Disclaimer: I do not own Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but I do own myself. You can tell which character is mine, she has my name.

Pairing: No real pairing. While my character does mirror my interest in Henry, she doesn't try anything, and Henry and Abe are just close friends.

Warning: Possible blood and violence.

Note: Thoughts will be in italics so they are distinguishable from normal text, and the name of the book will be in bold.

Words: 466

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Annie POV – present day 2012

It was the second day of classes for the new term, and I wasn't interested in listening to what was on the syllabus. My solution; take out my copy of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and start reading it, again. I had read the book possibly dozens of times, but this copy was new because I wanted to annotate this copy. Being a psychology major, I wanted to delve deeper into the relationships Abraham Lincoln had with his human friends, and his vampire ones as well. My second major in philosophy made me want to look at the views that Abraham Lincoln had, were they just, did they have grounds for existing, how were they mirrored in real life?

Not even five minutes later, I decided that it was a futile attempt. The constant monotone in the background that was my professor's voice kept breaking my concentration. Reluctantly, I put my book and highlighters away.

I quietly wished that I were in the book. Sure I would stick out in this time period, especially with my gothic tendencies – my love of all things dark and scary would make me rejected my all of society. Still I wished I were in the world of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, being with the vampires – that weren't soft like the usual vampires in today's literature – in a world where I know for sure that they exist would be a thrill. Without a doubt, it would be an experience that would take the monotony out of my normal, everyday life, even if that life was not 'normal' in today's idea of the word, I was too much Goth for that, yet not enough Goth to be called Goth really.

Around 22 hours that evening (10 PM) while I was taking the last of my boxes out for unpacking, I revisited my silent wish that I made during class earlier. Yes, that would be an experience to have, I wondered how I would react to it.

As soon as that idea went through my mind, an electric buzzing feeling went through my body, and it hurt. I don't believe I ever experiences anything like it. The feeling concentrated in my head, and chest, but the rest of my body somehow felt just as painful. I wanted to let out a scream but none came from my mouth.

When the feeling stopped I landed on my back somewhere. But the ground felt wrong, it wasn't the floor of my dorm, or even my bed. No, it wasn't either of those, the ground felt instead of grass.

Before I could give anymore thought to this, I caught the quick glimpse of a man coming to stand over me, the sound of something heavy land next to me, and then the world faded into blackness.