Hello, all! Came up with the idea for this on a vacation. I was thinking of a Rocky-related parody of those campy mystery shows, e.g. Scooby-Doo, Fangface, but with something that never should be a cartoon, in the vein of Little Shop and the animated Beetlejuice series.

This is intentionally bad. It's supposed to be so cheesy you wouldn't believe it and just an overall parody of stated above. Keep that in mind when you read it.

I wrote all the songs myself.

This is in the present tense because I'm writing it in script form, but I've seen so much hate for someone who wrote in script form on this website that I'm transferring it into story form.

Well, hope you enjoy it!

(Oh, by the way, when I said I'd never do a Rocky fanfic…I lied. So sue me!)