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When he regained conciousness, his eyes had to adjust to the darkness. He tried to move but noticed that his hands were tied above his head and ached as he tried to lessen the pain. His legs were folded and spread wide apart, making him feel more exposed than usual and were connected by a rope to the ceiling.

He told himself not to panic. He tried to recall what had happened before he was in this dark room.

He remember he went to take some books he borrowed from his brother back. He had wanted his own room for a while. He needed privacy, it was becoming a bother to bring friends over. But that was the excuse he had told himself and everyone else when his decision was questioned. The real reason was because he unintentionally fell in love with his brother. He didn't know how it happened, some people might even call him a narcissist since it was his twin brother, Hikaru. He didn't even know when it started but he started to notice that his heart thumped every time he was near him, even when Hikaru would lick some food off his face, he would blush furiously, though he's done that since they were kids.

His hand was on the doornob, about to turn it, when he heard voices on the other side stopping his actions midway. He heard Hikaru's but he also heard another male voice. He didn't want to intrude but curiousity got the best of him. Hikaru had been evasive the past couple of days, which was very odd. He was usually the clingy one. Slowly he opened the door a crack and peered into the room. He bit his tongue to supress the gasp he almost let slip. There was a very attractive guy naked and handcuffed to his brother's bed! His legs were high in the air but were tied from his knees to the head board of the bed. His features were almost model type but also gave off the bad boy aura. His belly button was pierced and his left eyebrow, his nose was small and slender and his mouth was the perfect shape but was hanging open like if he was gasping for air. Then his eyes trailed downward and he noticed that the guy had something in his ass.

Kaoru's eyes widened because he knew what the item was. He purchased something similar a couple of month's after he started getting urges for his brother. He recieved it in the mail and kept it hidden in a secret false bottom in the closet until he needed to relieve himself. As he looked at it from the door be noticed that it was wiggling. 'Ok. So he has the vibrator version,' he thought. Hikaru soon appeared with a smirk on his face, he looked down on his companion. Kaoru had to lean in closer to hear what he was saying.

"Now, you will call me Master, got it slave? You are not allowed to speak unless I say so and if you cum before I say you can, you will be punished," Hikaru said, " so be a good boy and suck me off." He moved closer to his companion's face and sighed in pleasure as his dick slid in his mouth.

Kaoru felt that his pants were getting tight. When he looked down he saw he was getting a hard-on. He wanted to go to his own room and put cold water on it in his private bathroom, but his body refused to respond to the command, and he couldn't tear his eyes away from what was happening. Then suddenly he heard his brother moan as he came in the guy's mouth and all over his face. Hikaru removed himself and went to tease the guy's already hard dick. He rubbed the sensitive tip and covered it with his precum. His companion hissed and started to whimper. Hikaru's own member recovered at the sight and was hard instantly as if it didn't just shoot his load into the guy's mouth.

"Kyo, do you have something to tell me?" he said with a sly smile.

"Hikaru...M-master, please..." Kyo said.

"Please what?" Hikaru said with a gleam in his eyes as he squeezed Kyo's cock.

"Aaah~! P-please give it to me! I want you!"

"What is it you want me to do?"

"I want you to fuck my tight little asshole. Please ram it in me!"

"Good answer," was all Hikaru said before he pulled the vibrator from Kyo's ass and slammed his dick in full force, causing Kyo to scream and for him to grunt.

Kaoru was baffled but all that has happened did everything but disturb or disgust him. In fact he couldn't stop his hand from pulling the zipper from his pants, take out his dick and start pumping his shaft. He was getting a live show. He picked up the pace, get hotter and hotter at the view. Hikaru was slamming into Kyo with so much force and speed that it seemed he was going to rip his ass apart.

"Come on, you fucking cunt! Scream my name! Remember who trained this tight slutty hole of yours slut."

At that moment Kaoru jizzed all over his hand and a little on his brother's door. He felt so ashamed because he imagined himself in Kyo's position for a moment but still couldn't find the strength to move, so he kept watching. His brother started jacking Kyo off with one hand and pulling on his nipple forcefully with the other.

"Master~! Let me cum. I beg you!" he seemed about to lose control and Hikaru seemed reluctant so he allowed him to.

Kyo finally came in Hikaru's hand and on his chest. Hikaru pulled out and finished himself by letting himself cum all over Kyo's chest, mixing both of their juices.

Kaoru, after his moment of bliss and their's, found his strength and went to his room. He couldn't believe what had happened just now. He could of sworn on his mother's grave that his brother was straight but after today's little 'demonstration', he'd have to think twice. But he also felt hurt that his brother didn't tell him. He didn' tell his brother either but still felt a pang of pain in his chest. He decided to clean himself up and go to bed. He had even forgotten the books he was going to return in front of Hikaru's door.

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