No one ever thought that it would be them. Out of all the romances that had begun at East High, no one thought that the one to last would be theirs.

Everyone knew that Jason and Martha would never last. They were simply far too different.

Sharpay and Zeke had dated on and off throughout their college years before Sharpay finally left him to go onto Broadway. It was a year before he followed her, starting his own bakery. He proposed shortly afterwards, and she declined.

After senior year, many thought that Kelsi and Ryan might make it. They went to Julliard together, and were now happily married, though not to each other. Ryan had met an adventurous young girl named Fay. She was from Virginia and taught Ryan how to be bold and audacious without his sister by his side. They married the end of their sophomore year at Lava Springs.

Kelsi had met a young man, Timothy, who shared her talent for song writing, but his talent was with a guitar. They spent many, many, many hours writing together, and they eloped after the end of their freshman year. They now had identical twin sons who were all boy through and through.

But the couple that had been expected to last… Well… Troy and Gabriella: class couple every year since Gabriella had begun to attend East High. The two had indeed married after graduating from college. All of their friends had attended their wedding with tears of joy, saying that they always knew the two would end up happy together. And they were happy. Two years after they were married, they became the parents of a baby girl named Danielle. However, just three years later, Troy walked in on Gabriella with another man. The following divorce devastated Troy, but he managed to keep his life in check for his daughter. He wished more than anything for her to have a good childhood and a good life. He would be the father Danielle deserved, even if she had a mother who walked out on her.

Though all of these couples had failed the test of time, one had endured. Chad and Taylor were celebrating ten wonderful years of marriage. It had taken a while for both of them to realize that they would never love anyone else the way they chose to love each other, once they came around, they knew that they were making the right choice. Their wedding was simple, but classy. Taylor kept her job as a pharmacist, and Chad was busy working as a mechanic. Once they had children, Taylor opted to stay at home with their two girls and boy, Melanie, Olivia, and Kylar.

Oh, they had their spats, fights, arguments even. But they had made a commitment to each other. When Troy asked him why he had stayed with Taylor, Chad just looked at him and said,
"Because Troy. Till death do us part means till death do us part. I love Taylor because I choose to. She's not always lovely. I'm almost never lovely. It's a choice that you make, not a feeling you have."

Troy merely shook his head in amazement. No one would have thought that Chad would have matured so much. No one would have thought that he and Taylor would be the ones to make it.