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"How lovely..." sighed Elias, looking at the fresh snow covering the schoolyard, with the still perfectly clean tour bus shining blue in the sunlight.

He took out his ever-present sketchbook, to immortalize the moment, the perfect shadows, just before they would all fade away. When other people would usually take out their cameras, flash some pics and run off in the opposite direction to continue clicking insanely, he would just stand there, breathe in the atmosphere, and draw.

January trip. Snow-covered forest. Elias chuckled, imagining Denise and Janelle getting a cold while posing as snow fairies in their long dresses – still, most girls and even boys could kill just to be in one of the amazingly detailed pencil or coal pictures signed E.W. – Elias Wescott. Adding the last few rays of sun, a few of the other art class students walked past him: Meredith and Connor, snuggling as usual (and probably carrying a heated double sleeping-bag), Rachel in full emo make-up and in a long black coat. The fairies and the ghost – Elias just knew he had to ask Denise and Janelle to pose playfully in the snow, with Rachel hiding behind a tree. The "vampire" might need some convincing, but nothing tall, dark blonde-haired Elias could not manage. Just a look from his hazel eyes and a promise that she would really look like a supernatural creature would be more than enough.

As Elias' mood was rising, Victor's plummeted.

"Tony! Mickey!" he motioned towards the vacant seat beside Antonio and Miguel, when the tall Italian covered it with his hand.

"This seat's taken!"

"But... oh, very well..." Victor preferred not to discuss personal matters with Antonio in front of a gradually filling bus.

Soon he noticed a vacant window seat in a row of three, the other two occupied by two girls. He did not know them very well, being two years younger than himself, just that they were best friends. However, he always considered both fairly pretty. The short one with glasses and long, curly chestnut hair was known as Mina, and the other, with her hair dyed a purplish brown, as Tina.

"May I sit here?"

"Um..." muttered Carmina, kinda scared of handsome guys, afraid they were there only to bully her.

"Sure!" Christina let him in.

"You just sat next to a crybaby!" shouted Janice Blackwood, sitting opposite of them with her best friend Jessica Pauls, who just looked down at this comment. Did Janice really need to always be so cruel?

This remark was not something Christina would allow, anyway. She stood up with her face looking as that of a dragon spitting fire.

"Sociopath! Do you feel all mighty and superior now? Do you?! Bullying a girl with self-esteem problems? I... I will kill you one day, I swear! Mark my words!"

"Oh, my... being a bodyguard is a tough job, ain't it?" Janice didn't even look up as she kept on checking her French manicure.

"Stop this constant battle, you two!" Jemima Zheng, her shiny black hair held back in a ponytail, stepped between them "Tina, you know Mina is beautiful now – and you, Janice, occupy yourself with something else – like this magazine I brought!

Thus Jemima sat beside Janice and showed it to her.

Truth was, Janice was neither a bully nor a sociopath. She was just always proper, and found Carmina's constant paranoia such a huge annoyance that she would not just sit and listen to her complaining all the time. Jessica Pauls, or "Paulsy", however, found her attitude very hurtful and embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Victor managed to divert Carmina's attention.

"I don't think that's your name" he said as she saw the girl erase Carmina Blaire on the front page of her notebook and writing something else instead.

"That is me... me" she answered, looking kindly at her art name.

The name she made up those sleepless night she cried for being bullied again. The nights when she swore to change her appearance, once her huge braces had at least given her perfect teeth, and she could finally take them off. The strong, pretty girl who would beat up insensitive bastards like Harrison and Peter, with Tyler standing idly by, as they tortured her, knocking her over on the corridor when Tina wasn't around and writing disgusting sentences on her school locker. She, the one she wanted to become, and maybe already budding.

Wilhelmina Belle-Aire.

"It's lovely... sounds a little French" Tyler, who put up with Meredith and Connor snogging on the seats beside him just to be able to sit in the row behind Carmina, stood up and leant forward to read the name.

"She is me" said Carmina again "and will get revenge on all you bullies."

"Mina, honestly, I..."

"Oh shut up, you too" Christina sat back, fuming silently.

Harrison and Peter, sitting behind Tyler with Darren Nelson by their side, chuckled at their ex-friend getting rejected again.

Lobelia, meanwhile, got a seat beside Amanda and Bradford, and was quite saddened by being fairly far from lovely Jemima. Her companions made her smile nonetheless.

"Never worry if Andy's sick, you'll have a backup copy of your boyfriend, Mandy!"

"Oh, Brad, just stop being silly! And only he can call me Mandy, not you, not anybody else!"

Nevertheless, Amanda seemed quite amused. She was all too aware of the fact that Bradford fancied her too – but she had chosen Andrew of the Thompson twins. Bradford would never make a move; yes, he liked Amanda, but was not in love with her. However, he would always stand by her.

Meanwhile, the vacant seat beside Antonio and Miguel did not fill up.

"That bastard won't sit by us, Mickey... never ever again."

Miguel nodded, looking over at Victor talking to Carmina.

This side of Antonio was, however, fairly new to him. They had known each other since elementary school, and tall, strong Tony would always show to be a truly caring, trustful friend, being called by most "the gentle giant". Even with Victor, when the three started hanging out together. Common interests, similar taste of humour – everything seemed to match. Until a few weeks before. An Italian like Antonio would put family before everything. A broken heart and a girl who became a shadow of herself was not something he would easily forgive.

In the back row, Rachel sat alone, with Lukas humming beside her. She knew the boy wasn't at fault, that he couldn't do anything about his condition – but this constant noise and his empty stares were annoying her. She knew it was no use trying to scare him with horror stories or speaking in the ghostly voice that had became her trademark. The outside world just wouldn't reach the autistic boy.

Finally, she thought, when Catherine Hamilton sat beside her. Though not her friend by any means, the stunningly beautiful girl was surely a pleasant companion – she was never scared of Rachel, and they could surely chat about beauty products and make-up.

"Honestly, Rach, am I ugly?" she asked.

"What?!" Rachel couldn't believe her ears.

Cathy was anything but that, with her long, straight shiny dark brown hair and cold blue eyes, not to mention her pretty face.

"He just wouldn't draw me!" she gestured at Elias, getting on the bus last, accompanied by his two favorite models, hispanic Janelle Wernick and black Denise Midfield. His snow fairies.

As the bus started suddenly, Darren, clumsy as usual, instantly spilled his Coke over Harrison and Peter, who immediately stopped mocking Tyler to start yelling at him instead, and within minutes chaos ensued.

Until it suddenly stopped. All the art class students seemed to be fast asleep.