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Madeline stood in front of Finch, mouth agape in shock. She sputtered like a fish out of water at the information Finch just shared with her. Finch looked at her with a small smile before dropping a silver key into the palm of her hand. Madeline looked down at the key, and then looked around the one hundred eleven square foot condo. They stood in the spacious living room and dining room staring out at the terrace running from the master bedroom to the study. The condo was located on Central Park south with a view of the park. Madeline turned to Finch and held out the key.

"I can't take this, Harold. It's well, a lot. I have no way to repay you." She said motioning around the room.

"As you well know it's no trouble at all. You need a new place to live and I am giving you one. And you can repay me by helping John. We have new numbers." He replied limping past her.

"You're not gonna let me give this back are you?" she sighed.

"Not at all, Madeline." He said opening the door.

Madeline shook her head with a smile on her face. She took one last look around her new place and followed after Finch. They walked out of the building and headed for the Library. Madeline looked into all of the clothing stores they passed when she caught Finch watching her. She gave him a smile as the approached their headquarters.

"So how many numbers did the machine give you this time?" Madeline asked as the ascended the stairs.

"Four. One of which we were too late to help. Her name was Claire Ryan. The other three are Matt Dugan, Paula Vasquez and Wendy McNally."

"Any idea where they are or how they are connected?" Madeline inquired.

"The only thing we discovered was that they all came into a fair bit of money recently. Mr. Reese is currently following Paula." Finch answered just as his phone began to ring.

Madeline waited while Finch talked to Reese. From what she could pick up was that Reese lost Paula and had someone else looking for her, and that he needed their help. Finch hung up and turned to Madeline. She knew what was coming and gave him a nod in reply.

"Who are we going after?" she asked crossing her arms.

"Matt Dugan." He replied.

While Finch located Dugan, Madeline took the time to look through John's stash of guns. She pushed a few machine guns aside when a certain one caught her eye. Madeline grinned as she picked up the sleek black glock 26. She weighed it in her hand and aimed it at a spot on the wall. The floorboards behind her creaked signaling Finch was ready to head out. She put John's stash back where it was and left the Library.


Finch and Madeline followed Dugan to a Ducati store where they stood across the street. Madeline rolled the sleeves of her blouse up to her elbows and pushed her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose.

"At least he has good taste in motorcycles." She commented.

"I don't think now is the time to be shopping." Finch said looking at her.

"Here he comes."

Madeline pointed across the street just as Dugan exited the store. Finch's phone rang again to which he quickly answered. Madeline kept a close eye on Dugan who climbed into his car, but before she could deduce what was happening Finch moved forward.

"The stroller, it's a bomb!" he said walking forward.

"Finch wait!" Madeline called out.

The explosion took out Dugan's car and sent Finch and Madeline falling to the ground. Madeline groaned from her position on the ground. She sat up and pressed a hand to her head as it pounded from the explosion.

"Harold, are you alright?" she asked getting to her feet.

She helped Finch to his feet and turned to look at the burning remains of Dugan's car. Madeline kept a firm hold of Finch's upper arm as they headed back to the Library. Madeline walked beside Finch with a hand held to her side. The gunshot wound to her side slightly hurt and the blast radius of the explosion didn't help. She looked ahead of them and froze. A man in a black suit wearing an intercom stood a few feet in front of them with Detective Carter.

"Madeline, is something wrong?" Finch asked.

"No. No, you go on ahead. I'll catch up with you and John later." She replied.

Finch watched as she made her way toward Detective Carter and the two men standing in front of her. Madeline's hand slipped into the man's pocket and pulled out his wallet. She walked a few paces in front of them before stopping to find out who he was. She flipped open his wallet and upon reading his name her eyes widened. Madeline cursed and walked back and slipped the man's wallet back into his pocket. Her eyes happened to catch Carter's on her way by and Madeline raised her right index finger to her lips. Snow turned around just as Madeline turned her back to them and walked down the sidewalk.

"Come on John, pick up." She muttered as the line continued to ring.

"I thought you were with Harold."

"Listen we have a problem…"

"The link between the people is money. They stole money from a car accident last night, Jamie Hallen. Have you heard of him?"

"John now isn't exactly a good time. We have some visito…" Madeline was cut off as John began speaking.

"I'm gonna have to get back to you, Maddie."

The line disconnected causing Madeline to swear up and down. She punched in Finch's number and impatiently waited as it rang.

"What can I help you with, Madeline?"

"I need John's last known location."

"Last known location was St. George's hospital. What's going on?"

"I'm not quite sure myself, Harold. Oh and could you do me one last favor? Keep an eye on Carter; something isn't sitting right with me."

"Yes of course. Is there something you want to tell me?"

"John has some unfriendly company looking for him." She said hanging up.

Madeline tailed Carter to the police station. She grabbed a newspaper and took a seat on a nearby bench. Her eyes were glued on the police station when a black SUV pulled up. Snow and his partner sat in the vehicle watching the station when Snow looked in Madeline's direction. She lifted the newspaper and turned the page. The sound of a car door opening and closing had her on high alert. She glanced up as a garbage truck rolled by and quickly discarded the newspaper and disappeared.


Finch sat in front of the computer watching Carter on camera. He listened in on her and John's conversation until she hung up. His interest peaked when Carter picked up the phone and dialed a number. He grabbed his phone and keys before heading for the door. The company Madeline told him about had manipulated Carter. Finch speed dialed Madeline and listened as it rang.

"What's up, Harold?"

"How close to St. George's Hospital are you?" he asked.

"Uh I'm about fifteen minutes away, why? What's going on?"

"Carter has told them where John is going to be. Third floor garage and Madeline please hurry."

"Roger that."

Finch climbed into his black town car and took off for the hospital. Madeline picked up the pace and ran toward the hospital. The sun had set and the moon had taken over as the street lamps were the only source of light. Madeline reached the ground floor of the parking garage and pulled open the door. She ran up the first flight of stairs when a gunshot resounded in the air.

"John." She breathed pushing herself faster up the stairs.

She pulled the intercom John gave her and placed it in her ear. Madeline pressed a button and was instantly patched into John's and Finch's conversation.

"Hey, Harold."

"John, I've been trying to call you."

"Yeah. I've been kind of busy."

"Where are you?" Finch asked.

"In a parking structure. It's not looking good." John replied.

Madeline cursed as her foot missed the stair, sending her knee into the edge. "John, hold on. I'm on my way."

"Carter sold you out. They got to her." Finch said.

"Yeah, they're clever like that. I wanted to say thank you, Harold. For giving me a second chance."

"John, listen to me. I'm close just hang on a little longer." Madeline said reaching the second floor.

"No. You stay away. Both of you. Don't even risk it."

She stopped when she heard fumbled footsteps above her. She turned the corner and nearly ran into John. Madeline's eyes widened at the blood as she pulled one of John's arms around her shoulder and helped him down the stairs. John leaned into Madeline's side as they stumbled down the stairs. Madeline kept a firm grasp around his waist, allowing them to move a little quicker.

"Stay with me John. You're going to be all right."

"I thought I told you to stay away." John groaned.

Madeline smirked. "I don't listen to orders very well anymore. Besides I'm not leaving a friend behind."

John looked down at her. Madeline met his eyes with a stern look before pushing open the door to the ground level. Finch had just pulled up and was rounding the front of the car to help when the door behind them burst open.

"Hold it!" Carter said gun aimed at the three.

Madeline, Harold and John turned and glanced at Carter who looked shocked. She slightly lowered the gun, but still had it trained on them.

"You?" she said looking between Harold and Madeline.

"Please, Carter, he needs a doctor. I'm not going to let him die here." Madeline said staring Carter in the eye.

Carter stared back at Madeline, contemplating on what to do. She sighed and holstered her gun before walking over and helping them set John in the car. Madeline climbed in first and helped slide John across the seat. She looked up at Carter and mouthed a quick thank you.

"Get him out of here. Go." She said closing the door.

Finch hit the gas and sped away making a quick right. Madeline put pressure on the wound to help stop the bleeding. A hand was placed over hers causing her to look up at John. He was sweating profusely and was losing a lot of blood. She ran a hand through his hand to comfort him as Finch watched them in the rear view mirror.

"You're going to be okay. Just keep your eyes open for me, John." She said softly.

"Snow…" John whispered.

"Shh. He doesn't know I'm still alive. I'll find a way to get him off your trail. I'm not letting him get the best of me this time."

Madeline looked up as the car came to a stop. She watched as Finch climbed out of the car and disappeared. He returned a few minutes later with a gurney and pulled open John's door. She helped lift John up onto the gurney as she slipped the white lab coat on. Finch pushed the gurney down the dimly lit hallway of the coroner's office. They pushed open the door to the room as Finch wheeled John in, a blanket thrown over him.

"Third one tonight. Must be a full moon." The coroner said.

Madeline waited by the door as Finch dumped a bag of money onto the table. She zoned out, not listening to their conversation as she looked down at the blood on her hands. Memories flashed in her mind. She closed her eyes and shook her head trying to get rid of the images. A hand touched her shoulder making her jerk away and stare at the person with doe like eyes.

"Come you should wash your hands."

"What about John?" she asked.

"He's in good hands. I'm more worried about you now. I've been told you've been having nightmares lately. Do you want to talk about them?" he asked leading her to a sink on the other side of the room.

Finch turned on the sink allowing the sound of rushing water cover their voices. Madeline rinsed her hands and then applied the soap, rubbing her hands together multiple times before rinsing the soap off. She kept her hands under the lukewarm water and stared at it.

"I've been reliving my childhood; my parent's deaths, running away, growing up in a foster home and becoming a different person. I haven't slept for almost thirty hours because whenever I close my eyes I see them."

"What happened to your parents, if you don't mind my asking?"

"I don't mind. They were murdered in cold blood for no apparent reason. There was a string of break in's and kidnappings going on and we just happened to be one of the unlucky victims. I was able to get away and ran into the woods behind my house. I don't remember how far I ran or for how long, but I remember ending up at the police station. That's when I was taken to child services."

Madeline splashed a handful of water on her face. The images of her parents were burned into her mind. She didn't want to think about it anymore and wanted the nightmares to end. There was one last thing she had to tell Finch, but she had to make sure he didn't tell John; at least not yet.

"Harold, how good are you at keeping secrets?" she asked a few minutes later.

"I'd say very well. Why?"

"I want you to promise that what I am about to tell you, John cannot find out. At least not yet."

Finch looked at her expectantly. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them again the words that came out of her mouth surprised Finch.

"What is your real name then?" he asked.

"Madeline Simmons is technically my real name, or at least Madeline is my name, Simmons however is the last name of the foster parents that took me in. My name is Madeline Slater."


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