Chapter 6

D entered the throne room. He was looking for a sign of his father's presence.

"So you came?"

"I am here for the boy."

D walked closer and saw his father float down from the ceiling.

"He is here. Although he doesn't have much life left."

D grabbed for his sword and Vlad put his hand up.

"Hold on. I didn't do it. His disease is killing him. He doesn't have much fight left. I didn't bring you here to fight. I wanted to talk to you."

"About what? I have no interest in anything you have to say. I'm just here for the boy."

"I thought you would say that. I honestly hoped you would make this easy. After all you have to live for Doris."

D sucked in breath.

"What have you done to her?"

Vlad laughed, walked to his throne, and sat down.

"Ah so you do care. I see why. She is so spirited and beautiful. I haven't done anything yet. I might claim her as my own. I haven't had a bride in a few hundred years. I might not though. It all depends on you."

"I don't have time for this. Leave Doris out of it. Where's Dan?"

Vlad snapped his fingers, and a tall ogre walked out, carrying Dan's body.

"Mergo, set him down next to my son. Do it gently please."

He set Dan next to D gently as he was told. D knelt down for a pulse and felt a very weak one.

" Now you see I didn't kill him. Now will you listen to me?"

D nodded and waited to hear what his father was scheming. That he would have to stop.

" As you know I have been sleeping for a few hundred years. In that time my castles and power have been weakened. I had some traitors and thanks to you some of them are dead. Count Lee and a few others I could name were a problem. During my sleep I saw it all and I decided it was time I did something. I want you to accept your rank as prince and help me reclaim my power and yours as well. You could have your own castle and any woman you want; even Doris."

" I don't help vampires, I kill them. Even if you are my father."

Vlad sighed and leaned forward with his head on his hand.

" I see. Well I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I will come to you in 2 days' time. If you haven't changed your mind then I guess we will have to fight. It pains me to have to fight you my son. I loved you and your mother and still do. I think of her every day and wish I could have changed her. Lived with her for eternity."

D leaned down to pick up Dan and nodded.

" You may come but I will not have changed my mind."

" We shall see. 2 days remember that. Until then I will be keeping my eye on you."

D turned with Dan in his arms and walked away. Leaving the castle he heard his father's voice in his head. 2 days.

-At Doris's-

Doris paced the floor and looked out the window for the 1000th time. She wondered if Dan and D was ok. Doris looked out the window yet again. She jumped when she saw D coming on his horse. Running to the door she ran out to meet him. Her heart fell as she saw Dan's body draped on D's horse. Tears welled in her eyes and she steeled herself for the worst.

D saw Doris waiting, tears in her eyes, and looked down at Dan. Riding up to her he carefully got off. While Lifting Dan off at the same time.

" He is still alive but he needs medical attention and fast."

D handed Doris Dan and followed her into the house. Shutting the door behind him and putting his sword and jacket on the couch he sat down. He hadn't had blood in a while. He was starting to feel tired. Doris took Danny to his room and put him to bed in clean clothes. She checked his temperature and he was burning up. He moaned in sleep and began to cough and convulse. She tried to get him to take some water and a pill. She felt her heart breaking. Leaving the room after doing all she could she went back downstairs to D.

" Thank you for bringing him back."

D nodded and looked at her. She was so close to breaking. He couldn't do a thing to help her. He was not good with emotions.

" He is strong he will fight. Don't give up."

" I know. Are you hungry? I can fix you something."

D really wasn't but nodded anyway. If it kept her mind off of things he didn't want to begrudge her.

" Something small is fine."

Doris nodded and head to the kitchen leaving D to his thoughts.