Lucky Star: An Otaku's Dilemma Chapter 6

As Comforting as I can be

Everyone that had just witnessed what had happened at the hospital had just arrived at the Hiiragi household. Everyone was still slightly in tears. Tsukasa and her sisters were all trying to comfort eachother as they had just lost a very important part of their family. Their mother just stared ahead like the life had been drained from her. It was understandable as she had just lost one of her own children. Any mother would be emotionally distraught after witnessing that first hand. Their father, however, had tears in his eyes as well, but tried to put a smile on his face for everyone's sake.

"Everyone, you are welcome to stay here if you wish. I am sure we all need eachother right now more than ever. Our home is your home." He announced to everyone in the living room. Konata stood up and hugged Kagami's mother, Miki. She was in tears and was still in shock that her best friend was gone.

"I miss her already, but we need to try and remember the good times with her…Times I should have said something." Konata said ending the last part of the sentence in a whisper. Miki looked up at the girl and seeing her face, which was so distraught and sad in the hospital, with a comforting smile on her face, she couldn't hold it in any longer. She let the tears flow freely while clutching at the small girl.

"I miss her so much. She was my daughter. Konata, why did this have to happen? What did Kagami ever do to deserve this? I will never see my little girl's smile again. I don't think I can bear it." She cried. Everyone looked at the scene. They were surprised that Konata was trying to comfort the girl's mother when she had been the most emotionally wrecked one not hours before. They thought it was a bittersweet spectacle to watch.

"I want to see her smile again as well. I wish none of this had ever happened either. I would give anything just to see that smile one last time. I would even take her place if I could." Konata said clutching Miki in a hug. Miki stood up and left the room suddenly. Everyone decided that it is best that she be left alone for the time being. Konata turned to everybody in the room and started speaking.

"Everyone, I am sorry for how I acted before. I was immature and hurting a lot. I didn't want to accept it…I still don't want to accept it." Konata said. Everyone looked at her with teary eyes. She had gone from the weakest person to the strongest in a matter of a few minutes. They were all grateful that she was there with them. Miyuki stepped forward and took Konata in a hug.

"Konata, nobody is blaming you for how you acted. I would have done the same thing if I had the chance. I figured I had to be the one to help everyone through this tough time though. I see now that you are the one who everyone is looking to. Please stay strong for everyone, Konata." Miyuki said letting tears build up in her eyes. Konata was shocked at this. She had never seen Miyuki cry before.

"I will try, Miyuki. I can't promise anything though. I still have the pain of her loss clutching at my heartstrings. I don't know how long I can act like this before I break down again." Konata said. She began to think back on all the times she had with Kagami. As she thought of these good times, she began to form tears in her eyes again. She began to cry and kneeled onto the ground. Tsukasa, Miyuki, and Kagami's father all went over to comfort the girl.

"I'm alright. I was just thinking of all the good times I had with her and everyone else. I got emotional thinking that I wouldn't be able to laugh with her again. I know I annoyed her a lot, but that is just how I show that I care." Konata said through small sniffles. Kagami's father smiled at the girl.

"Konata, I do believe that my daughter could not have chosen a better girl to be her best friend. She may have complained about you sometimes, but she did praise you quite a bit. She was always happy to talk about you. You should have seen how her eyes lit up when your name was mentioned in any conversation. You have my gratitude for taking such good care of her all this time." The man said. He was truly grateful that Kagami had such good friends who cared about her this much. That was one of the best things someone could live for.

"Kona-chan, Sis really did enjoy being around you, so don't think for a second that you were ever a burden to her. You were always the highlight of her day and she always shone much brighter when you were around." Tsukasa said to the small girl. Tsukasa was still crying, but was trying to keep herself composed through her speech. Konata looked at all of them and smiled.

"Thank you, all of you. I don't know what I would do if I lost you guys as well. I just hope Kagami knows that we all miss her so much." Konata said rubbing her eyes. Miyuki put a hand on the girl's shoulder and started speaking.

"I'm sure she knows, Konata. I don't think Kagami would ever thing that we would abandon her for any reason." Miyuki said with a smile. Tsukasa walked over to her sisters who seemed to be crying with the scene transpiring in front of them. Regardless of what anyone said, they really were an emotional bunch. Given the situation, Konata could not blame them in the slightest.

"Guys, I'm going to sit down. I feel like I am about to break down again and I don't want to make this scene look bad." Konata said as she went into the other room and took a seat on a small couch. She felt the tears come on and she buried her head in her arms and sobbed quietly.

"Kagami, please come back. I still never got to tell you how I truly feel." She said through tears. She was shocked when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to find Miki standing there holding something. It looked like a small bag.

"Konata, I'm sure that she would have listened if you told her what I think you wanted to tell her. Here I think that Kagami would want you to have this." She said giving the bag to Konata. Konata looked at it wondering what was inside.

"Open it when you go home. I figure it will be something that will comfort you when you think about what has happened." Miki said. Konata nodded and gave the woman a hug. Miki hugged the girl back and gave her a reassuring nod. She then went back into the room with everyone else. Konata sat on the couch and soon found the hours of sleep she had not had catch up with her.

"Kagami…"Was the last thing the girl said before the warm embrace of sleep consumed her. The next morning she woke up and found everyone except Miki asleep in the living room. Miki was just sitting there stroking Tsukasa's hair while the girl slept.

"Good morning, Mrs. Hiiragi. I am going to be going now. I hope I didn't cause to much trouble." Konata said. She figured it would be best if she left while everyone was still asleep.

"Oh, Konata, don't be silly. You're welcome whenever you want to come over. Please, be careful on the way home. I will tell Tsukasa and Miyuki that you left already when they wake up." Miki said with a smile on her face. Konata thought the woman was strong for being able to act this way so soon after what had happened.

"Thank you, Maam. I'll be going now." Konata said as she left the house. She walked slowly back to her house which wasn't too far from where Kagami had lived. She arrived after about twenty minutes of walking.

"I'm home!" She announced as she walked into her house and left her shoes at the door. She noticed her dad asleep on the floor next to Yutaka. She smiled and placed a blanket over them. She headed up to her room with the bag the was given to her by Miki.

"Now what is in here…" She said as she took the small ribbon off the bag. She opened it and pulled out its sole item. Tears welled up in the girls eyes. She had pulled out a picture of Kagami from when she had gotten her picture taken at her last birthday party. Along the bottom it had a message in red letters. Konata put the picture on her computer desk and read the message aloud to herself.

"In loving memory, Kagami Hiiragi, We shall always treasure your memories…Until we meet again." She said quietly. She read this over and over again in her head and had the memories of the two girls flood into her mind.

She fell onto her bed and cried at the gift that was given to her. She now had Kagami with her…always…



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