The missing Epilogue (more like the forgot to do it because I had Regents to take). Requested by my dear friend Rima, but long forgotten. Re-requested by her best friend turned step-sister (?) Iyora.

Waking up in the morning would usually count as a good thing. For Kaoru it was anything but. He tried to move but every movement he made woke up an aching pain that was numbed during his sleep. Every fiber of his body screamed in agony, especially his chest and lower regions. He opened his eyes only to be greeted by identical green ones looking at his every movement, never missing a beat. Looking back at him, he remembered the events of the previous night, and all the embarressing things that he said. He turned his back towards Hikaru, much to his agony, and tried to scooch away from him. An arm snaked its way over his chest but it just made Kaoru wince, stopping the arm in its place. Kaoru saw that the hand balled up into a fist and disappeared from his sight. He felt the bed lighten in weight, signifying that his brother stood up. With some effort he sat up and looked at his brother, who was in the process of leaving.

"Hikaru" His voice came out raspy that it probably could of cut through glass. Hikaru stopped in his tracks but kept his back to his brother, not wanting to look at him. "Please look at me."

He slowly turned around and looked at him. Hikaru looked at his body, his chest bruised and he could see the effort it took for him to move. It hit him like a bucket of cold water. He'd done all those things to him, his animalistic lust and desired had taken over and he harmed his beloved. He saw Kaoru raise his arm forward slowly, waiting for him to grasp it. He did but ever so lightly, trying not to hurt him more than he already had. Kaoru slipped his fingers between Hikaru's, the gesture was...reassuring.

"Kaoru...I couldn't control myself." He sighed in frustration. He knew something like this would possibly happen, he'd just hope it wouldn't be with his brother. "That, last night, was the real me."

"Hikaru, I know," he said.

"And I won't change what I am."

"Hikaru, I know," he said with a little more emphasis.

"And I-" He was interupted when he was pulled towards the bed. Kaoru adjusted himself next to me, propped on his elbow. He had a mischievous look on his face, confusing Hikaru to no end.

"Hikaru." His brother caressed cheek. "I know, ok? I wouldn't of done the things I did yesturday if I wasn't alright with it." He looked at him with those huge green orbs, sucking him in deeper, making it harder to feel bad. He looked away from his eyes and saw the bandages on his wrist. Kaoru saw him looking at them and just smiled, sitting up. Pain filled his face and Hikaru shot up making sure he was ok. "I'm fine. A little sore but I should be fine in a couple of days."

Since that day Hikaru has been taking care of his brother, until he felt better. He helped him take a shower, put his clothes on, he'd even stay with him at night , watching making sure everything was adequate. In return, Kaoru rewarded him with his hands and mouth. He insisted on doing this for him, much to Hikaru's protest but he couldn't deny anything his brother wanted. Kaoru had learned a few rope tricks Hikaru had shown him and used it to his advantage. Countless times he had tied Hikaru's hands and legs to the bedpost, rendering him incapable of touching his dear brother. Kaoru would come out in the most revealing clothes he'd ever seen, and he'd seen a lot of kinky stuff, which consisted of a type of corset that revealed his nipples and had very thin veil like sleeves accompanied by silk laced panties, and tease his brother by touching himself in places that Hikaru wished he could touch. He'd discovered that his brother was into voyeurism. After getting him as hard as possible, that even pre-cum was dripping off, Kaoru would go on the bed, slithering his way over to Hikaru's hard-on, and flick the tip. Hikaru would wince but it was an appreciated gesture. His brother would continue his path upward biting his chest hard in sensitive spots, making him jerk in response and earning Kaoru some moans and hisses. He'd then direct his attention to the ever so inviting perks he called nipples. He grazed his teeth over them both until they stood out like erasers. He would then kiss his way to his neck, licking the spot where his neck connected with his shoulders, biting it hard enough to draw blood. Hikaru yelped at the action which turned into a purr when Kaoru licked the blood and wound.

He sat up and looked at his masterpiece. Hikaru was panting, eyes half-lidded, the sight reminded him of past events including a certain dark haired boy but he shook his head to get rid of the idea and instead directed his attention back to his brother. Kaoru grounded his hips down to his brother's dick, his brother jerked his hips up to gain more friction, in which Kaoru would move away just to annoy him. Kaoru got off his brother and went to tend to his brother's neglected companion. He looked at it a bit, it twitched every now and then, adding to his excitement. He got on his knees and grabbed the erected member and dragged his nails from the base up. Hikaru enjoyed every bit of it, he felt his control slipping right under him, he knew he wasn't going to last long. Kaoru did the final step and slipped his mouth over Hikaru's cock all the way to the base. Hikaru thrusted upward, thankful, Kaoru avoided from choking by pulling back slightly. He began to bob his head up and down, pressing down on his brother's hip to keep him from moving and choking him. He pulled up until his mouth was on the tip, running his tongue over the slit, lapping the pre-cum. It had a salty taste to it but it was Hikaru and it was delicious.

'And for the grand finale,' Kaoru thought. He started to pump Hikaru with his hand and mouth, and he sucked and ran his tongue over it too. Within seconds Hikaru spilled his load inside Kaoru's mouth, waves and waves of endless pleasure engulfed him. Kaoru lapped every bit of it like it was the last source of food or water to survive, and swallowed it. He removed himself from the now limp member and went to untie his brother. His brother's arms sagged, his chest heaving out of breath, a smile forming on his face in satisfation.

~3 Months Later~

Their life was blissful together. Nights were kink filled and passionately heated and days were occupied with endless love and tenderness. The servants knew that something changed between them and they were supportive all the way. The change radiated throughout the house and everything seemed better than ever. Until their parents came back from their overseas business with "great" news. They wondered how they will handle the fact that their son's were homosexuals and dating each other.

They sent the driver to go pick them up and have been waiting for over an hour when they finally heard the doorbell ring. Both the boys went to open the door and were greated by their glowing mother and their broad-shouldered father. Hikaru greeted his father with the usual half hug while Kaoru greeted their mother with a full embrace hug then reciprocated the greetings. Hikaru noticed that they only had a carry-on bag and a suitcase, warning bells going off in his head. We took their things and took it to their room then went back to sit in the living room to catch up on things that happened.

"I've missed you guys so much. How have you've guy been? Have you've been behaving? What about school and everything else?" Mom chimed.

"Yeah mom we've been behaving. Everything's been pretty ok and everyone here has been super nice and a wonderful help." Kaoru said, grinning from ear to ear. "Mom, didn't you have something to tell us? You seemed so excited over the phone."

"Why, yes I am actually. We have news. Your father and I aren't together anymore."

"What?!" The twins said in unision, there faces identical with shock plastered on them.

"Now now boys," she raised her hands to stop any kind of question bombardment that would of followed, "Yes it happened, but don't father got a job here in Japan so it's not all that bad, Each of you guys are gonna stay with one of us. Hikaru will stay with your father here and Kaoru will come live with me in Paris and it's not negotiable~. Come along with me Kaoru we have much to talk about, living arrangements and whatnots." She pulled his sleeve, towing him away from the rest. The only sound that was heard was the fading footsteps and the door of the patio closing behind them. Hikaru and his father stayed there in silence for minutes until his father broke it.

"So what really went down here?"

"W-what? How could you ask something like that at a time like this?!" Hikaru all but screamed it at his father. His father gave him a look and it was enough to make him lower his voice and sit back down.

"We haven't been able to spend time together since your mother and I always had to work, so we came to a compromise. And here we are in this situation. Now you know you can't deny your mother, or it will break her poor little heart. So be a good obedient son and listen to her wishes." He looked intently at him as if daring him to protest.

The rest of the day was pretty silent and heavy with tension. Hikaru wanted to talk to Kaoru but was occupied with things his father told him. Dinner felt like a desert and it seemed possible that a tumbleweed would pass any moment. With dinner over, the boys were able to have some time to themselves. In Hikaru's room, Kaoru was calmly layed back on the bed while Hikaru paced around. "We can't let them do this. They can't force us to do something we don't want to!"

Lowly Kaoru said, "But what if I want to go..."

He stopped dead in his tracks. "What did you say?"

" I said, what if I want to go with mom?" he said louder this time.

"Why would you want to?"

"Because mom has been lonely and I want to be there with her . I mean what would happen if something happened to her and no one was around?"

"Oh? So that's how its gonna be? Fine! Go with her. See if I care." Anger had built up, not even knowing where it came from. He knew he couldn't control his temper but this even surprised him. Kaoru's shocked expression sent pangs of regret through him. "Kao, I didn't mean that." He reached out to him but Kaoru pulled back away from him.

"Apparently you did mean it. I hope you have a happy life by yourself." He turned and left, slamming the door, making Hikaru jump. He didn't see his brother the rest of the night. He layed on his bed staring at the ceiling, not wanting the next day to come.

~The Next Morning~

He woke up from his sleep when he heard noises coming from the house. He got up and cleaned his face and mouth quickly before stepping out of his room only to be greeted by suitcases. They didn't look like his parents' suitcases so he assumed they were Kaoru's. 'No...He can't leave,' he booked it to Kaoru's room only to find that it was empty and scarce. Every part of his body started waving red flags. He ran downstairs and saw Kaoru and mom at the door, saying there goodbyes to dad. He stopped in front of them, time seemed to slow down.

"Hikaru! Glad you were able to wake up at last. Say goodbye to your brother and me before we miss our flight." Mom said.

Hikaru pulled Kaoru to him, Kaoru expecting a hug but instead got a kiss directly on the mouth. It surprised him but he melted into it, the familiarity enveloping him, Hikaru's strong arms wrapping around him as if to say 'Never leave my side.' Their moment was interupted when someone cleared their throat. They boys separated, looking at their mother and father.

"Mom, I can't let you take away the one thing that matters to me the most in this universe. I love Kaoru, more than a best friend and brother." Hikaru said.

"Y-you l-l-love m-me?" Kaoru said, tears streaming down. Hikaru wiped the stray tears with his thumb, looking into his eyes the whole time.

"Yes, Kaoru. I love you. More than my own life."

"I love you too, Hikaru." The smile and happiness in his voice were all the things he needed from him.

"Finally!" Mom said.

"About time!" Father said.

"Huh?" The twins said in unision.

"Guys, come on. How stupid do you think we are? We knew you guys had a thing. The maid told us. Everytime we called she would tell us you guys were 'busy.' I eventually convinced her to tell me what was going on. I had to admit I was shocked at first but she kept telling us how happy you guys were so we decided to put a little show on ourselves."

The boys couldn't think of words to say but they didn't need to, their father took over.

"And we have another surprise," he took out a manilla envelope and passed it to Hikaru, "Its the deeds to the house the property and the employment documents. Don't worry I'll pay the employees every month. Think of it as a congratulations present." He winked, causing the twins to blush. "Now we'll be on our way. Don't worry we'll come and drop by every now and then so behave." With that he turned around, entwining his fingers with mom's and leaving in the car.

Everything happened in a blur that it seemed like it didn't happen at all. Kaoru turned to face his brother.

"Say it again, Hikaru."

Hikaru grinned, knowing exactly what he meant. "I love you Kaoru Hitachiin. Now and forever. Til Eternity comes."

"I love you too, Hikaru Hitachiin. Til Eternity."

And with those words spoken aloud, Hikaru leaned in a kissed Kaoru. They hope that their life together will be as strong as the love they had for one another. Not just as brother or best friends but, in the future, as Husband and Wife.

This is for you Princess~