe you swing that way? Are you like Kaori? Are you going to start following me around saying you're my number one fan?" Konata teased jabbing her elbow into the taller girl. Kagami sighed. The girl couldn't go five minutes without throwing some kind of anime reference in her speech.

"Just drop it, Konata. It's none of your business whether I'm a yuri or not anyway." Kagami said looking away. Konata saw her face just then and she looked so fragile, so innocent. Konata felt a stitch in her heart. She now realized that she was, indeed, in love with Kagami. She finally realized what the feeling was that has been prying at her all this time.

"Konata, you alright? I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything. I'm just going through a lot, is all." Kagami said noticing her friend looking kind of sad. She stretched her hand out for the smaller girl to take it.

"No, it's alright. I'm fine, Kagamin. I shouldn't have pried into your business. I know I can be annoying sometimes, but I just care about you and I wish you would be more open with me…My favorite tsundere." Konata said laughing at the remark she just made. Kagami just sighed.

"This is why I can't take you seriously, Konata. Although, thanks anyway. I'll try to be more open. You are my best friend, after all. It's the least I could do." Kagami said smiling. She knew the small otaku meant no harm and it was just her way of showing affection to those she cared about.

With that the four girls arrived at the amusement park ready to have some much deserved down time. Konata wondered if she would have a chance to tell Kagami how she really felt. That was the only thing that was on her mind, at the moment.


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