My brand new story (as the other one is nearly over) - this will bring some interesting twists, as it will be not set on an island, also, the kids are different ages and classes. This is a general introduction, sorry for too many names. Just tell me if a few stuck in your head, also, please, feedback is always appreciated!

"Um, Mina?" Tyler nervously pulled his hands out of his pockets, just to put them back again seconds later.


"Mina, I was… wondering…"

The girl fiddled with a lock of her thick, curly pale brown hair, not looking happy at all.

"Mina!" the boy finally got himself together "I want to… I… can we go and see a movie or something?"

Oh, damn. I look like a total idiot.

However, the response from the girl was something he'd never expected.

"Leave me alone, you bully!" she ran down the corridor to join her best friend.

"Ty, Ty…" Tyler heard the voice he last wished to hear "I told you not to mess with that ugly duckling!"

He looked angrily at Harrison and Peter.

"I'm not like you two – not any more! She is pretty! And I… I will… oh, fuck you two!"

Tyler knew he would meet his dream girl again – in the special art class, held every Friday. Too bad his two ex-friends were to be there too.

Also, they were going to tag along for the weekend forest trip, where they were supposed to learn to paint nature.

"What on Earth happened?"

"That bully thought he could ask me out! Just to make fun of me! Like last year, and…"

"Mina, seriously, he's not been around those two for quite a while, maybe he…"

"Tina! He hates me, he wants to bully me… I…"

"Hello there!" an Asian girl walked by and waved at them.

"Sorry, Jem, we don't have time for this…"

"Okay, see you in art class!"

"See you!"

Comforting her best friend, Christina Emerton wondered why Carmina would see bullies everywhere – especially now that the ugly duckling had turned into almost a swan.

"Mina! Tina! What happened?" a red-haired girl walked up to them, almost in a panic.

"Nothing of your business, sorry!" Christina was busy trying to stop Carmina from crying.

"What's to be so upset for?"

"Leave me alone!" muttered Carmina.

"Yes, Paulsy, leave them" the voice of a short, prim-and-proper blonde girl joined in "I bet someone had said her something apart from praise!"

"Janice…" the red-haired girl tried to stop her.

"Mina, I don't know what happened, but you're overreacting, that's for sure."

"Leave us! You need therapy, you sociopath!" shouted Christina, holding the now weeping Carmina.

Janice shrugged and pulled the third girl away.

Selection beginning – Lewis High School, Art Class

Class 10th A

Blackwood, Janice (Age 15)

Blaire, Carmina (Age 15)

Emerton, Christina (Age 16)

Griffin, Tyler (Age 16)

Pauls, Jessica (Age 16)

Zheng, Jemima (Age 16)

Class 10th B

Aarons, Peter (Age 16)

Rowley, Harrison (Age 16)

Jemima sat down at her place in Art Class, setting carefully the papers and pencils on the desk. She knew they were going to do drawing practice before departing for the trip.

Unbeknownst to her, someone was much more looking forward to seeing her than the forest on the trip.

Lobelia Valdez, her originally black hair dyed a shocking dark purple, was busy checking her incredibly wild makeup in the restroom mirror. Applying another layer of red lipstick, she was wondering whether beautiful Jemima would finally notice her. She did not know if Jemima was straight or not – and ever since she started going to art class, she kept on hoping she wasn't.

"Jem, oh, hi!" she finally entered the classroom.

"Hi, Lia!" Jemima greeted her "here, sit down!"

Lobelia happily accepted the seat, and almost casually touched Jemima's arm.

"Andy! You once again spat snot on my paper! Now I have to pull a third one out!"

The two girls burst into laughter as Bradford Thompson gave a small indignant push to his identical twin.

"Sorry…" but Andrew sneezed again.

"I say, shouldn't you just take an Aspirin and go home?" asked Bradford, before reaching for another sheet.

"The forest… achoo!"

"That's exactly what I'm talking about… and Andy…" he touched his brother's forehead "Andy! Go home now! You have fever!"

"Let me help you…"

"Thanks, Mandy… achoo!" Andrew smiled weakly at the girl helping him.

"Nobody calls me that… it's Amanda" she flushed slightly.

"Mandy for me…" Andrew wiped his nose.

"Come on now."

Amanda failed to notice Bradford's stare.

While Amanda was giving Andrew a hand in packing, a black-haired girl and an African-American boy walked in, hand in hand.

"You know, Ditty… I'm sure we can take some time apart in that forest…"

"Oh come on! It'll be full of dangerous animals!"

"You mean flies, mosquitoes, spiders and squirrels? Oh, my!"

"No, I mean…"

"She's right, Connor…" a ghostly voice interrupted them "many creatures hide in the depths of the woods…"

The pair looked a little spooked at the pale figure dressed in black. Yes, they knew her, but Rachel "the vampire" could still give anyone the chills.

Selection continues

Class 11th A

Archer, Amanda (Age 16)

Ferris, Rachel (Age 16)

Lacey, Connor (Age 17)

Thompson, Andrew (Age 16)

Thompson, Bradford (Age 16)

Class 11th B

Lloyd, Meredith (Age 17)

Valdez, Lobelia (Age 17)

As Andrew headed down the corridor, he sneezed again.

Damn, so much for hiding in the woods with Mandy. They have been dating for two months now, and wanted to try making love in more exotic places than the good old bed.

Well then, maybe later.

Another sneeze.

"Ooh, medical assistance required?"

"No, thanks, Victor…" Andrew smiled weakly and descended the stairs.

The older boy, speaking with a slight accent, looked after him. Victor Wikström, Swedish Finn transfer student, had recently begun his second semester in an American high school, due to his excellent grades. And by now, he was practicing as a nurse at the local hospital to earn some money, as his grant wasn't enough by far.

"Dumm… dumm…"

There's another patient.

Lukas Vale, suffering from Asperger syndrome, walked past him humming to himself. This rare form of autism did not impede Luke in having excellent grades, and, mostly, excelling at painting.

A short while after Lukas had settled down, apart from the others as usual, Victor also walked in, beaming as always.

"Hellooo! Trip ahead, can't wait!"

Two boys, who, until then, have been chatting carelessly sitting on a desk, immediately rose.

"Tony! Mickey!" waved Victor.

Antonio Ruggeri, the "gentle giant" and his best friend Miguel Bereda used to be inseparable – and, strangely enough, when Victor joined the class, they almost immediately took him in as the third best friend. Recently, however, the two seemed to avoid him.

Antonio shot Victor a killer look.

"Come along, Mickey, I think I have forgotten my lunch in our classroom…"

"Wait…" Victor tried in vain to talk to them.

The two walked past him and exited the classroom. Victor looked sadly at the lunchbox sticking out of Antonio's backpack.

Soon, however, his attention was diverted by a tall boy drawing a detailed picture of a black and a hispanic girl.

"Very well… hold still…" Elias added a stroke of a shadow to the black girl's face "now… Jan! You moved!"

"Sorry… back now? Is it okay?" the hispanic one moved back.

"Stop crawling over me!" the black girl pulled away.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"

Elias pulled out his eraser.

"It's all right. Denise, it doesn't matter. You can pose for me again… in a wooded setting!" he winked.

"Wow, Elias, it's lovely!" a brown-haired boy leant over the half-finished picture.

"Thanks, Darren!" Elias looked at him "now… be careful!"

But it was too late. In leaning over, the chair Darren was kneeling on toppled and both he and Elias ended up on the floor. Luckily, the drawing of the two girls stayed intact.

Another girl picked it up.

"May I pose for you too one day?"

"Maybe, Cathy… maybe. And you, Darren, why the hell are you always this clumsy?!"

The truth was, Catherine was undoubtedly one of the prettiest girls in art class. Yet, Elias considered her too… usual. He preferred to portray more lively, interesting girls.

Denise and Janelle were already discussing if posing in their long dresses in the middle of a forest would make them look like elves or fairies.

End of selection

Class 12th A

Bereda, Miguel (Age 17)

Ruggeri, Antonio (Age 18)

Wernick, Janelle (Age 17)

Wikström, Victor (Age 18)

Class 12th B

Hamilton, Catherine (Age 17)

Midfield, Denise (Age 17)

Nelson, Darren (Age 18)

Vale, Lukas (Age 19)

Wescott, Elias (Age 18)

Little did the art class know this was going to be no ordinary artistic trip.

Final list


#1 Peter Aarons

#2 Miguel Bereda

#3 Tyler Griffin

#4 Connor Lacey

#5 Darren Nelson

#6 Harrison Rowley

#7 Antonio Ruggeri

#8 Andrew Thompson

#9 Bradford Thompson

#10 Lukas Vale

#11 Elias Wescott

#12 Victor Wikström


#1 Amanda Archer

#2 Janice Blackwood

#3 Carmina Blaire

#4 Christina Emerton

#5 Rachel Ferris

#6 Catherine Hamilton

#7 Meredith Lloyd

#8 Denise Midfield

#9 Jessica Pauls

#10 Lobelia Valdez

#11 Janelle Wernick

#12 Jemima Zheng

Boy #8 Thompson, Andrew - not participating